December 11

My Favorite Family Member

My favorite family member would be my grandfather (My moms dad). He is my favorite family member because he was a big christian roll model for me. My favorite memory I have with is looking at his glass collection. He collected a ton of glass sculptures. He also collected marbles. One trait that he had that I want to have is that he was a big christian, and I want to follow in his foot steps. Unfortunately he is no longer alive. That is why he is my favorite family member.

December 11

Puzzles to Challenge Your Brain


1.    You approach an intersection with two roads coming off of it. Both of the roads lead to a city. One leads to the city of truth, and one leads to the city of lies. The people from the city of lies always lie, and the people from the city of truth always tell the truth. There is one person standing at the intersection. What question do you ask to guarantee that they point the city of truth?

2.   What occurs twice in a lifetime, but only once in a year. Twice in a week, but never in a day.

3.     First question: You would be in second place. Second Question: There is no one behind the person in last place, so you would be the one in last place.                                                                                  

4.    Jim and his friends were going about 40 miles per hour in his boat when authorities stopped them and issued a ticket. Jim wasn’t speeding or breaking any water regulations, so what was going on?














  1.  You say “Point to the city that you live in.”The people will either lie and point to the city of truth, or tell the truth and point to the city of truth.
  2. The letter E.
  3. First question: You would be in second place. Second Question: There is no one behind the person in last place, so you would be the one in last place.
  4. The boat was tied to a car, and it was on a road.
December 11

Smarter Every Week #1

I am going to do a post every week researching a topic that someone suggests in the comments. That person will also get a shout out. This week I am answering my own question of why does molten salt explode when you put it in water.

The answer is simple salt is made out of two thing sodium and chloride. Chloride is a gas at room temperature. When it is mixed with sodium it becomes a solid at room temperature. When the salt is heated the chloride evaporates leaving only sodium. Sodium explodes with water. That is why sodium explodes with water.


October 17

My Dream Job

My dream job would be a YouTuber. I want to be a YouTuber because of a few reasons. Reason number one is the money. On average Youtubers make $18 to $405 per 1,000 views (each website I found said something different). If you think about though you aren’t guaranteed to get a lot of views. That means that you might not make a lot of money when you start YouTube.

The second reason is that I have the chance to meet fans. Even if I only have 50 subscribers I still have the chance to meet those 50 people. This also goes with my third reason. That reason is I will be able to make people happy. Even If my videos get 5 likes, or if I only have 50 subscribers I would know that I made at least those few people happy. That is why I want to become a YouTuber.

October 5

My Opinion on Banning Automatic Weapons

I think they should ban automatic guns from being used because they are too dangerous. The only thing we really need guns for is hunting. In hunting you don’t need to rapid fire. Also, If the gun falls into the wrong hands the manual will do less damage. I also think that people should only have one gun. I think that is all you need. I think this because if you buy more than one gun you probably won’t use the second one. This is why they should ban automatic guns and people should have only one gun.

October 5

L33t (or Leet) Speak

I was browsing the internet and I came upon this thing called leet speak. Leet speak’s  definition is “an informal language or code used on the Internet, in which standard letters are often replaced by numerals or special characters” Which means there are numbers replacing certain letters in a sentence. Here is an example:

7H15 M3554G3

53RV35 7O PR0V3


D0 4M4Z1NG 7H1NG5!

1MPR3551V3 7H1NG5!

1N 7H3 B3G1NN1NG

17 WA5 H4RD BU7

N0W, 0N 7H15 LIN3


R34D1NG 17


WI7H 0U7 3V3N

7H1NK1NG 4B0U7 17,


C3R741N P30PL3 C4N

R3AD 7H15.

Comment if you can read this or not.


October 3

My Fall Traditions

I don’t have many fall traditions,but every year  I go to a fall fest at the campground that my aunt goes to. Also in the fall I have my birthday party because my birthday is in October. Another thing I do is rake the leaves so my neighbor can jump in them. That is all of my fall traditions.

October 2

5 Years From Now

In five years from now I will be 16 about to turn 17, and I will be in 11th grade. I might be a YouTuber because that is a dream of mine. My grades will hopefully be all A’s. I will also hopefully have a lot of friends, or at least a few really good ones. I also want to see more concerts. I have seen one already, but I hope to see more. This is where I see myself in five years.

September 29

It’s Easy to Make a Buck

“It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” – Tom Brokaw, NBC News.

  1. What does the quote mean to you, This quote means that you can easily make money, but it is hard to be noticed and come up ways to make a difference.
  2. Do you think that it’s more important to make money or make a difference in the world? It is more important to make money because without money you can not feed your family or yourself.
  3. Who cares more about money, rich people or poor people? Poor people care more about money  because they have to find a way to make it last. Rich people however have all the money that they need so they don’t care.
  4. What are some easy ways to make money?  What are some of the problems with easy ways to make money? An easy way to make money is to rob a bank, but don’t because if you do you will go to jail. Another good way to make money is a yard sale. A downside to a yard sale is that you don’t know if people will buy anything.
September 27

Finish the Story

Here is a story I have , but you need to finish it. Here it is.

Hungry Hungry Homework

By Sarah @,


Once there was a girl named Sarah. She was famous for not doing her homework.Also she made up lame excuses for not doing it. Meanwhile, in the Homework factory a bucket of toxic waste spilled on the homework.Making the homework toxic,and that is where our story begins.


        CHAPTER ONE:


On Friday Sarah went to school everything was completely normal until the end of reading class. Mr.Geiman,The 4th grade teacher) handed out 10 pieces of homework. “I want you to finish this in two weeks that will give you 14 days”.

When she got home she took her homework out of her folder, and set it on the table. Then she went to get a pencil, but when she got back she found her homework on the floor and the table completely missing. Then the pencil disappeared into the homework


“You guys have got to see this” Said Sarah.To her friends Leah and Brandon.

“Okey”They both said in unison.

Next Sarah tossed a piece of paper into the homework and immediately it disappeared into the homework.

“That is the homework’s secret”Said Sarah.





“I have a crazy Idea”Said Brandon

“What”Said Sarah.

“What if we get eaten by the homework we can make it stop eating things and retrieve Sarah”s table.”?Asked Brandon.


“That’s a good idea,But we need to do it before my mom gets home or she will freak out.”Said Sarah

“I will stay on the outside to make sure nothing happens to the homework”Said Leah.

With one hour of packing and a 30 minute goodbye they jumped on the homework and immediately disappeared.

Once they were in the homework they started falling into a pit that was 100 miles deep.That gave them a lot of time to talk.When they saw the bottom they both screamed “Ahhh”               ,but the bottom was just a trampoline.

When they finally stopped bouncing a tunnel opened and a strong wind blew them in.





The tunnel lead to a room with a glowing Blue green portal. The portal was like a vacuum sucking in anything in that room.It took about 3 seconds to suck both of them in.Once they were in the portal they dropped into the Amazon Rain Forest. They fell so hard that they lost consciousness.




When they woke up they were locked in a cage.In front of the cage was a beautiful person. Hello, My name is Queen Wakanaka” Said Queen Wakanaka.

“H-H-hi”They both said.

“Why are you here”Asked Queen Wakanaka?

“We don’t know, we fell through a portal”Said Brandon

“If I had a quarter every time I heard that excuse”Said Queen Wakanaka as she left the room.

      CHAPTER 6

    THE 69 GEMS


  The next day,the cage door opened. And on the table  was a note, and it said:behold travelers find the 69 gems before the 9th day of November and you will not die.Then queen wakanaka entered the room and placed a crown on the table.The bad thing was the crown was missing 69 gems.

“I want you to find all of the 69 gems.”queen wakanaka said.”You will find clues along the way to help you on your journey. Then they left the castle to find all the 69 gems.


          CHAPTER 7


After one hour of travel they found two large rocks,So they decided to stop and take a break when Brandon found something etched into the side of one of the rocks.It said: Beware at twelve past two a stranger will try to kill you,but along will come a beast who will help you. The gems you will find only if you find your wild side.

“I have two questions. Question one is what time is it and question two is what the heck did that mean”?Asked Sarah.

Brandon didn’t have time to answer when a stranger jumped out from behind the rock with a knife,but before he could hurt them a beautiful white tiger jumped out from nowhere and frightened the stranger away.

“Ahhhhh,”Screamed Sarah and Brandon both.

“Do not be afraid I do not want to hurt you” said the tiger.”By the way my name is Celestia”.

“My name is Sarah,and this is my friend Brandon” Sarah said to Celestia.

“Follow me to my den we will be safe there”said Celestia.

“OK”Said Sarah obediently fearing for her life.

It was nighttime when they got to her den,so they went to bed.




When they woke up they found another note that says. Be glad that I came, but now i’m gone you will need to find your wild side.

“Whats with all the finding your wildside,”Sarah asked Brandon.

“It means you need to live in the wild using only the resources in the jungle to survive to find the gems” Brandon replied.

“Wow you’re smart”Sarah Said

“No I just read the back of the paper”Brandon said.

“Oh”Said Sarah.

After she said that the cave started to shake.

“What’s that” Sarah said nervously.

Just then the entrance to the cave was blocked,and the back of the cave opened and the rest of the cave collapsed pushing them out.

          CHAPTER 9

        BACK HOME


Meanwhile,back at home time was frozen no time ever passed since Brandon and Sarah entered the homework. What they thought was days was no time at all. This benefited them greatly because they had all the time in the world sorta of.



Back in the Amazon Brandon and Sarah had to figure out how to survive,so they went out hunting. About three hours in they found the large rocks from before but this time there was a different clue it said I won’t let you die you need to find my gems you shall find a cove with food in it. Enough to live for 10 years.