City Autumn

The air breaths frost. A thin wind beats

Old dust and papers down gray streets

And blows brown leaves with curled-up edges

At frightened sparrows on window ledges.

A snowflake falls like an errant feather:

A vagabond draws his cloak together,

And an old man totters past with a cane

Wondering if he’ll see spring again.

The Snow-Bird

By Frank Dempster Sherman

When all the ground with snow is white The merry snow-bird comes,And hops about with great delight To find the scattered crumbs.How glad he seems to get to eat A piece of cake or bread!He wears no shoes upon his feet,Nor hat upon his head.But happiest is he,I know,Because no cage with bars Keeps him from walking on the snow,And printing it with stars.

Spring Writing Sample

An everyday item that i think should uninvented to better help the environment is high beams.high beams cause a bad effect to the environment because some people like to be jerks a turn it on when it’s not needed.

If people do this it could possibly blind drivers and make them swerv off the road.if that happens the car the person is in could flip on one  of its sides making it hard for passengers to get out of the vehicle or the passengers get badly hurt or possibly die.

Another reason the high beam should be uninvented is some people don’t use it even though it’s a feature made into the car some people don’t use it and if you make a car with something people don’t use you could have saved money to get better parts for the car.

Lastly,someone might not know how to use it or it’s to hard to turn on like i said in the previous bit if you don’t know how to use a high beam or it’s to complicated to turn on you might as well of not included it.

That is why the high beam should be gotten rid of i hope you take this into consideration.

The Maple Leaves

as some of you know i am canadian but most of you dont know my favorite hockey team so my favorite hockey team is the toronto maple leaves and also here is a video on how to make the maple leaves logo

How To Draw The Poop Emoji

i found this while browsing through blogs and watching videos i found 2 videos from this cannel and they did change words to pictures i watched it from gwen and kaseys blog so i thought i could do the same thing but different so this is what i found.

Rescuing Steve

The impatient knocking grew louder on Matthew’s bedroom door. He rolled over and checked his alarm clock. It was 6:00 A.M. on Saturday morning.
Matthew groaned as he got out of bed and groggily opened the door. Steve, his big brother, was already dressed in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. Matthew could tell that he was annoyed and wanted to get going.
“Get dressed quickly,” Steve told him, “or we’ll be late. Trout don’t bite all morning!”
Steve was taking Matthew trout fishing for the first time. Steve had just gotten some new fishing gear, and he was excited to teach Matthew how to trout fish.
They walked along a trail in the woods. The sun was just rising, and Matthew could smell pine needles in the morning air. Steve carried a tackle box and two fishing rods while Matthew carried a small cooler. The trail ended at a ledge overlooking a wide stream. Everything was quiet except for the sound of the water rushing over rocks. Morning dew glistened on green leaves overhead.
Steve began setting up his fishing gear. When he was done, he handed one of the fishing rods to Matthew. “Want me to show you how to cast?” he asked. “It’s a little tricky.”
Before Matthew could answer, Steve climbed down the ledge. He stood on a large boulder and moved the rod over his head and behind him. “See, it’s like this,” he called back to Matthew, bending his elbow. “It goes behind your head and then forward. It’s like serving in tennis.”
Suddenly Steve slipped, and before Matthew knew what was happening, Steve fell into the stream.
Matthew slid down the ledge into the water. The stream was cold and almost up to his neck. He made his way around the boulder and saw Steve hanging onto another smaller rock. He looked scared.
“Grab my hand!” he told Steve. “I won’t let you go. I promise.” Steve took hold of Matthew’s hand. Slowly but surely, Matthew pulled his big brother to safety.
“That was close,” Steve said when they were back on land. “I’m glad you came with me. Thanks!”
“No problem,” Matthew told him, letting out a heavy sigh. “That’s what little brothers are for.”

Do What You Want To Do

John Constable was one of the greatest English painters of all time. Sadly,he never achieved great success while he was alive.John was born in 1776.His father made a lot of money in the wheat business.The plan was for John to take over the family business.But John wanted to paint.In 1799 John began to study art.He took classes at the Royal Academy School.The school is run by the Royal Academy of Arts.The academy is like a club.Only the greatest English artists are members and you have to be invited to join.Also at the school was a young man named J.M.W.Turner.He was only a year older than John.But the two never became friends.In fact,Turner became John’s great rival.Like most painters of the time,Turnner painted mytholongical and biblical scenes.John painted feilds and trees.Artists and critics loved Turner’s work,but they ignored John’s.In 1802 Turner was elected to the Royal Academy,but John wasen’t asked to join untill 1829.Turner achieved great success during his life,and yet John only sold 20 paintings in England while he was alive.John could have painted things that other people liked.In fact,he sometimes portats just to make some money.But he loved painting landscapes.At the time,other artists painted strange,imagenary landscpes.John painted real,actual landscapes.John thought that what he was painting was important.And history has proven him right.

Cast Your Vote

In 1789, Philadelphia was the largest and most important city in a brand-new nation. The thirteen colonies of Great Britain had just won a war. They had become a new country called the United States of America.
Every country needs a government. Leaders from all thirteen states met in Philadelphia to create one. This group, called the Congress, wrote a Constitution. It set forth the rules for the new government of the United States.
The United States is a republic. This means that the people vote for leaders who will represent them. Leaders speak up for your views on the issues and work to pass the laws you support. In 1789, very few countries allowed their citizens to vote. Even in the United States, only certain citizens could vote. The Constitution said that white men could vote if they were at least 21 years old. This was less than thirty percent of all Americans.
Over time, the laws changed. Americans fought a Civil War to free African American slaves. Soon after the war, the government passed new laws. African American men began voting in 1868.
Women had fought for the right to vote all along. Abigail Adams, later the First Lady of the country, urged her husband John to “remember the ladies” in the new code of laws. But Congress did not agree with this view. American women marched in parades and held protests, in an effort to change the law. In 1920, Congress finally changed the Constitution so that women could vote.
In 1924, Congress passed a law stating that American Indians were full citizens. This meant that they had the right to vote. Indians had been in North America much longer than any other group of people. However, they were among the last to be allowed to vote.
Many white people in the South did not want African Americans to vote. They charged a tax for voting, called a poll tax. Many African Americans were too poor to pay the poll tax, so they did not vote. In 1964, Congress declared that poll taxes were illegal. Thousands more African Americans could vote.
America was at war with Vietnam during the 1960s. Many teenagers protested against the war. Teenage boys were especially angry, because they could be forced to serve in the army. They argued that if they were old enough to be sent into battle, they were old enough to vote for the leaders who sent them. In 1971, the government lowered the voting age to 18. They agreed it was only fair that soldiers in the army should be able to vote.

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Week 5 Blog Challenge

Week 5: Free Choice

Cabra hispanica Montserrat

Pedro Luna Guillen via Compfight

Next week we will be playing a commenting game. But you need to get prepared for this.

  1. Make sure you have at least 5 other student blogs linked on the sidebar of your blog, in a page near your header area or in a recent post that your visitors can find easily. Make sure these are blogs from other students around the world, not just those in your class or school. Perhaps have a blogroll or link category called Global students or Global classes. Here is how to add a blogroll if using Edublogs or Blogger. If using Kidblog write a post mentioning at least 5 great blogs you enjoy visiting.
  2. Have some visitor widgets on your blog sidebar – maybe a revolver map or a flag counter – this way you can see where your visitors are coming from. Remember only one visitor in 30 will actually leave a comment.
  3. Make sure your blog looks interesting – maybe change your header to suit what you are writing about. Do your pets make a noise as soon as your blog is opened in a tab? That can be annoying so make sure the visitor can click on the sound button if they want to hear your animal pet. Have you changed the tagline under the title of your blog? Have you included some tags or categories to help your readers find a great post?

This week’s activity

Have some interesting posts for your visitors to read when they get to your blog. Last week you visited some class blogs and throughout the challenge you have visited some student blogs.  I am not going to give any clues as to what to put in your posts but remember the following, especially if you want a post flipped to our magazine.

Having read many of your posts, I came up with the following essentials in a great post.

  1. catchy title
  2. includes at least one visual (with attribution) whether photo, cartoon, video or another web 2.0 tool like padlet or glogster
  3. interesting topic with the passion of the author coming through
  4. well written and not copy/pasted from somewhere else
  5. shows it has been proofread and spellchecked
  6. written in paragraphs – at least three of them
  7. includes links to other websites on similar topics – at least two of these

When you have finished your post, please come back here to the blogging challenge and leave a comment on this post. Mention what topic you wrote about and leave a link to your post. Those posts covering the seven things mentioned above will be added to the flipboard magazine. Many students are forgetting to add links to other websites relating to the topic they have written about.


Can you please check your students blogs this week and get back to me via email or comment with names of students who are not really participating in the challenge activities? By now students should have an about me page or post and at least two other posts relating to images, avatars, their country, emergency preparedness, games at school, Gaia or how to comment.


  • The students in Serbia presented about Shakespeare – to read in English, go to the translate button under the challenge badge.
  • Students in Mrs Ives class wrote about fun facts for their country.
  • Beech class have lots of great book reviews for you to check out – use the category on the sidebar area.
  • This teacher in Portugal created a survey to see how well you read the information on Eugene’s post about South Africa.


  • Thanumi from Thailand is showing her video skills with this fun facts about Greece
  • Celeste is part of the WriteAbout community and has written some posts for you to comment on.
  • Roman created a jigsaw puzzle using an image
  • Naani has an interesting story and she would like your opinion .
  • Kaan decided to get ready for the apocolypse


Still more time left this week

  • Read some of the posts in the flipboard magazine – your teacher might want to create a class flipboard magazine to add to your class blog
  • Visit other classes and students in the lists above the header of the challenge blog.
  • Reply to any comments left on your blog especially if from a mentor.

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