April 27

Week 7 Blog Challenge. Stranded on a Deserted Island.

If my family was stranded on a desert island with nothing,but our clothes to entertain our selves we would probably do what we do at the beach. We would dig a hole in the sand, (With our hands) and when the tide comes in it will be filled with water like a pool. Then we will probably make a deep and shallow end,and make places to jump  in. We might look for sticks, to decorate then edge of the pool. We would swim in the water around the island. We might also play  hide and seek or tag.  That is what we would do. 

April 26

Earth Day.

`The earth is very important. Without earth  we couldn’t  live.  We need the food that grows from it. We need the air to breathe. We need the water to drink. But people pollute the water,air,and sometimes poison food. In some countries you have wear a gas mask all day long,the water is very polluted,they can’t drink the water, and they have barely any food. We need to help make that better.   We should help them build homes. I want them to have a better life.  They shouldn’t have to eat only a handful of food every day,drink  very dirty water,and breathe very  polluted air. That is wrong.  The earth is very important to us. We need to take care of it. If you want to survive you  NEED to to take care of it.  This earth is the only planet we can live on. We need to recycle more things. We need to do a better job of taking care of the earth. Poor people live in countries where there is a lot of water and air are polluted. I think we should help clean up the place where they live,give them clean food and water. Everybody should be treated equal. Some people shouldn’t have tons of thing and other people have nothing. People  need to be more careful and think about what they’re doing.  Hopefully these problems can be solved. world-549425_1280 (1)

April 25

Week 6 Blog Challenge. Popular Clothing.

There are many cool types of clothing in our country. A popular type is sports jerseys,sports clothing,awesome shirts,and that kind of stuff. Popular brands are Nike,Under Armour,Old Navy Active,NFL,DC,Circo,and AND1.  There are a lot of brands,and I don’t know them all so I can’t tell you all of them. ? Here is the Nike logo.







April 5

Week 5 Blog Challenge. A visit to the Grand Canyon.

images (2)    One day Steve,Sammy,Mark,and Alex went to the Grand Canyon. They flew there in an airplane. When they got there they unpacked and set up a camp. Them they went exploring the canyon. They saw many animals,like snakes. They had a very good time. When they got back to camp they had a fire and ate supper. Then Sammy told a ghost story.  They went to bed in their tent after that. The next day they woke up ate breakfast,and explored the canyon more. When they were walking they saw a snake. It slithered towards them. They ran away.  Then they had some lunch. They