April 5

PSSA Opinion

I personally have a mixed opinion about the PSSA’s. One part I like is that you get to have mints and other candy in class during the PSSA’s.  Some years you are also allowed to have gum and I love chewing gum. Another part I like is how they don’t give us any homework.

There are also some reasons I don’t like the PSSA’s. One reason I don’t like them is because it is a very long test. The reading and math tests last three or four days each. Then the time they give you to take the test every day is almost three hours. I am a pretty fast worker and when you are done with the test you just sit there and wait. Yes, sit there and wait and it is so BORING! One more thing I don’t like is that they cover up the clock and then you can’t see how much more time you have to wait until it is over.