September 29

How to Play Quarterback. (How To)

  1. Playing QB is very fun, but challenging. This is how to play QB. First you call the play.  Run play: If you called a run play the center will snap the ball to you. Then you hand it to the running back who is usually behind you. Then you either run the opposite way of the running back or block for him.   Pass play: If the play is a passing play you take the snap and do the three,five, or seven step drop.  Then you scan the field for a receiver If you see a receiver throw the ball to him,but remember you only have about 3 seconds to throw the ball.  If you don’t see a receiver, and the defensive lineman are chasing you start to scramble which means run around behind the line of scrimmage. You have to buy more time by scrambling. If you see a receiver open while you scrambling you can either throw while your running or stop and very quickly throw. If your scrambling and you still don’t see anybody open,  and you have open space past the line of scrimmage you can run past it and try to score.  That is how you play QB.
September 29

Cardinals at Bills! (Passion.)

The Bills beat the cardinals 33-18. Tyrod Taylor had a twenty rushing touchdown! LeSean McCoy had two rushing touchdowns! The Cardinals tried to kick a field goal, but the holder fumbled the snap. Aaron Williams of the Bills picked  it up and ran it fifty three yards for a touchdown!  It was an awesome game. The Bills picked off four passes! ♦    That is a good sign for the Bills.  Go Bills!     Watch the video. Its the game highlights.  ♣  



September 23

NFL Football! (passion)

NFL football is  a little confusing until you learn about it.  OFFENSE:  When you are on offense your job is to score points. You have four plays to do that. If you run or pass the ball for ten yards you have four more downs. On fourth down if you down get ten yards the other team gets the ball. If you do you have  four more downs. A lot of times the team with a fourth down punts the ball to the other team. You can get the ball down the field by running or passing. Running the ball doesn’t  usually gain a ton of yards. When your passing you  usually get pretty many yards, but many are incomplete. Also to catch the ball you have to have both feet  in bounds or even if you catch  it’s called incomplete.  A touchdown is worth six points, and then you kick an extra point for well… an extra point. That means you have seven points.  If you miss the extra point  you just have six points. You can also kick a field goal if it is fourth down. If it is good it is worth three points. If you miss it you don’t get any points.  DEFENSE: In football when you are on defense your job is to stop the offense.  If the offense runs the ball the defense tackles him before he gets the first down or the touchdown. Also you can rip the ball  out of the running back’s hands it is a fumble. If the offense recovers the ball it they get it back. If the defense gets the ball though the team on defense is now on offense.   If the offense tried to pass the ball the defense can tackle the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage while he still has the ball it is a sack. It goes for a loss of yards.  If he does throw the ball the defensive backs can try to swat it away or catch it themselves which means the team on defense is now on offense.  That is called an interception. If the receiver catches the ball the defensive backs have to tackle him. They can also make him fumble if they rip the ball out.  SPECIAL TEAMS:  If the offense scores a touchdown the kicker kicks off. The team returning the kick tries to run it back for a touchdown. The kicking team tries to tackle him.   If the offense punts the special teams come on  the field.  The special teams also kicks the field goals, and extra points.  That is how to play football like the pros!rugby-596747_640

September 20

NFL Season Soon to Start ?

The NFL season is starting and I’m ready for it. I hope the Bills will do well and be over .500 record.  Tyrod Taylor  should have a good season. He was resigned for 6 years.  Sammy Watkins  had a broken toe  in the off season and did not practice a lot but is now 100%.   LeSean  McCoy will hopefully have a good season this year. The Bills  released Karlos Williams because of being suspended. Marcell Dareus will not play all season. Charles Clay should have a good year and score  more touchdowns.   Cornerbacks Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby should have good seasons   with a lot of interceptions. The Bills first 2 draft pick  Shaq Lawson and Reggie Ragland are injured. Shaq will be out  4 to 5 games and Reggie Ragland will probably miss the whole season.   

Bring on the next season NFL Season ?.

Bring on the next season NFL Season ?.

September 8

NFL Season Starts

The Bills first game is Sunday and they are playing the Ravens at Baltimore. That will be a good game. The Bills will hopefully win. Tyrod Taylor is playing his old team. Corey Graham is playing his old team. Rex Ryan used to be the Ravens coach.  Lets get the season started!  

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