the author doesn’t like being 11 because she/he thinks that it sucks to be 11 because it feels like there are only 11 pennies rattling in a band-aid tin. I would want to be 12 because its my age and i don’t want to change my age.

A Hero

this quote means to me that people  help other people no mater the obstacles.


My Dad because he help’s me when i need help

i would choose George Washington because he made america america

The United States and Canada: A World of Difference

The United States and Canada share one of the world’s longest borders. But while there are many similarities between the two countries, there are also differences. These include differences in total population, people, and weather.
Canada is a much bigger country than the United States, yet the population of the U.S is about ten times as large. Many people in both countries live in cities. However, most of the major cities in Canada are near the U.S. border. In the United States, major cities are spread throughout the country.
Despite this difference, many cities in both the U.S. and Canada are near large bodies of water. Toronto and Chicago are near the Great Lakes. Vancouver and Los Angeles are near the Pacific Ocean. Halifax and Miami are close to the Atlantic Ocean.
The history of both countries is a story of migration. The earliest settlers in both countries were immigrants. But today most immigrants in Canada come from Asian countries such as India, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Most immigrants in the United States come from Mexico, Russia, and China.
There are also big differences in weather between the two countries. In the U.S., different parts of the country have different climates. By contrast, the weather in Canada tends to be cold. Canadian summers are short and cool, but the days are long. Winters are bitterly cold. Frost can happen at any time of the year.
Although most people think of Canada as a “cold” country, a part of the United States has similar conditions. This weather is found in Alaska. Alaska is the largest state in the U.S. in terms of size, but it has one of its smallest populations.

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The Maya

The Maya Indians lived in Mexico for thousands of years before the Spanish explorers arrived in the 1500s. They achieved many great things. They had farms, beautiful palaces, and cities with many buildings. The Mayan people knew a lot about nature and the world around them. This helped them live a better life than most people of that time.
The Maya believed in many gods, such as rain gods, sun gods, and corn gods. The people built large temples to honor the Mayan gods. Workers built cities around these temples. It was hard for them to build these cities. They had no horses to carry the heavy stone they used for building. Workers had to carry all of the materials themselves. Today, many of these Mayan cities and temples are still standing.
The cities that the Maya built were beautiful, and the people worked hard to build them. But very few people lived in them. Usually, only the priests lived in the cities.
Everyone else lived in small villages in the forests. Their houses were much simpler. They lived in small huts with no windows. The walls were made of poles covered with dried mud. The roof was made of grass or leaves. Most Mayans lived simple lives close to nature.
Measuring time was important to the Maya. Farmers needed to know when to plant and harvest their crops. Mayan priests made a system to keep track of time. They wrote numbers as dots (…) and bars (—). A dot meant one, and a bar meant five.
The Mayan priests studied the sun, moon, stars, and planets. They made a calendar from what they learned. The year was divided into eighteen months of twenty days each, with five days left over.
Around the year 800, the Maya left their villages and beautiful cities, never to return. No one knows why this happened. They may have died from a disease. They may have left because the soil could no longer grow crops. Scientists are still trying to find the lost secrets of the Maya. They are still one of our greatest mysteries.

City Autumn

The air breaths frost. A thin wind beats

Old dust and papers down gray streets

And blows brown leaves with curled-up edges

At frightened sparrows on window ledges.

A snowflake falls like an errant feather:

A vagabond draws his cloak together,

And an old man totters past with a cane

Wondering if he’ll see spring again.

The Snow-Bird

By Frank Dempster Sherman

When all the ground with snow is white The merry snow-bird comes,And hops about with great delight To find the scattered crumbs.How glad he seems to get to eat A piece of cake or bread!He wears no shoes upon his feet,Nor hat upon his head.But happiest is he,I know,Because no cage with bars Keeps him from walking on the snow,And printing it with stars.

Spring Writing Sample

An everyday item that i think should uninvented to better help the environment is high beams.high beams cause a bad effect to the environment because some people like to be jerks a turn it on when it’s not needed.

If people do this it could possibly blind drivers and make them swerv off the road.if that happens the car the person is in could flip on one  of its sides making it hard for passengers to get out of the vehicle or the passengers get badly hurt or possibly die.

Another reason the high beam should be uninvented is some people don’t use it even though it’s a feature made into the car some people don’t use it and if you make a car with something people don’t use you could have saved money to get better parts for the car.

Lastly,someone might not know how to use it or it’s to hard to turn on like i said in the previous bit if you don’t know how to use a high beam or it’s to complicated to turn on you might as well of not included it.

That is why the high beam should be gotten rid of i hope you take this into consideration.

The Maple Leaves

as some of you know i am canadian but most of you dont know my favorite hockey team so my favorite hockey team is the toronto maple leaves and also here is a video on how to make the maple leaves logo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcQfMMYvGfg