October 14

Kittens A passion post

I LOVE cats they are fluffy little fur balls. My favorite kind is Chinchilla Persian.I like them because I think they are so cute,but all cats are cute (except Spinx).Some reasons that I like cats are…

  1. They do not need to  be walked in the middle of the night.
  2. They sleep a lot which means they are not that energetic.
  3. They are proven to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

If that does not make you  like them I have one more thing to tell you.It is watch this video that I found on YouTube an I think you will like cats more.

October 3

How to Make Excuses

The first rule for making excuses is to make it believable you do not want to say some thing that is obviously not true like if you said something like are pigs flying when someone asks you if you are going some where.This is wrong for two reasons a) it isn’t really an excuses B)it is so  not funny.below are some good excuses to use.(ps they might not work)


  1. My room is not messy I am just using a 3-D carpet.
  2.  brb my gold fish is drowning.
  3. brb my bird is jumping off the roof he’s going to die.