October 21

NFL 2016 Standings

Hey today I am going to tell you the 2016 NFL standings.

AFC –  East,West,North,South.


AFC East:  1st Patriots 5-1  2nd Buffalo Bills 4-2 3rd Dolphins 2-4 4th Jets 1-5 

AFC West: 1st Raiders  4-2  2nd  Broncos 4-2 3rd   Chiefs 3-2 4th Chargers 2-4

AFC North:  1st Steelers 4-2   2nd Ravens 3-3 3rd  Bengals 2-4 4th Browns 0-6

AFC South  1st Texans 4-2 2nd Titans 3-3   3rd Jaguars 2-3 4th Colts 2-4 

NFC  –  East,West,North,South.   

NFC  East:  1st Cowboys 5-1 2nd Redskins 4-2  3rd Eagles 3-2 4th Giants 3-3

NFC West  1st  Seahawks 4-1 2nd Rams 3-3  3rd Cardinals 3-3 4th 49ers 1-5 

NFC North  1st Vikings 5-0 2nd Packers 4-2 3rd Lions 3-3 4th Bears 1-6

NFC South  1st Falcons 4-2 2nd Buccaneers 2-3 3rd Saints 2-3  4th Panthers 1-5         

Well  that is the 2016 NFL standings!  Go Bills 

October 12

Bills at Rams! (Recent Events)

Bills win the Rams. The Bills had an away game in the Rams stadium,and beat them 30-19.    Tyrod Taylor had two touchdown passes,the defense made Todd Gurley fumble,Mike  Gillislee  had a touchdown run,and a Bills defensive player had a pick six and a regular interception.  I am going to the next Bills game on Sunday in Buffalo. They are playing the 49ers.  I will take pictures on my Ipod  and upload them to my blog so you can see them. Click the link below to watch the highlight video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxN-H2lXCaI      Go Bills ?