September 29

Jacob and Sarah’s story

         All About The Holocaust

                                                   BY;Sarah Davis and, Jacob Bramm

The holocaust started because a guy named Adolf Hitler hated jewish people so much  he sent an army called the Nazis to build special camps.The camps  names were Auschwitz, Belzec, Bergen, Buchenwald, Chelmno are just some of the camps.What  the camps were for was to kill the Jewish people. Some camps kill them in gas chambers others exposed them to deadly diseases until they died from them. 6,000,000  crucifixions (or deaths) of jews  from the holocaust.

Some people don’t think that the holocaust was right,But OTHER people think that it was perfectly  reasonable and the jews got what they deserved. In fact germans were taught when they were young  that Jewish people were workers of the devil. Times have changed now so I highly doubt something like that will happen again. That time in history was a sad time so when you read this be glad that you weren’t alive then, and you should be glad it will probably  won’t happen again.  


September 23

Realistic fiction The Beach Trip

                                     The Beach Trip.

                                             By:Jacob Bramm And Sarah Davis


There once was a family heading to the beach.The family’s names were Michael,  Michelle, And Nicole.  On the way there Nicole kept on saying “I’m bored are we there yet”.”No”said Michael.”we have one more hour we just pulled out of the driveway.

When they to the beach they got a room in the hotel.Then Nicole said”There’s too much sand in my bed.” “Well tough luck because you are going to sleep in it”said Michael.”Awwwww man”said Nicole.”Well our bed has sand in it too, and we’re not complaining at all”Said Machell.”Can we go to the beach now because I want to swim in the ocean,but not get stung by jellyfish”said Nicole.”Sure do we want to walk to the beach or drive there because it’s right down the block”said Machell.”Let’s drive I want to save my energy”said Nicole. “O.k. then we will drive.”said Michael.

When they got to the beach Nicole ran to the ocean to swim while Michelle and Michael sat on the beach getting a tan. When Nicole jumped into the water it got Michelle and Michael wet. They were very mad at Nicole.

One hour later Nicole got homesick and she asked to go home. So they went home and when they got home Nicole said she never wants to go on vacation again.


September 23

T.D.A #3 Winn dixie

Opal says, “She looked sad and old and wrinkled.” What happened to cause Miss Franny to look this way? ( Answer the question above using your text book to find the evidence and the sentences that would help you to answer this question.) Create your own post on your page to answer the TDA.


She looks  this way  because she’s old and most old people look sad and wrinkled.

September 16

TDA #1 Winn Dixie evidence

Why was Miss Franny so scared by Winn-Dixie? Why was she “acting all embarrassed?”   ( Answer the question below using your text book to find the evidence and the sentences that would help to prove why Miss Franny was scared.) Create your own post on your page to answer the TDA.

Miss Franny was so scared of Winn Dixie  because  she look like a bear when standing  on her hind legs.

She “acted all embarrassed”because  she mistaken a dog for a bear.