Lemon Vortex! Page #1

“Kayla, you said you have a new game on the CherryConsole 3, right?” I asked at the sleepover party, with the light of the game we were playing hardly showing my face.

“Yeah, I found it in the basement at our house. It’s called the Lemon Vortex I think.”

“Let’s play it, the name sounds pretty cool.”

“KK, I’ll get it.” Kayla said in reply.

The game screen pulls up, there’s nice graphics and the art style is cute. We didn’t exactly know anything about it, for it just came with the console.

“Oh, let’s customize a character.” Kayla told me.

“ Ooh! I can be creatures! I wanna be the sea creature.”

“Dragon wings~”

“Are you like a half-dragon half-human?”

Kayla made a girl that looked like her, a tall girl with a dark brown ponytail with blonde at the end. The bright blue eyes tied the whole character together. For me, I chose the sea creature. A pale cyan shade, with axolotl-like cheeks and a swishy tail. I gave it a cute face with shiny eyes, and arms that were so elegant that they looked like they had cloaks.

“Your character looks like you, Kayla.”

“Yours doesn’t!”

We both chuckle and move on to the directions.

“Step 1. Customize your character.

Step 2. Select the ‘TRANSMIT TO GAME WORLD’ button.”

Me and Kayla both look at each other in confusion. I hesitate, wondering what could happen. No, there’s no way we could be transported or anything.

“I guess we should try it.. I don’t know if that’s a fancy way of saying ‘play’ or not.”

“We can quit if you want..”

“No no, I want to play. Let’s do it.”

So, I select the “TRANSMIT TO GAME WORLD” button. A colorful pastel background comes up with a loading screen that says “Hold on to your controller!”. There was a spinning lemon, indicating that the loading was still in process.

“Hm, I guess it’s fine. I’ll get a snack for us.” Kayla said.

“Wait, but It said hold on to your controlle-”

The loading finished, and we heard a ding. Everything was white, and then it was fine. Bot of us were still in the same position we were before. But.. suddenly, we were.. On a tropical Island? There was a pink sky and green water. A little yellow thing appeared, it was made of two circles like a snowman. It had completely white eyes and no mouth. We were surprised to notice that we became our characters.

“WHAT THE HECK WHY AM I FLOATING!?” I screamed. I was trying to tell myself it was unexpected virtual reality, but Kayla did not have virtual reality.

“W-where are we??”


That’s it! Well, not really, but it’s all I’m going to post for now. Make sure to tune in to see the second page! Have a magnificent day, sayonara!

Yay! PSSAs!

Opinion: The PSSAs are next week.  Write a blog expressing your feelings about the PSSAs and standardized testing.  What do you predict will be a strength for you this year? What do you predict will be a weakness for you this year?

Finally, they’re here! The PSSAs are my favorite test. Why? ‘Cause I don’t find it that hard! It’s more stressful than hard. But the only real thing I’m usually stressed about is not getting enough points on my TDAs. To me, PSSAs are kind of like easy homework when you’re sick. It may be annoying, but you don’t have to go to school when you’re sick (unless you’re faking. Don’t do that). Plus, you have all day!

I think my strength will be math without a calculator (the problems you do yourself), and narrative writing. My weaknesses will most likely be decimals and TDAs. I’m pretty good at writing stories if I do say so myself. And I’m not half bad at doing equations in my head (that must be why I’m bad at showing work). I’m not very good at decimals, they’re pretty confusing. And TDAs are just plain hard! I’m usually pretty decent at describing things, but TDAs mess me up.


Thanks for reading, have a good one!

Keuka Lake!

To prepare for the next Performance Task, I am asking you to write a review on a vacation destination you have recently been on.  Your review can be either good or bad.  Please rate your experience, providing as many details as possible!  Persuade us to either visit your wonderful location or avoid it at all costs!

August 2017, I went to Keuka Lake, New York, the best lake in the world! I go there every year with my Mom’s side of the family. Why is it the best, you ask? Well, it’s a beautiful lake (it’s private, so the lake is clean) that you can swim in, ride boats in, rent a nice cottage, and do all sorts of fun things! You can even bring your family!

I cannot describe how nice it is to sleep there, it’s so peaceful, and the calming sound of waves wakes you up. The smell when you get out of the car just reminds you that it’s going to be a great week!

Which Parent Am I Most Like?

Which one of your parents are you most like? Include a description of the parent, so that we can picture them in our mind.  Use sensory language: see, taste, touch, smell, hear.

I think I look most like my Mom, and act most like my Dad. Like my Mom, I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. I got more similar facial features. I also got a little of my Dad’s curly hair (my hair is naturally wavy and my Dad’s hair when it isn’t shaved is very curly). I like painting my nails, painting, playing with our puppy, cooking/baking, and doing my hair with my Mom. With my Dad, I like listening to music, dancing, comedy/improv shows, and fireplaces. I got more of the taste of humor, music, laziness (no offense Dad), and geekiness from my Dad. I’m girly and love most animals because of my Mom (not sure why I like snakes and komodo dragons though). So I think I look more like my Mom and act like my Dad. But I’m still different, after all.

Best Friend

Who was your first best friend? How did they influence your life?  Include a description of your friend, so that we can picture them in our mind.  Use sensory language: see, taste, touch, smell, hear.

I have plenty of friends that changed my life, but I can only include one. So I’m going to include the friend that introduced me to more friends! (I don’t think meeting someone would change my life, but it changed my current life)

Kayla! Yep. I’ve probably talked about Kayla before, but that was an interview. So when I met Kayla, it was in 5th grade when I didn’t have really anyone that shared my interests. That’s until my seat got changed in reading. I got sat next to Kayla, who was new that year. As an icebreaker, I told her one of my interests, and apparently she had the same. After some talking, I was convinced she was my long lost twin or something. Which she wasn’t. So we became friends, and after a bit introduced me to Glitter Force, which is now one of my favorite shows now. Even though it’s over. When rotations in recess came along, we were in the same group, and always sat together to read or talk.

That year I met a lot of new friends because of her, and are still my friends today. What I like about Kayla is that she puts others first, doesn’t get in to drama, and cares about her friends.

That’s why Kayla is one of my best friends. Anyway, have an amazing day, bye!

❤ And have a happy almost valentines day! ❤


We have been learning about economics for a few weeks.  Now is your chance to tell us everything you know about economics!  Tell each other what you know about goods, services, opportunity cost, supply and demand, etc.  Talk about how your classroom checkbook and finance lessons have helped you gain more perspective to economic issues. Will you be a saver or spender when you grow up?  Why is it important to save for a “rainy day?”

Well, let’s start off with what I know about goods and services! Goods are things such as food, clothes, water, and other things. Services aren’t exactly something you use, but rather help you get. Like haircuts, taking your trash, and even school! There are some goods and services you don’t need, like toys, makeup, going to a spa, and more. These are wants, things you don’t need. But, that doesn’t always mean you can’t get them! Needs are things that are vital to live, and wants are things that you not need, but make you happy and comfortable.

Supply and demand are two different things that effect each other. Supply is how much of a good or service there is. Demand is kind of how much people want those things. When there is a high demand, there’s a low supply. This makes something scarce, and most stores raise the prices so less people buy the things, and can get a higher supply. When there is a low demand, the supply goes up. That’s when they get to much of an item, and stores lower the price so more people buy the item. So pretty much the opposite.

Having a checkbook in class has helped me learn a lot about how to pay for things and how it’s going to be like in the future. It’s also helped me realize how to handle my money and not spend it on useless things. I even learned what it would be like to live with a friend.

When I’m older I will definitely be a saver. I will only really get wants when I get a little extra money for it. I need to save up for college, because I either want to be an animator, comic artist, or art seller (sell my own art). I want to go to art college simply because I want to improve. So, I will be a saver for college and anything urgent.

I don’t really know why you should save for a rainy day, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, that’s the end of this post. Have an amazing day, bye! (and happy February)

Keuka Lake!

Write about a memorable summer camp or summer experience.

In Summer, I went to Keuka Lake! Well.. I went for the 10th time.. But it’s fun every year!

To start off, the feeling when you get out of the car for six hours and taking in the lake air is so nice! When I get to the lake I hear the waves, hear the birds tweeting, my cousins in the cottage, and it’s just wonderful. The sounds and smells just remind me that it’s gonna be a nice week.

Second, I get to see my cousins and my great aunt and uncle. They’re the best, and I wish I could see them more often. I love to spend time with them. Like kayaking/paddle-boarding with my cousins, baking my great aunt’s special cinnamon buns, and just relaxing together!

Finallyyyyyy, the trip in general! There’s so many fun things we do, like swimming, going to the water park, making snow cones, paddle-boarding to the public lake area, and swimming! Going to Keuka Lake is the highlight of my summer. It’s fun and memorable every year!

Go Women!

Do you think a woman will be President of the United States in the near future? Support your argument with examples.

Yes, I think a woman may become president soon. Take Hillary Clinton for example. I think some women after seeing her in the election may get inspired. And nowadays, men and women have definitely become more equal. But it still depends on who is running. Even at that, I still think a woman will become president in the next (at least) century.

My Favorite Family Member (Sort of, I love them all)

Who is your favorite or most important family member and why?  What memories do you have with them?  What are some traits they have that you hope you have?  What makes them such an incredible person?

Don’t get me wrong, I love everyone in my family, but I specifically love my mom. It’s a common answer, but I’m gonna tell you why I have the best mom/why my mom is the best.

First of all, when I was a baby, she was super nice to me. She even made homemade baby food for my sister and I. My mom put in all that work to blend and mash food. Even though is was a lot of work, she did it amazingly, and homemade food is always better. Since all it is is just mashed fruit/veggies/meat, no sugar, no weird ingredients, no nothing. Just natural food.

Second, she takes really good care of me. If I’m sick or unhealthy, she’ll spend the whole day trying to help me. She’ll make me perfect meals and do anything she can to make me feel better. Even if I’m not sick, she still tries to give me everything I need, and even takes me out for a treat now and then (with my sister).

Overall, she’s a great mom. And I don’t want to brag, but my family and I have a great relationship. I used to fight with my mom over who loves each other more. My mom is great.


Cupcakes! I Mean, This Is What I Would Do.

If you could do something that you’ve never done before, what would it be and why?

     If I could do something I’ve never done before, it would be to be on Cupcake Wars. Cupcake Wars is a show where bakers of any age compete against other bakers by baking cupcakes and decorate them in only 1 hour for important people or celebrations, and they have to incorporate weird ingredients. Yeah, it’s a lot. For example, a celebrity’s baby shower, you would have to use baby food or something. If you win, you get a LOT of money. Anyway, I would do this because I love the show, and I love baking and decorating. It would be super fun to bring my mom, because you are supposed to have a helper to make it fair. I would love to be on this show, it looks really fun, even though you just have one hour. One more thing, I LOVE cupcakes!

So that’s what I would do. What would you do? Anyway, have a super cool awesome extraordinary wonderful magical majestic, AND, amazing day. Byee!