January 28

MLK: My I Have A Dream.

Some of you might know on August 28th, 1963. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke his famous I have a dream speech (If you do not then watch the video below),well I am writing my I have a dream speech…this is it.

I have a dream that men and women would not earn different amount of money but earn the same.Also they should make money based on how important their job is like an EMT would earn more then a football player because a football player has a chance of catching the ball average of 50%.While an EMT earns less for saving lives everyday.

I have a dream to end child slavery because why put a child’s life in danger just to buy something cheaper.You would not want your kids to be slaves so why have other kids be slaves in horrible conditions.With these bad conditions a lot of kids can get sick or worse.I think that slave kids deserve a life like ours because these children only work they do not have time to play.

I have a dream is that black people have more rights.We have come a far way from Martin Luther King,but we still have ways to go.I have a few black cousins in my family so that’s why I have this dream.

My last thing I have to say is POVERTY SUCKS why allow rich people to go on food stamps and poor people who can not afford to buy much food.My opinion is if you have enough money to buy expensive clothes then you should not go on food stamps.

Those are my dreams I hope you enjoy.If you agree comment bellow.


January 28

Mystery In The Woods By Sarah and Jacob

                                   Mystery In The Woods

                             By Sarah and Jacob


On the night July 25 1999 a loud scream was heard in the woods, that next day a girl named Mimi Byebye mysteriously went missing and no one knew why.The next night one other girl disappeared mysteriously like the first one. That Night not a single person that lived near the woods could sleep, because of the sound that the thing made it sounded like “Growl Growl Growl Growl.”

The next morning nobody went out of their house. They did not even go to the grocery store. This went on forever.  

One year later someone decided to call somebody. The people they called was Bob and Billy the detectives. and they went into the woods. The detectives did not find anything in the woods.

That night they tried again. They heard weird noises that night.Then bob said “I think I see something over there by that tree.” They walked towards that tree, and Saw two humongous lizards they were komodo dragons. As soon as they saw them they ran out of the woods as fast as they could because they thought the two lizards were dragons. But then they saw two girls chained to the ground.then one of them said”beware go to town warn all the girls NOT GO BY THE WOODS. for we have been taken and now in the underground lair of the spirit of the woods JACK SPARROW. no girl shall set foot in the forest for they will suffer the same fate.”then as sudden as they came they left. they did not know that they were the girls that went missing.

The next night they went back in the woods to see if there were any other people in the woods. They were hoping to see the girls to tell them to get out of the woods. After they had looked for the girls again and had failed they told all the girls in the town to not go near the woods.

THE GIRLS IN THE WOODS WERE Never seen again, and no girl was harmed again either.  




January 19

A Trip to Las Vegas, Nevada By Sarah and Jacob

One day on July, 25, 9999 a guy named Billy Blue Mustache Beard went on a trip to Las Vegas. He was going to Las Vegas because he was showing off his brilliant blue 9,999 Ft. long mustache and 9,999 Ft. long beard. When he was in the car he looked in the mirror and noticed that his car was 124 million feet long. On the road he stopped at Taco Bell, but when he tried to eat his hard taco hist long mustache got caught and then when he took a bite of it he got his mustache in his mouth.

Before he could leave from Taco Bell to get to Las Vegas he had to walk all the way to the door of his car. He stepped on his beard 200 times. On the road his blue beard and blue mustache were flying out the window. He did not like that because of the irritating sound that it made while it was flapping in the wind. Eventually he got really tired of it so he pulled his blue mustache and his bluebeard into the car.

He finally got to Las Vegas. When he got out of his car he noticed something. He was as big as the skyscraper that he was next to. The hotel that he was staying at was 9,999 times taller than he was.When he checked in his room was like it was built for him. It was perfect for his beard and mustache. when he saw his bed he went to sleep.  

The next day he woke up and got dressed. he went down to where the breakfast is at. He ate 1,000 pancakes and 100 dozen eggs. Then he drank 300 glasses of milk. Then he left to go to his show.

When he got to his show everybody in the whole world was there. There were a bunch of girls in the front row that were braiding his beard and mustache. Billy saw them and said “you are going to be there forever trying to braid my whole beard and mustache”, but before he finished the girls finished braiding.

The next day he woke up and went home.

January 12

A Board Game I Enjoy

     Sarah Davis



A game I like to do is a board game.It is Monoply.I like It because it is a long game and you can play it all day,so if I’m bord my mom and I can play it together so it keeps me ocupied for that day.I is also easy for me to play.The one problem is my mom hates that game,so I don’t get to play as often as I want.

The second reason I like this game is that every time you pass go you get $200.I like this because It gives me a chance to earn money in the game because when my mom does play she takes all my money.Also it gives me more money to buy homes to get my mom back for all the times I land on hers.

That is why Monopoly is my favorite game.I hope you now know why.

January 7

Formal Letter

1598 Main St.

 Goodville P.A.

14 Main Street

Tucson Arizona   85705


To whom it may concern,


We were wondering if we were allowed to buy some of your storm images. We are making a book and those pictures would do good in it.  We are looking for really cool looking pictures and we are also looking for some pictures of things that have a lot of damage done to it . If you want us to pay for the pictures, we are always able to do that.Our budget is $999. If it is a better picture than the other we can pay more money for it. If you would not like to sell us any of your pictures we can always get them from someone else. Thank you for considering what we had to say.




        Jacob B. And Sarah D.