October 14

Good Comment or Trash Comment. Week 2 Blog Challenge.

Today I am going to show you a comment I will keep and a comment I will trash.   Let’s say you comment on my newest post Bills @ Rams.   Here is an example of a good comment.      To Dane,  I really  like your post.   I liked how you included all the good plays by the Bills.  I wonder if you will have fun at the Bills game when they play the 49ers.   I wish you had included some of the Rams highlights though.  I watched the video. I liked the play where Tyrod Taylor threw a touchdown pass, and when they got a pick six.  I went to a football game before. It is REALLY loud!  It is so deafening. Well hope you have fun. From name.      That is a comment I will keep here is an example of one I will trash.   Hi dane.     cool post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From Name.    I will trash that one for sure if I get it.     ?               

(Yes I didn’t capitalize letters that were supposed to be on purpose to make the bad comment look worse.)