October 17

My Dream Job

My dream job would be a YouTuber. I want to be a YouTuber because of a few reasons. Reason number one is the money. On average Youtubers make $18 to $405 per 1,000 views (each website I found said something different). If you think about though you aren’t guaranteed to get a lot of views. That means that you might not make a lot of money when you start YouTube.

The second reason is that I have the chance to meet fans. Even if I only have 50 subscribers I still have the chance to meet those 50 people. This also goes with my third reason. That reason is I will be able to make people happy. Even If my videos get 5 likes, or if I only have 50 subscribers I would know that I made at least those few people happy. That is why I want to become a YouTuber.

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6 thoughts on “My Dream Job

  1. xiongo8o

    Hi Sarah!
    I really liked how you included how much money you could make as a YouTuber. I also like how you don’t care how many people watch just if you make people happy. If being a YouTuber doesn’t work out do you have a backup job? I wonder, how would you meet those fans? (Meet-and-greets?) ~Trinity Xiong

  2. king5qt

    Hi Sarah,
    This is Sydni. I think that being a youtuber would be a fun job. I like your reasoning about why you want to be a youtuber. I wish you would use different transition words then first, second and third. I wonder if you will become a youtuber in your future? ~Sydni

  3. mcfaddk976

    Hi Sarah! Becoming a youtuber would be cool, and I would defiantly subscribe to you!! I like how you explain how much you would get paid and how many views you would need.

  4. culbertkth

    Hola` Sarah!
    Awesome post!
    My star for you is that I like how you want to be a youtuber even if you are not guaranteed to make a lot of money.💲 I think it takes guts to do something and not really know how it’s gonna turn out!
    My wish is that I wish you wrote more. I tend to be a long reader, so I thoroughly enjoy stories.
    Last, I wonder what a new youtuber will make?
    Happy blogging!😀


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