December 22

Excuses to Have Things Go Your Way.

Every kid probably tried to use excuses to have things go their way, sometimes they work ,and other times not so much.So here is a list of useful excuses that just might work.

If you want to stay up later you can use these excuses

  1. I’m practicing for new years eve. (The staying up part)
  2.  I am asleep your dreaming I’m awake.
  3. I’m a vampire.*
  4.  It is daylight saving time so it is actually 4:00 p.m.
  5. If  you don’t let me stay up I will surely hate you for the rest of my life.*

If your room is dirty you can use these excuses.

  1. Your dreaming It is dirty
  2. It is actually the new design in the carpet .

If your screaming you can use these excuses.

  1. I’m practicing for new years(the screaming part)
December 21

Christmas Poem -Santa Clause

Santa is cool.                                                                                                                                                                                             When he goes to the pool.                                                                                                                                                                      His reindeer frolic and play all day.                                                                                                                                                   But to their dismay,                                                                                                                                                                               They have to go away.                                                                                                         

December 17

My Christmas Tradition

How I celebrate Christmas now. 

On Christmas I usually wake up around 4 o,clock to open my presents. then the rest of the day I play with them.Also I can eat what ever I want ,So if I want to eat  a whole bag of  lollipops then I can.For Christmas dinner we usually have ham,broccoli casserole,stuffing,mashed potatoes,and biscuits. I used to celebrate Christmas pretty much the same way except no Christmas dinner.

December 4

Jacob and Sarah’s Persuasive Essay

Our Nation, Rainbow Falls

         By Sarah and Jacob

I think that you should visit Rainbow Falls because it a fun place to go to so come on I will take you on a tour, and you will see why I think you should visit Rainbow Falls.

In Rainbow Falls there are 5 parks. In the parks there are waterfalls. Also there are waterparks in the parks too. You are able to fish in the lakes and streams in the park , but there are some rules and regulations that go with it. The parks have a lot of equipment.Each park contains 1,999,999 pieces of equipment. There are swings, slides, rock walls, balance beams,bumper cars,good climbing trees, a laser tag arena,sand pits, candy waterfalls,and a large batman statue.

When you walk through town you will see only 5 skyscrapers because this is a nation mainly made of suburbs. Some of the laws of the town are as followed no drugs except for medical purposes,no littering,no murdering,no drinking while driving,no using cell phones while driving,no flying plains at night,always clean up after you dog,no smoking,ride bikes everywhere.

That is why you should visit Rainbow Falls.