Spring Writing Sample

An everyday item that i think should uninvented to better help the environment is high beams.high beams cause a bad effect to the environment because some people like to be jerks a turn it on when it’s not needed.

If people do this it could possibly blind drivers and make them swerv off the road.if that happens the car the person is in could flip on one  of its sides making it hard for passengers to get out of the vehicle or the passengers get badly hurt or possibly die.

Another reason the high beam should be uninvented is some people don’t use it even though it’s a feature made into the car some people don’t use it and if you make a car with something people don’t use you could have saved money to get better parts for the car.

Lastly,someone might not know how to use it or it’s to hard to turn on like i said in the previous bit if you don’t know how to use a high beam or it’s to complicated to turn on you might as well of not included it.

That is why the high beam should be gotten rid of i hope you take this into consideration.

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