May 23

Cats Vs Cucumbers

On YouTube there are these funny videos about cats and cucumbers.It is funny because cats are afraid of them.Here are some reasons why cats are afraid.

  1. They do not  know what it is.
  2. They think it is an alien from another planet trying to attack them
  3. Lastly , it smells weird and It scares them

To scare your cat first  make sure your cat is eating.Next gently put the cucumber behind the at.Make sure that you do it slowly and quietly,so you do not disturb the cat.Lastly,Watch the cat turn around and freak out.

Here is an example of reactions.

Cat and Tiger via YouTube 

May 20

Kittens Vs.Puppies a Battle In Popularity

                          Kittens Vs.Puppies a Battle In Popularity

                               Sarah likes cats,Brandon likes dogs.


Sarah:I like kittens because they are fluffy

Brandon:”Well dogs can be fluffy too.”

Sarah: Cats are way more fluffier.

Brandon:Dogs are so much more playful than cats.

Sarah:So,you do not have to take a cat for a walk at 5:00 am.

Brandon:Well at least dogs don’t sleep all day!

Sarah:Actually most cats sleep only 20 minutes a day.

Brandon:Well humans and dogs have been friends for 30,000 years.

Sarah:Well cats are the most popular pet in America.

Brandon: Did you know cats sleep for 70% of their lives so they pretty much don’t do anything but sleep.

Sarah:Did you know that cats can survive a fall from 32 stories.

Brandon:Did you know Abraham Lincoln had a dog and he hated cats.

Sarah:Also cats can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Brandon:Google is a dog company it specifically says.

Sarah:If you killed a cat in egypt people killed you.

Brandon: Dogs can sniff out cancer so dogs can save lives!

Sarah:Cats can too.

Brandon:3 dogs survived the titanic crashing!

Sarah:One cat survived the sinking or 3 ships.

Brandon:Dogs have been up to space and cats have not.

Sarah:There have been cats in space

Brandon:More than 86,000 people that get injured if not die from tripping over there cats.

Sarah:A cat has actually been a mayor in a town for 15 years.I bet no dogs have been.

Brandon: The cat must have been a dumb mayor.

Sarah:Cats can hear higher sounds than dogs.

Brandon:So what. cats can hear better than dogs I would want a pet that can’t hear everything I’m saying!

Sarah:A cat got 13 million dollars from Its owners   

Brandon:That cat is very spoiled.

Sarah:Cats are more popular than every pet in America including dogs 

Brandon: So what that doesn’t mean they like cats it means they just have a cat.

So in conclusion,Cats and dog are both awesome in their own way.

kittens-555822_640 (1)




May 19

My Blog Audit

Key: Bold=Question

  1. Q.How many posts did you write?A. 57 post counting this one
  2. Q.How many of those post were my own interest?A.About 8
  3. Q.How many comments did I  receive?A.80.
  4. Q.Which post did you receive the most comments and why do you think that.A.My post a board game I enjoy got 10 comments on It.I think It got the most Because I made this post about some thing people like.
  5. Q.Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?A. Excuses to have things go your way,because I was able to free write on It.
  6. Q. Did you change blog themes at all and why?Yes because I needed to add a widget.
  7. Q.  How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?A. have 6 widgets and I think that is enough.
  8. Q. How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?A.7
  9. Q.Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?A. Pixabay,bunnyhero labs and revolver maps.
May 13

Life Of a Talking Dog

                      Life of a Talking Dog

                                                 By:Sarah Elizabeth Davis and Jacob J. Bramm

One day In Las Vegas a dog was born. The Date was 1-1-11. His name was Spike. Spike was the cutest pug you would ever see, but he had one problem. Spike could not bark he could only talk.

One day Spike was walking down the road. When a man saw him the man said “What a cute dog”

The dog replied “What an Ugly human”.

Then the man was so surprised that he fainted.Then Spike stole his wallet. Once the dog had the wallet in his mouth he went to the bus

stop. Then he turned the men next to him “sup”.

When the man woke up the dog was gone, and he was already back home. Then the dog curled up and went to sleep.

The next day the one man noticed his wallet was missing. He looked everywhere for it, but he could not find it. He finally callED THE POLICE. The police said they did not know anything about the wallet, but they would help find it. The first place they looked was the barn where the dog slept because the man told them about the the dog knew this would probbly  happen so he buried the wallet in the straw.Then when the police looked they did not see it,but the  police were smarter than that.They started to dig in the straw.then when they found the wallet the took the dog to the pound and sadly had hin put to sleep.                                       The end

May 13

The Big Read

Our school is doing  a big read were we read a chapter of a book and answer a question each day.The book we are reading is called the lemonade war.The lemonade war is about  two kids who try to sell the most lemonade before school starts,and the first one to reach $100 wins.

May 12

Week 9 Blog Challenge My Future #16stubc

In my future my career would probably be a vet.I would like to be a vet because I like taking care of things,and I also love animals.  I would love to help all the sick and injured animals.  I love to pretend to be a vet at my house.  I would also love to own a veterinarian office.

If my vet job fails I would love to join the army.  My dad,grandfather,and cousin were all in the army.  Also not many girls are in army,so It would be nice to have one. Even though I would rather be a vet I would love to join the army.




Public Domain via pixabay