March 16

Good Commenting Tips.

Hi I’m going to teach  you some good commenting tips.  Step 1,Start out by saying something good that they did. Lets say you like football,and someone wrote a post about football. You should say I like football too,and I like how you………….  Step 2, if they are writing to inform you if you know and information about what they are writing and they didn’t add it in,tell them that information in your comment.  Step 3,  make a connection. Let’s say they are writing about their visit to New York City,and they said they saw the statue of liberty and they went in it,and you did the exact same thing you could tell them about your time in the statue in your comment.  Step 4, end with a question. Let’s say they had a word in the post that you don’t know what it means ask them in the comment.  Step 5, Check your comment for punctuation,and spelling mistakes. If you are good post your comment. Use these rules for commenting on my blog please.   Have fun commenting!!