November 24

My Thanksgiving.

This year for Thanksgiving I am going to the cabin. We are going to leave  11/25/15. We are going with my Nana and Papa and my other cousins Matty and Cody. For Thanksgiving we are going to have turkey,mash potatoes,and buttered noodles. Were getting home Saturday 11/28/15. I think we are going to go my Nana and Pops house with my cousins Evan,Cole,Ella, and Drew. We will have turkey, mash potatoes with gravy,and noodles. It is going to be a fun Thanksgiving.

turkey-218742_640 (1)





November 19

Rescue Animals

Some animals are very smart and intelligent like dogs or dolphins, even though we think that animals are NOT smart,they are really smart. In 2004 a pod of dolphins saved the lives of 4 people from a great white shark in New Zealand.Once a teenage boy fell of a boat and had never learned to swim and when he was close to drowning,A dolphin named Filippo pushed him close enough to the boat for the teenager to climb back on.     In 2004 a dog named Brutis  snatched up a coral snake  that slithering close to a baby and was about to bite him, And coral snakes have deadly bites.  Nyla is another  dog that risked her own life to save her owner’s life. Her owner’s name was Sheila. When Sheila found herself surrounded by smoke and fire  Nyla  guided her  owner to a nearby door  and barked  whenever Sheila lost track of her. While her belongings were destroyed she was guided to safety,and she was saved!.So just remember that most animals are very smart and helpful when you need them.

November 19

Volcanoes/ Week 7 Blog Challenge

Volcanoes are holes in the ground that go down very far into the earth’s surface. When pressure builds up volcanoes erupt lava come out of the top. Lava is very hot and can burn through just about anything. Lava is just melted rock. When volcanoes erupt ash clouds come out of the top and can travel 1,000 miles per hour  and it is very hot.  In can turn trees the size of a classroom into strips of wood almost as thin as paper. It can wipe out forests thousands and maybe millions of acres long.   Volcanoes have magma inside and it shoots out when it erupts. The magma/lava shoots out the top. Lava is hot  enough to burn rock. Lava can start a huge fire and  destroy cities  with ease.  Many people can die when volcanoes erupt because they can suffocate  in the ash cloud or get burned by lava.                                                                                                                                                    When Mt. Saint Hellens  erupted someone had a camper at the bottom for scientific research and his camper exploded and he died. Someone else was more than 20 miles way camping in the woods and he barely survived.  He had tons of 3rd degree burns the worst burns you can get and stay alive. Hawaii is made up of volcanoes erupting.  The volcanoes erupted and the lava turned to rock when it hit the water and it started expanding all over the water and hardened.                                                                                                                 Volcanoes have been around for millions maybe billions of years. They were around when dinosaurs were living. It can be scary when you are around an erupting volcano. The lava can burn you and you can suffocate because of the volcanic ash.  But I like volcanoes because I think it is cool that they have so much power and that is why I am passionate about volcanoes. I am very interested about volcanoes. Although they can kill people I like them. Please watch my video and look at the picture.


November 11

Halloween Poem/Week 4 Blog Challenge.

There once was a pumpkin.

His name was Glumpkin.

He sat alone in a big drone.

Then one day a person came along and broke the drone.

Glumpkin was no longer alone.

The person picked him up.

Then they got to the person’s house,

Glumpkin saw a grouse on the wall.

Then the person got a knife,

And carved Glupmkin a face.

Then inside he felt hot…..

The person put a candle in him.

Then that night he sat on the porch

Inside he was scorching hot.

Then some one picked a piece of candy out of a bowl.

Glumpkin sat Thought it was Halloween night,

and he was right.

And it WAS Halloween night.

November 11

A Popular Food in America/Week 5 Blog Challenge

A popular food in America is pizza. There are pizza shops everywhere in America. They have names like Pizza Hut,Dominoes Pizza and other names. A lot of people have pizza as their supper at their birthday party, but that is just one reason that pizza is popular in America. Many people make pizzas to.  Pizza can have different toppings in America like,pepperoni,onion, plain cheese, and many more. That is why pizza is so popular in America.      pizza-364723_640

November 10

Learn2Earn News article.


Local students are reading and earning money for their Elementary PTO!!!
  Recently Blue Ball Elementary School started a fund raising project that takes students and fund raising to the next level. There was an assembly that started the fundraiser. We did a kahoot. Then somebody told us about the fundraiser and how to get on the website to invite sponsors, log reading,  answer questions, and change your owl to be creative and make the website fun. You can earn coins to buy clothes and accessories for your owl. You can also earn wands to change other people’s owls into monsters for one day. The PTO are hoping that the students earn money for stuff like field trips or lunches and it is supposed to be fun for the students. You can invite sponsors like your family or friends and you can log your reading time and you can earn coins and buy stuff and you can comment on your friends sites and when you do that you earn lots of coins. When you go to your classroom page there is food for your owl like apples or pears.   You can invite sponsors easily by clicking on the invite sponsors button. Then you just type in their email address. After you type in their email address you  type a message to them to tell them why you sent them the message and they might send you money for the fundraiser. After you get one sponsor you get a wand that you can turn people’s owls into monsters for one day like I mentioned earlier.You can go to the owl shop and there is so much things that you can buy some really cool stuff like hoots,greetings,and sounds and also back rounds for your page and don’t forget the clothing and accessories like cheeseburgers and name’s for yourself like All Star Athena.  There are paper trees all over the school. There is one tree for every grade and They have branches that say 100 minutes,200 minutes and so on. At the top of the tree it says 600 plus so if you get there you that means you met your goal of 600 minutes. Each tree has a owl that you move up to whatever hundred  you’re at.  When you log reading you can log any kind of books from NFL team books to Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries and The Thief Of Always.Have fun reading!.


November 10

The Time I Went to the Cabin

One time I went the cabin. When we got there we went outside and played and had a campfire.  Then my nana and papa got there.  We had hot dogs for supper then we played outside for a while, and rode bike. Then I went inside and played a game of war with my nana while my brothers Landon,Bryson, and Easton played outside and went on rides on four wheelers. Then our cousins Matty and Cody got there, and I went back outside to play with them. We were playing in our club we made in the woods. Our club is a big circular clearing in the woods with a tree stump in the middle as our table.  Around the outside we have rope so it is hard to get into. We have a bucket in there as our basketball hoop. We also have a board to throw rocks at. We started playing basketball and throwing rocks at the board.    Then we had dessert.  Then we went inside and started playing games. Then we went to sleep.    When we woke up we played in our cabin for a little. Then we ate breakfast.  When we were done eating breakfast we played inside for a few more minutes. Then we went outside and I got  the fire started. Then we played in our club some more. Then me,my dad ,Matty, and Bryson went on a bike ride.  Matty and Cody’s dog Dakota walked beside us. While we were on our bike ride we went through lots of puddles.  Then we stopped and played in the creek for a little.    We threw rocks in the creek and jumped in the creek.  Then we rode back to the cabin When we got back I got the fire started back up.  Then I rode a mini dirt bike that we had there around the yard.   When I was finished on the dirt bike I went inside and had lunch. When I was finished with lunch Me,Matty,Bryson,My Nana, and my mom played a board game called life. The goal is to have the most money at the end and I won. Then I went back outside and went on a four wheeler ride with my papa and Matty. We went up the mountain and to the top of the pipeline and to the top of the mountain. Then we went down the trail to a bumpy trail and then down into a creek. Then we drove back to the cabin. Then we threw a lot of stones at the board in our club.  It got many more dents. Chunks of rock even got stuck in it.  Then we ate lunch.   After lunch I rode the mini dirt bike around the yard. Then my cousins and brothers were going down to the creek. So I did a few more laps around the yard then I rode The dirt bike down the stone driveway and rode in on the dirt road down to the creek. When I got there I went into the creek and started throwing rocks at bigger rocks while everybody else built a dam. Then I saw a huge triangular rock stuck in the dirt in the ground. So I started throwing huge rocks at it. The I threw a huge rock at it and it shattered.  Then I asked my dad if I could go back and he said yes. So I got on the dirt bike and rode back to the cabin. I went inside and read Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever.   Then we went on a 3 mile bike ride where we rode down the dirt road and to the highway. We turned onto a four wheeler trail and drove on it for one mile. Then we turned of and onto a street and rode on it for one and a half miles. Then we rode half a mile back to the dirt road and when we got back to the cabin we ate supper started a fire. Then we played a wiffle ball game and my team   lost by one score. Then Matty and Cody’s mom and dad left. Then we made s’mores then went inside for bed. The next morning we played inside until it got warmer outside. When we were outside I started the fire back up. then when my dad came out we went on a bike ride. When we were done on the bike ride Bryson, Easton, and Cody went on  four wheeler rides and Matty and Landon went on dirt bike rides. I stated at the cabin and read a magazine and ate lunch. Then when they got back I went on a four wheeler ride with my dad and mom. Then when we got back me,Matty,Landon, Easton,Cody, and Bryson made our club look scary while the grown ups packed up. Then me,my mom,my dad,Landon,Bryson, and Easton left and Matty and Cody stayed and left with my nana and papa when they left. It was a fun time at the cabin.

November 2

The Epic Football Game

On day my cousins came over for supper. We ate supper. Then we played  a 2 hand touch football game.  It was me, my cousins Cole and Ella, my brother Bryson, and my Uncle Jessie. On the other team was My dad my ,2 other brothers Landon and Easton, and my cousin Evan.  The referee was my Pop. Then we did the coin toss and our team won. We received the kick. Cole grabbed the ball and ran before he was touched with 2 hands. It was first down. Jessie was our quarterback. We all went out for a pass. I was open. Jessie threw the ball to me, but I dropped it so it was incomplete. 2 down. Then Jessie handed the ball off to Bryson. He got 5 yards. We had 6   yards to go for a touchdown. 3rd and goal. The Jessie threw a pass to Cole, but he dropped it. 4th and goal. This time Jessie handed it off to me. I got 5 yards. I almost scored, but we needed 6 yards and it was 4th down. Now it was a turnover on downs. The first play the tried on 1st down was a long pass. Landon caught the pass, but while they he was running he tripped and hit his face hard on the ground and hurt his arm. Man injured. He sat out for a little. 2nd down. This time they did a running play with Easton he gained 3 yards. 3rd down. The my dad threw a pass to Evan. He caught it and ran 9 yards. 4th down and goal. 10 yards for a touchdown. This time it was a running play with Evan. He gained 9 yards ,but they needed 10. Turnover. The first play we tried was a pass to Ella. Incomplete. Next a pass to Cole. Incomplete. Now a pass to Bryson, but still incomplete. 4th down. We needed a touchdown , because we were at the 1 yard line for their end zone. This time Jessie passed on to me in the end zone. I dove and caught it. TOUCHDOWN!!!! Now we kicked of to them. Right before Cole was going to kick it they called a timeout. Landon came back it the game because his face or arm didn’t hurt anymore. Then Cole gave the ball a nice hard kick. Evan caught it and ran it 11 yards. Now they Evan took 1 turn as quarterback. He passed the ball to my dad and he caught it and ran 21 yards. 2nd down. My dad was quarterback again this time he passed it to Evan, but Cole blocked it. 3rd down. Now  my Dad threw a pass to Landon. He caught it and ran 8 yards. 4th down.  My dad threw a pass to Evan. He caught it 1 handed and ran it for a touchdown.  TOUCHDOWN!! 6 to 6. They kick off. Evan kicked it and I caught it and ran 10 yards. 1st down Jessie faked a pass to me, faked a pass to Bryson, Then handed it off to Cole. Cole gained 14 yards. Then Jessie passed it to Bryson. Evan intercepted it and ran 20 yards for a touchdown. Pick 6. 6 to 12 their favor.  Then Evan kicked it off Jessie caught it, and gained 30 yards. Then Jessie passed it to me. I caught it and scored. TOUCHDOWN!!! 12 to 12. Then I kicked it off. Landon fumbled it, and I recovered it and ran it in for a touchdown. TOUCHDOWN!!!! 18 to 12 our favor. Then we kicked off again. This time Evan caught it and ran 12 yards. 1st down. My dad passed it to Landon. He caught it started to run it fumbled it my dad recovered it and ran 19 yards.  2nd down.  My dad threw a pass to Evan this time. Intercepted by Jessie. He ran it for a  touchdown. Pick 6. TOUCHDOWN 24 to 12 our favor. Then we kicked off Evan caught it and scored. TOUCHDOWN!!!! 24 to 18 our favor. They kicked off. I caught it and ran 21 yards. 1st down. Jessie passed a touchdown pass to Cole. TOUCHDOWN!!!!! 30 to 18 our favor.  Then we kicked off to them and Easton fumbled it I recovered it and ran it for a touchdown.  TOUCHDOWN!! 36 to 18 our favor. Then we kicked off to them. Evan caught it and ran it for a touchdown. TOUCHDOWN!!! 36 to 24 our favor. They kicked off. Bryson fumbled it and Evan recovered it and ran it for a touchdown. TOUCHDOWN!!! 36 to 30 our favor.  Then they kicked off again I caught it and ran it in for a touchdown. TOUCHDOWN!!!!! 42 to 30 our favor. Then we kicked off and my dad ran it for a touchdown. TOUCHDOWN!!!  42 36 our favor. Now they kicked off Cole picked it up and ran it for 15 yards. Then Jessie passed it to Cole and my dad intercepted it and ran it for a touchdown. TOUCHDOWN!!! Now They kicked off Bryson picked it up in the end zone and kneeled. If we scored that play we won because it was the last play of the game. If we did not it would go into overtime. Jessie whipped a pass to me in the end zone. TOUCHDOWN!!! 48 to 42 our favor. Me,Cole,Bryson,Ella, and my Uncle Jessie won Landon,Evan,Easton,and my Dad.