October 29

Halloween Poem-Week 4 Blog Challenge

The Ghost in the Woods

There once was a ghost named billy Boast.

He died running into a post.

When he brags to his friends they say ” Don’t Boast Billy Boast”.

Then one day all his friends packed  a suit case went up from deep in the earth and became hosts.

All because of poor  Billy Boast.


October 23

Sarah’s Gory Halloween Plan

Do you celebrate Halloween? What do you do? What are your traditions? Do you go trick-or-treating? Get dressed up? Have a bonfire? Halloween party? ( Create a post on your blog page answering the questions above.)

When my family celebrates Halloween we don’t do much. What we do on Halloween is usually watch Charlie Brown the great pumpkin and relax all day.When it becomes time to trick or treat I usually dress in a non creepy outfit lik this year I’m going as a boring giraffe.When we get home I have to go to bed right away.that is my usual Halloween.

October 15

2015 – 2016 fall writing sample

The house in the woods



One day after school I was so excited because I was visiting my friends house for the first time.We were having  a sleepover for two whole nights. When I got off the bus I practically jumped out of my skin from excitement.Just then I heard my mom from mt car

“Hurry up slowpoke or else we’ll leave without you ”

.When I got to the car I had trouble getting in because of all my stuff.

After some time on the road we turned into the woods. The woods was very old and creepy not the place I would like to live in,But in it was a beautiful cabin. “Were here “ my mom said as we pulled in the driveway.Outside on the balcony  sat my friend chloe.

” Hi Chloe” I shouted.

”Shh I listening for sounds” Barked Chloe.   

“ What sounds “ I asked.

“ Ghost sounds” She answered.

“ Why” I asked

“ This forest is haunted if you listen carefully you can hear noises”Answered Chloe.

“ Well let me put my stuff down and we can explore the woods and look for weird stuff “ I suggested.

“ Ok.She answered

After that we got right to work packing for the search I worked on the snack wich was two packs of gummy bears. Then we went ghost hunting.


About two minutis  into the trip we heard something.At the same time we saw a figure come at us.Thats when we want crazy.As fast as we could we ran home locked the door and ran in to Chloe’s bedroom to call my mom to have a sleep over  at my house.


October 14

Friendly Letter Jacob and Sarah

 Dear Lexis                                                                                         10/25/15

By sarah and Jacob

You can’t believe what just happened to me.I was riding my horse yesterday in the middle of the prairie, And my new sombrero fell off of my head and into a well.  I was about to cry but then I heard something.It was a horned toad a talking horned toad.Thats just crazy am I right. He asked me three favors. He wanted me to feed him some cillie, play my guitar for him, And he wanted to take a nap in my sombrero.If I let him do those things he would get my sombrero. So I said I would let him do those things, but when he gave it to me I quickly rode off on my horse.So guess what he did that stupid toad followed me home. Father answered the door and let him in so I had to let do the things that I had promised him.I did not want to. After I did everything he asked me to do. He did something unbelievable.That stupid toad asked me to kiss him I said no way, I would never do that.But when I did kiss him he turned into a prince and fled.

October 2

Jacob and Sarah’s parody

On the Banks of Orange Creek

                     bY SARAH DAVIS and Jacob Bram

One day in 1838 by a creek named Orange Creek, there lived  two kids named Laura and Mary Ingels.  One day they went to the creek that they live by. One time Laura got to far out  so she got ducked under by an alligator So she never went back out to the deep part again. Or did she? What really happened was she kicked the alligator in the face and ran away to safety. Then her Pa told her that she could not go out there again. But did she listen no she went out there again and got hurt really bad by the alligator.The problem was she did not tell her father about this so he could not help her without her getting into trouble. There was another problem, that problem was that she could hardly walk back home.So in a despret atenpt to get her Pa she screamed” PAAAAAAA”.  Her Pa came running to her to help her.” Don’t you ever go here again” said pa.She apologized to her pa and never went out there again.