October 23

Halloween Traditions

I do celebrate Halloween. On Halloween my traditions are getting dressed up and going trick or treating. This year I am going to wear my cousin’s Spartans football uniform. We are going to go around our neighborhood trick or treating. We are also going to go trick or treating at My Nana and Pop’s house and Nana and Papa’s house.  I do not have a bonfire or a Halloween party. That is how I celebrate Halloween.

October 21

Ruby Bridges Questions a,b, and c.

a) How must have Ruby felt on her first day at Frantz Elementary School?  On her first day of Frantz  Elementary School Ruby probably felt a little scared and sad because of the angry mob that did not like her, but she felt happy to be able to learn.  She probably wished she had classmates to learn with because the classroom was empty.   b) How did the public react to Frantz Elementary School’s desegregation? The public was probably a little annoyed that the school was desegregated because they probably liked the old rule. They were probably also a little happy because their children might make new friends.   c) How would you have felt if you were in Ruby’s shoes on that important day? If I was in Ruby’s shoes on that important day I would be a little scared by the crowd because they wanted to hurt me and sad that they were treating me that way, but I would be excited to at least get to learn.

October 15

At My Friend’s House

             At My Friend’s House

One day I woke up and ate breakfast. Then I got dressed and packed a few small toys to take to my friend’s house. Then I left to my friend’s house. My friend’s name was Bobby. When I got to Bobby’s house he came out to greet me.   “Hello Dane” he said in a happy voice.  Then we went inside of his house.  When we got inside  I saw a huge table in the middle of the kitchen with knives,cups,spoons,forks,plates, and napkins.   I saw a stove and a microwave. I also saw an oven. Then we went to into his living room. I saw a huge chest full of toys. I also saw a tv with a xbox 360. Then we went to his room. to get there we had to go up some stairs,walk down a long hallway then go out a door to a bridge that was high in the air and led to a tree.  When we got to the tree Bobby pushed a button  and the tree opened up and inside was a bed,  a chest of toys, a radio, and a dresser with drawers for clothes to be stored. On the wall was a poster of  Roy Halladay.   He also had an Ipad on his bed. He opened his toy chest and pulled out a football. Then we went outside to catch football.  We started throwing the football around for a little until his mom called   “ time for lunch”. so we went in for lunch. We had pizza for lunch.     After lunch we  played his xbox 360.  We played Minecraft on the xbox. We also defeated the Ender Dragon.  Then we went up to his room and did Ipad for a little until his mom called “you need to go outside now”!    We played a mini baseball game outside where it was one on one and if you got a hit you needed to get the whole way home and if they get you out 3 times the other person goes into bat. At the end of the game the score was tied 100 to 100. The scores were so high because we played for three hours. Then we played a mini tackle football game that lasted 2 hours and a half.  The score at the end was tied     86 to 86.  Then we jumped on the trampoline  for half an hour. Then we played tag for another half hour.  Then we went inside a NFL Madden football game on his xbox 360. We played that game for about 1 hour.    At the end my stats were 3 interceptions, 6 recovered fumbles, 7 touchdowns. I also passed for 365 yards and ran for 211 yards. I also had 3 successful field goals    and 4 successful 2 point conversions. My score at the end was 55. Bobby’s stats were 6 touchdowns, 1 interception , 5 recovered fumbles. He passed for 364 yards and ran for 243 yards.  He had 4 successful 2 point conversions   and 5 successful field goals.    His score at the end was 53. I won by 2 points. Then it was time for me to leave so we said goodbye and I left. That was a fun day at my Bobby’s house.   

October 14

Dane and Athena’s friendly letter


Dear, friend Sally Yesterday I was riding on my horse and a gust of wind came and blew my hat off of my head and I chased it to a old well.Then it fell down it the well and I was so mad that I kicked that darn old well and screamed,just then a horned toad came out of the well and said“cool down senyorita what’s the matter?.”   I answered “my new hat that daddy bought me fell down into this stinking  old well.” “ I will also be in a peck of trouble when my Daddy finds out I was playing down here by the arroyo.  I will help you the horned toad told me.  “You will?” I asked? “Yes” the horned toad replied, but you will have to do three me favors. I slyly asked “Three small favors? Like what?” “All you have to do is feed me some chili, play your guitarra for me,and let me take a siesta in your sombrero” he explained.So I replied “some chili,a song, and a nap I do not  think so amigo.”    “Okay senorita” the horned toad muttered “but do you mind me tagging along to see what your dad has to say to you about you losing your hat?”  asked the horned toad. “Good point toad.”  “You have a deal.” I replied. So then I put the horned toad back into the bucket and lowered it down and the horned toad fetched my sombrero  and I grabbed it out of his hand and rode away ignoring his little ribbity cries to wait for him. When I got home I slammed the door and when it was supper time I heard a loud knock on the door so I answered it and I saw the toad so I slammed the door.   The  toad rapped again and this time my dad answered the door and asked the horned toad why he was here.  The horned toad replied “I am here because I made a deal with your daughter.” “What is this all about, Reba Jo”  my dad asked me. I told him that I made a deal with the toad that if he did something for me I would do three small favors for him. And her father said “Now Reba Jo if you strike a bargain a deal’s a deal “ and then I let the toad eat some chili and played my guitar.  Then the horned toad asked me if he could take a nap in my hat and I replied no. Now Reba Jo remember what your dad said about a deal.  “I know , I know” I answered. Then out of nowhere the horned toad asked me to kiss him and if I did he would leave right away.  At first I thought about it and the asked “you will get out of the house immediately if I kiss you” I asked  “correct” the horned toad answered so I said “yes”. Then we puckered up and kissed. Then after we kissed There were sparkles everywhere. Then I saw a prince.  Where did you come from I asked. When you kissed me I turned into a prince because a spirit from the arroyo turned me into a toad. I will be leaving you now said the prince then he rode off into the sunset on his horse.               From Reba Jo.

October 9

TDA #5 Horned toad

(Question) based on the illustration on pages 120 and 121 how else does she feel about losing her hat.   I think she feels angry because in the illustration on page 121 Reba Jo is kicking the well that her hat is in with an angry expression on her face.

October 9

TDA #4 Horned Toad Prince

(Question)  What deal did Reba Jo  and the horned toad make. The horned toad and Reba Jo  made a deal that if the horned toad got Reba Jo’s hat she would  give him chilly, play a song  for him ,and let him take a nap in her hat..  I know this because it says so on page 122.

October 9

TDA #3 Horned Toad Prince

(Question) Why did Reba Jo commence to crying?    Reba Jo commenced to crying because the wind blew her hat off into the well ,and she could not get it. She also knew that she would be in trouble for playing by the  arroyo.  I know this because it says so on pages 120 and 121.

October 8

TDA #2 Horned Toad Prince

(Question)  Why did Reba Jo know she should turn back ,but didn’t.   Reba Jo knew she should  turn back because her daddy warned her about the riverbed and that a flash flood could easily start. She did not because she saw a  big fat and sassy vulture.  She wanted to lasso it so bad.  I know this because it says so on page 119 in the anthology.

October 8

TDA #1 Horned Toad Prince.

(Question)   How did Reba Jo entertain herself on the lonesome prairie?    To entertain herself on the prairie Reba Jo likes to sing  , and play her guitar.  Sometimes she would race her horse Flash against a tumbleweed that cartwheeled by. Her favorite thing to do is roping any  helpless unlucky  critter that went by.   She also lassoed cacti,water buckets, and fence posts.  I know this because  it says so on page 118 in the anthology.  That is what Reba Jo does for fun on the lonesome prairie.

October 5

On the Banks of Kiwi Creek.

One day Billy and Clara went to kiwi creek to pick some kiwi off of a kiwi  vine.  Then they waded in the kiwi flavored water.It tasted like kiwi  from so many kiwis soaking in the water.   So Clara said to Billy “let’s go and eat some kiwis,that one looks really ripe and juicy and sweet.” “Yeah that looks really good” exclaimed Billy “so then what are we waiting for?” So they ran down to the kiwis vines.   They slurped and slurped and chewed on the kiwi.  Then they got back in the water and watched the water bugs with kiwi  colored eyes. They also saw little little kiwi colored fish. “ I wonder what those fish taste like” said Clara. “They probably taste like regular fish” said Billy.Then there ma yelled “Clara,Billy it’s time for supper!” “Okay,we will be there in a minute.”  It was actually more like more like fifteen minutes because Clara and Billy kept eating and picking kiwi for supper. So when they were done they went to the house and had supper and they quickly shoved their supper in their mouths. Then pa surprised them and said tomorrow he was going to take them to a very deep spot in the river that they were never at before.So Billy and Clara set out to the kiwi vines before their ma made them clean the dishes.So when they got there they started eating the ripe ones leaving out the unripe ones.  The next day Pa took them to the swimming hole to let them swim. They stopped at the  tableland to look at it.  When they got to the swimming hole Billy and Clara jumped it and swam. Clara waded into the deep part and then the water swept her off her feet and took her underwater then she bobbed up for air and something jerked her underwater and back up and pa said “I was the one that jerked you underwater because you did not listen.” Then Pa swam her over to the part that was not as deep. Then Pa, Clara , and Billy started playing. Every time Clara or Billy went over to the deep spot  Pa jerked them  under the  water.   When it was getting late they started on home. Then they came to the tableland and they climbed up and slid down the other side.Pa made Clara promised that she would not go to the swimming hole. When they got back to their house they went to sleep.  The next morning Billy was playing in the dugout and Clara went out to play and she could not resist going to the swimming hole so on her way she walked to the grass and she saw something and heard it hiss and then it flattened so she got a stick and poked it ,but  nothing happened so she ran back to the house.   That night at supper she did not feel well because she had broken her promise to Pa.  That night at bed she walked over to Pa and told him that she started to go near the swimming hole. “What stopped you” Pa asked suspiciously.   “ A animal came out of the weeds and growled at me”. “Then it flattened itself out and the I came back to the dugout” Clara answered.    Well Pa said you will have to be watched all day tomorrow by Ma.And the next day Billy went out and Clara stayed in to help Ma with chores. That night at supper Ma declared that Clara was good and tomorrow she was free to play.