January 16

NFL playoffs.

Wild Card Weekend is here! The NFL playoffs are starting.



AFC first round bye: Patriots: Number 1 seed, Record: 14-2, and Kansas City Chiefs: Number 2 seed, Record: 12-4.

AFC Games this weekend:  Oakland Raiders: Number 5 seed,Record: 12-4,  at Houston Texans: Number 4 seed, Record: 9-7. Miami Dolphins: Number 6 seed, Record: 10-6, at Pittsburgh Steelers: Number 3 Seed, Record 11-5.                                                                              


   NFC first round bye: Dallas Cowboys: Number 1 seed, Record 13-3, and Atlanta Falcons: Number 2 seed, Record 11-5 . 

NFC Games this weekend: Detroit Lions: Number 6 seed, Record 9-7, at Seattle Seahawks: Number 3 seed Record 10-5-1. New York Giants: Number 5 seed Record 11-5, at Green Bay Packers: Number 4 seed, Record: 10-6.    

I want the Lions, Giants, Falcons,Packers, or Chiefs.    







January 16

Playoffs. Recent Events.

Hey everybody Wild Card Weekend is over and here are the results. Texans beat Raiders 27-14, Steelers beat Miami 30-12, Seahawks beat Lions 26-6, and Packers beat Giants 38-13.   The Texans are playing the Patriots next, and the Steelers are playing Kansas City.   In the NFC the Seahawks are playing the  Falcons, and Green bay is playing Dallas. Here is a video of the best play for every team in the NFL during the regular season.