January 28

Super Bowl 50!

  ♣Ω♦♥♠◊   PART 1.        I want to get you pumped for Super Bowl 50!! Lets See who could be in the Super Bowl.  The Denver Broncos,the Arizona Cardinals,the Carolina Panthers,or the New England Patriots.  In the Super Bowl The Broncos could play the Cardinals or the Panthers in  the Super Bowl. The Patriots could play the Panthers or Cardinals. The Panthers could play the Patriots or Broncos. The Cardinals could play the Patriots or Broncos.  I think the Broncos will be playing the Cardinals in the Super Bowl  and the Broncos will win. Also Peyton Manning WILL play for the Broncos.  What do you think the score will be when the Super Bowl is over out of the teams you picked. Who do you think WILL  GO TO the Super Bowl? Who do you THINK will win? Who do you WANT to win?  When the Super Bowl starts grab a snack,a soda,and sit down a wait for the excitement to start.  I want the Broncos to win the Super Bowl because they are my second favorite team and it will be a good end to Peyton Manning’s career.   Get pumped and get ready for Super Bowl 50. What are you going to do the day of the Super Bowl? Watch it? Not watch it?  Are you going to watch it with friends,cousins,aunts,uncles,or just with your family?        


Denver BroncosCreative Commons License .sanden. via Compfight        Vs.       2009 Patriots Schedule Wallpaper Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight   

2012 Carolina Panthers Schedule Wallpaper Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight Vs. 2012 Arizona Cardinals Schedule Wallpaper Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight 

January 28

!!!!!!!BLIZZARD 2016!!!!!!!!!!

During the blizzard I went outside every once and a while while it was snowing. I went sledding ad played football. Well I kind of played football. Heh. Heh.  I also stayed inside and played video games some of the time.  It was fun. During the blizzard I saw snow EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!  I also saw snow coming down HARD!!!!!!!! Brrr!!! It looked very COLD!!!!!! AND IT WAS!!!!!!  When I went outside I only stayed out there for like 20 minutes at a time.  I went sledding I did not shovel and I played games.    Man I don’t want another blizzard like that again,but it was a little fun.                                                                           Snowstorm Ilya Abramov via Compfight

January 22

The Buffalo Bills.

. ♦        The Buffalo Bills Have been around for a while. I like them because my dad likes them too. They have had many good players. I also know a lot of their players that used to play or play now. They are Tyrod Taylor,Jim Kelly,Aaron Williams,Mario Williams,Marcell Dareus,Thurman Thomas,O.J. Simpson,LeSean McCoy,Ronald Darby,Corey Graham,Sammy Watkins,Andre Reed,Bruce Smith,Bryce Paup,Don Beebe,Fred Jackson,Charles Clay,Robert woods,E.J. Manual,Josh Johnson,Steve Christie,Stevie Johnson,Karlos Williams,and Frank Reich.  Not ALL of those players still play now. The ones that do play for the Bills now are Tyrod Taylor,Aaron Williams,LeSean McCoy,E.J. Manual,Josh Johnson,Karlos Williams,Marcell Dareus,Sammy Watkins,Charles Clay,Corey Graham,Robert Woods,and Ronald Darby. Mario Williams played in the 2015-16 season,but they are cutting him in the off season.  The Bills players that don’t play now are,Jim Kelly,Andre Reed,Bruce Smith,O.J. Simpson,Thurman Thomas,Don Beebe,Steve Christie,Bryce Paup,Stevie Johnson,Fred Jackson,and Frank Reich. My favorite Bills player ever is Tyrod Taylor. He is their QB. The 2016-17 season will be his last season with the Bills unless they sign him again, which I’m   98% sure they will. In the 2015-16 season he was second place in rushing yards by a QB. Cam newton was first. Tyrod Taylor used to be a backup for Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens.  Sammy Watkins is the receiver that Tyrod Taylor usually throws to. The Buffalo Bill’s head coach is Rex Ryan. He was good with the Jets,but the Bill’s owner gave him an ultimatum. If Rex Ryan doesn’t lead them to the playoffs in the 2016-17 season he is fired. Also the Bills hired the first female coach ever!! She is the assistant Coach!! (I’m not sure what her name is.) They also hired Rob Ryan (Rex Ryan’s brother) to help. Also as the new defensive line or linebackers coach (I’m not  sure which if it’s defensive line or linebackers,and I don’t know what his name is.) they hired a star Ravens player. That should be good. The Bills should have a winning season next year,but I’m not sure. Even if they don’t I am going to stick with them. They haven’t been in the playoffs for 16 years. The last time they were was 1999. Next year I’m going to 2 of their home games with my dad and 3 of his friends. One of his friends likes the Bills one likes the Raiders and the last one just likes football. The games I hope we go to are Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills. The Bills will have to work hard to get to the playoffs,but I think they can do it. Well I hope the Bills will get to the playoffs and the super bowl next year.  Next season they are going to play the NFC West  division  next season  and the AFC North division. That means Tyrod Taylor will be playing his old team. The Ravens. They will also play the Raiders,but not their division. They are going to play the Dolphins,Patriots,and the Jets twice next season. They will also play the Jaguars,but not their division.  Well now you know some more about the Bills.   Ω  As always LETGBUFFALO!!!!      ♦      

stadium-663584_640 (1)2010 Buffalo Bills Schedule Wallpaper 


Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight                           


January 22

The Missing Athlete.

It was Super Bowl 55. The New England Patriots were going to face the Seattle Seahawks. They were both VERY good teams. The game started and the Patriots started to get on a roll. They were unstoppable! On the first kickoff of the game they returned it for a touchdown. The Seattle QB Russell Wilson threw an interception and Malcolm Butler  returned it for a touchdown. 14-0 Patriots.  Then the Seahawks punted. New England QB Tom Brady threw a 56 yard pass to Rob Gronkowski. and then QB sneaked for a touchdown. The drive was only 2 plays. Then they scored 24 more points, then they kicked a field goal. It became halftime. 48-0 Patriots leading.  Little did Tom Brady know that something bad was about to happen to him. At half time Tom Brady went into the locker room and then his teammates heard him scream and they rushed in the room to find his helmet and an anonymous note lying on the ground and the anonymous note read “ I have Tom Brady and if you want him back, come to the philadelphia  and then come to the Lincoln financial field and then you MIGHT get Tom Brady back.”  Then the loudspeaker said “ 5 more minutes till half time is over.”  Then Jimmy Garoppolo said “ come on guys, let’s go find Tom Brady and Ryan,Brandon,Malcolm,Patrick,Scott and I will stay and play the game while some others will stay too and how about Dane,Chris and Joey will go out and try to get Tom Brady back.”    Then halftime ended. Stephen Gostkowski kicked off to the Seahawks to start the second half. The Seahawks returner returned it for 21 yards. 1st down Seattle Seahawks. At the snap Russell Wilson handed it off to Marshawn Lynch He broke through  the line and shook off a tackler and ran over another then he juked Malcom Brown ran over the New England safeties and ran even farther.  He was FINALLY tackled. THat was a 64 yard run.  THen Bill Belichick (The Patriots coach.) got a phone call saying that they were at the Eagles stadium and it was Locked.

(At the Eagle’s stadium) The guards let them in and then they went into the locker room and found santa sitting there with Tom Brady gagged and tied up. Santa laughed “HO,HO,HO you’ve been VERY naughty this year because you deflated the ball to get into the super bowl and that is very naughty!!”  and then Santa smacked Tom Brady and laughed and then he put Tom Brady in a closet and locked him in there, but Santa did not know that the guys were spying on him the whole time and then Santa came over to where the guys were sitting and grabbed them and said “ were you spying on me?” and then santa chucked them at the wall, but it didn’t hurt them then santa left and then they went over to the closet and got Tom Brady but as soon as they were going to leave, Santa started throwing elves with really ,really sharp teeth and the elves started running towards them and Santa said “ HO, Ho, HO merry christmas you naughty boys” then santa stuffed them in a bag and flew to the North Pole. When they got woke up they saw snow.  Then they started to try to tried to get back to the Eagles stadium to find Tom Brady. They saw a boat and they hopped in the boat and started. to ride it down to the United States. Back at the game Jimmy Garoppolo had just thrown a pick six. The Seahawks were now down by a field goal. The  Patriots fumbled and the Seahawks recovered. THen Marshawn Lynch ran 20 yards and got them into field goal range,but it was first down so Russell Wilson threw a touchdown pass to Tyler Lockett. Touchdown Seattle!! The Seahawks were now up by 4 points. Back at the boating guys they just got on land and they found the Eagle’s stadium. They went inside untied Tom Brady And they went back to play the game while one of them went to the police station and they used some clues  that they found about why Sant kidnapped Tom Brady.  The clues were Santa yelling at Tom Brady for deflating the balls hiding him and taking them to the North Pole so they couldn’t help Tom Brady. They figured out why they kidnapped him. Because Santa doesn’t like naughty people and they saw on his gloves the Seahawk’s logo. So he likes the Seahawks and he doesn’t like naughty people. So the police sent helicopters up to arrest Santa. Back at the Game Tom Brady Just threw a Touchdown pass and the Patriots won 52 to 49 over the Seahawks in the super bowl. Well Santa was arrested,Patriots won,and everything was back to normal. Then Tom Brady thanked his teammates for helping him. Case Closed!  

January 22

Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul. (Book Report) (Book SA)

¶       The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is a really good series. My favorite one is the Diary of a Wimpy kid The Long Haul. It is about this middle school kid named Greg. Him and his family go on a road trip. He has and older brother named Rodrick and a younger brother named Manny  and a mom and dad.It’s the first week of summer vacation and they are going on a road trip,but they don’t have enough room for their stuff so they use Greg’s dad’s boat for the rest of their stuff. When they start driving Greg gets hungry and he asked if they can stop for lunch at a fast food place,but she says “no.”  Then they eat a packed lunch. Then Greg gets out a game and they start playing. Then Rodrick and the dad are tied at 9 and the next one to score a point wins. Then the mom pulls out the card and reads it: I must Confess I’ve toilet papered someone’s house. She started to reach for the next one ,but Rodrick starts screaming that he wins and since he toilet papered someone’s house the mom made him call and apologize and then it was quiet in the car for a while. Then Manny fell asleep. Then it started to become nighttime so the found a hotel. When they went into their room it had wet towls on the floor,it reeked of smoke,and there were cigarette burns in the bed. Manny was still sleeping. So they turned out the light s let Manny sleep. So Greg and Rodrick went down to the pool ,but there was no water in it. So the went over to the hot tub and there was a family in it so they waited and waited and waited and they did not get out. Then they just went to their room and went to sleep,but Greg had trouble falling asleep because it stunk. Then he haerd something outside the room. He looked out the peephole and saw the kids from the hottub ramming a cleaning cart into the wall. So Greg yelled at them and the youngest kid starting crying went into his room and his DAD came out so Greg ran into his room and tried to fall asleep. He woke up the next morning listening to his brother Manny taking to the TV. Then they got back on the road and started driving,and Manny fell asleep. Then they went to the fair. The Dad Rodrick and Greg went in while the Mom stayed in the car with Manny while he was sleeping. They ate some food then Dad went back to the car. Then Rodrick enters his shoe in a stinky shoe contest and he wins and he gets a coupon for fried butter on a stick. Then Greg couldn’t find Rodrick and then he saw the same family from the hot tub. They were still angry at him for yelling at the little kid. Then Greg went into this tent and a giant cheer went up. He pushed to the front of the croud and saw Manny holding up this sign. Mom told him that Manny guessed the right answer for how much a pig weighed. Then the prize was a real live baby pig. Mom said they didn’t want it,but that made the croud angry so they took it and when they got beck to the car Rodrick and Dad were sitting in the car. When Dad saw the pig Dad and Mom argued if the should keep in or not. Then Mom said they are keeping the pig and that was final.  Then they went to a restaurant and they said they  couldn’t eat there because Rodrick was missing his shoe and you need shoes to eat there and he didn’t have his shoe because the people from the fair said they were sending it to the national competition. Then Dad said Greg and Rodrick had to share one of Greg’s shoes. So when they were done eating the got onto the highway and drove to a hotel and they rented 2 rooms. Then they went to sleep.  In the morning Greg saw that the pig ate all the stuff in the minibar. Then Greg went over to Mom and Dad’s room. The pig ate everything in Mom and Dad’s minibar too. Then dad went down to the front office and told the guy they shouldn’t be charged for the stuff in the minibar because our pet ate it,but the guy said they needed to pay and there was a 50 dollar penalty for not obeying the hotel’s not pet rule. Then they got back on the road and They went to a few more places  like a water park,but at the water park their stuff was stolen. So now they had to find their stuff,but the car broke down. Now here is the question. Will they make it home? Yes or no?  Read the book to find out. I do recommend this book because it is funny and it is interesting. I recommend it to people who like funny long books. Please read it and I hope you like it.

January 19

Dane and Athena’s Tall Tale. (This story is very tall.)

 ♣     Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl that were very strong and tall. They hated growing up because that meant more chores and they wished that there was some way that they could stop themselves from growing up. One night their life changed so Claire looked out the  window and said “I wish we could never grow up” and then all of a sudden this kid flew into the window and a little  fairy followed him and said his name was Peter and the fairy’s name was Bella and Peter said “hello I heard you say that you wanted you and your brother to be kids forever right?” Then  Claire exclaimed   “Oh yes,that would be wonderful,but how would you make that happen?” “Yeah How?” asked Tye Claire’s brother.  “Well” replied Peter, “Bella and I will take you to an amusement park and you will never grow in there.”  “The amusement is called Fun land.” To get there they had to go over Foggy Mist Hill. Then they had to go over a mountain called Mount Everest that went higher than the cotton candy clouds. Then they had to go through candy land forest where they encountered a talking gummy bear. His name was Sugar Bear.  Then they boated on soda ocean.Then they crossed Chocolate River. Then they came to a clearing. Tye and Claire gasped. “Wow!”
The amusement park was longer than the longest river in the world!! there was huge mansions  that were higher than the clouds spread out and little kids were running around and eating cotton candy and popcorn. But the most coolest thing of all is the rides. The ferris wheel was so big that it went into space, so that meant the little kids had to put on space suits to ride the ferris wheel. Another cool ride was the roller coaster it went so fast that you couldn’t even see it and the kids had to suit up so they didn’t get hurt.   First they rode the ferris wheel. Then the roller coasters. Then they had a LOT of fun in the chocolate pool.  Yum Yum!! Then they ate lunch. They were having so much fun they forgot it was Claire’s birthday. The next day they remembered and told Peter. They asked him “what do you do for birthdays here?.” He replied “We just give you cake and presents,but you don’t get older. “COOL!!!” They yelled. A few hours later they celebrated Claire’s birthday. “This is the best birthday ever!” She exclaimed. “I can’t wait for my birthday “ Tye told her. The next hour later Bella flew into the big mansion that Claire and Tye lived in and flew into Claire’s room and Claire could tell that the little fairy was mad. Claire asked why and Bella screamed “Peter can’t stop talking about you!!!” and Claire asked why and bella grumped “ I used to be his favorite until YOU came and now you will pay” then the little fairy grabbed big and strong Claire and took her to the soda ocean and gummy forest and Bella dropped Claire into the forest and flew away. Claire then encountered Sugar Bear again and he was very, very, very hungry and when he saw claire, He imagined she was a  sugar covered gummy worm and started chasing her in the forest then out of nowhere Peter swooped  down and grabbed claire and yelled at Sugar Bear to  spot and Peter grabbed a sugar covered gummy worm out of his pocket and threw it to Sugar Bear and flew back to the amusement park and everybody lived happily ever after.   



January 13

I Have a Dream.

♦ “I Have A Dream!” ♦


My dream is that children in poverty will be free so they can stop hurting. In some countries children with  disabilities are seen as cursed. They are left on the streets,and everyone ignores them. They feel sad and left out. Well I want that to stop happening so they can have a better life! I know this because I hear it on the radio a few times a week. I want it to stop happening. I really want it to stop happening. I really like to see happy kids. I don’t like to see sad kids. I am going to pray for those little kids. I think that athletes (Like NFL,MLB,NBA,NHL players) should give half of their money they earn to charity. That is my dream.

January 12




Outside I like to play football with my dad and brothers. It is usually me and my brother Bryson against my brother Landon. My dad is the QB for the team that has the ball. We play tackle football. Sometimes my other brother Easton will play on Landon’s team. We start by one team kicking off,and then the kicking team tries to tackle the returner. Then my dad will come in and hand off the ball or throw it. The team on defense will try to stop the team on offense. Whenever a team scores a touchdown they kickoff to the other team.

We usually play when it is warm outside,but sometimes we play in the cold. Sometimes we play when it is VERY cold. We also play in mud and rarely in rain.  Just this weekend on Sunday we played and it was VERY muddy. It also rained a little while we were playing which made it even muddier. When we  play I usually wear my outside Bills jersey that I use for playing outside,a shirt under it,my Bills uniform pants,my old shoes,eyeblack,and my Buffalo Bills helmet. Under my helmet I wear this thing that my dad’s friend found when they went to a  Bills football game,and they were allowed to go out onto the field when the game was over. That means a real Bills player wore it!    

It is very fun to play with my family. At the end of most games the score is tied or me and Bryson win. When it snows and it just snows a little bit I’m gonna ask my dad if we can play a football game in the snow.   That is the activity I like to do.                                                                                                                                                                         

January 7

What I Got For Christmas.

For Christmas I got a lot of cool stuff. In my stocking I got deodorant,colone,football cards,a little game and other stuff. From my Mom and Dad I got a suitcase,a devotion book,a journal,a Wii,2 Diary of a wimpy Kid books,a Itunes gift card,and a jelly bean game. From my Nana and Papa I got 2 Buffalo Bills shirts,A Buffalo Bills watch,A Diary of a Wimpy Kid book,And a game. From my Cousins Matty and Cody I got a game and some food. From my Nana and Pop I got A pair of football receiver gloves,a Lego set,a football calendar,earbuds,a IHome alarm clock,a charging stick,a 10 foot car charging cord,a sweatshirt,and an Itunes gift card. From my Cousins Evan and Cole I got A box of Legos and a hockey set.That is what I got for Christmas.

January 6

Dane and Athena’s Formal Letter.

Hi Warren Faidley,   


We are writing a book about storms. It is going to have a lot of facts about hurricanes and certain hurricanes like hurricane Andrew.  It is also going to have a lot of facts about tornadoes and floods and forest fires. Anyway let’s get to the point. May we please use some of your photos and after we are done we will photocopy them so you can get  your pictures. We will also give you credit for the pictures in the book. We will also pay you some of the money that we earn from selling the books. You are also invited to come to our house for some tea and biscuits and help us make the book if you would like we would also give you some credit if you helped and  we would give you a copy of the book.  

When you get to our house you can give us the pictures and then we will have tea and biscuits. Then we can show you the book and you can make edits while we put the pictures in the book. Then we will give you some money for helping us with the book. We will give you about 100 bucks for helping us. We live in pennsylvania on Star Wars street in Narvon.(star wars street is made up) And you can tell us when you are coming at sofie.colodonato@Hotmail.com (don’t click on the website adress because it is fake.) So just Email us. See you at our house!


From Dane,and Athena

( P.S. Please hurry because we are getting graded on this)