September 29

The Sinking of the Titanic.

The sinking of the titanic was caused by a huge iceberg. The iceberg ripped six holes in two layers of steel.  Then the titanic started sinking slowly. Many ships started sending messages that they they are sinking and they need to try to save people. The captain found out that they were going to be completely under water in two hours. A band was playing while this was happening. The safety compartments started to fill up with water.   The people started to  run up to the lifeboats.    The women and children ran to get into the lifeboats while the men helped them in.   And the band played on.  All the plates and china and silverware fell of the selves and kept hitting the ladies that where the cooks while they ran out of the kitchen.   Then the Titanic broke in half.  The Titanic was now sinking faster.   And people were forced to either get in the boats or jump off either side. The Grand staircase had a glass roof over top leading to the water breaking the glass so that water and glass came pouring on the people.   The people were trying to get on  lifeboats or trying to get away from the water. Half of the titanic was under water.  A close by ship called the  Carpathia came to help the people on board the lifeboats. The people that decided to jump off would die in fifteen minutes or less because when you jump off it would feel like hitting concrete. The first part to flood was the heating, fuel,and safety  compartments.    Many people did not listen to the warnings and did not try to get onto the  lifeboats. The people that did not listen to the warning were surrounded by water or dead. Some people in the lifeboats rowed back to look for survivors and one lady named Margaret Brown helped people onto the lifeboats and also took turns rowing the lifeboats.   The Carpathia  started to get close enough to save the people on the lifeboats. The titanic was now three quarters underwater.When the Carpathia picked the people up the people decided that there was no turning back And the people on the lifeboats set rockets off or smoke to let the Carpathia know that they needed help and so the Carpathia saw them, and picked them up and dropped them off at America.   Many people did not survive. The people that did survive told everybody about what happened.  It was a sad time in history that we remember.

September 23

Realistic Fiction: Steve and the Mean Old Guy

One day Steve was throwing a baseball up in the air and catching it in his glove. And the ball went over the fence in an old scary guy`s tulip garden.   “Great”  grunted steve.Then Steve went over to the guy`s house and got the ball,but just then the guy came out and yelled “get off my yard or I`ll call the cops!.”  Steve ran off the guy’s yard,but he forgot his ball and he needed the ball for his baseball practice. So Steve went to his mom and dad and said “The guy that lives next to us yelled at me and scared me to death,so that made me drop my ball.”  Steve and his dad went over to the guy and asked if   Steve could get his ball and why he yelled at Steve. So the old guy said”that little rascal was on my lawn and I don’t like kids so I yelled at him.” “ So now get lost.”  Steve and his dad got of the mean guy’s property. So Steve and his dad went to their house to tell his mom.  When they told Steve’s mom she  got sad that her husband and son got treated like that.  So Steve`s mom said to steve that he could talk to his friend  Bob on the phone and say that he can come over to sleep at Steve’s house to cheer him up. When Bob came over Steve’s little sister woke up from her nap and came running down and asked to play with them.So they let her play with them and then Bob wispered to Steve “Tonight lets go over to the old man`s house and spray wacky string in his mail box and toilet paper his house.” “ Yeah” said Steve “lets do this thing.”So that night Steve woke up Bob and went over to the guy`s house and Steve said “I have the wacky string” and Bob said “ I have the toilet paper”so they sprayed and threw the toilet paper and wacky string so when they where done they went back to the house and went to bed.  The next morning  they heard a loud knock on the door and Steve’s parents opened the door.When Steve’s parents were done talking they stomped up to his room and yelled at him so Steve said “all I want is my ball back” so Steve started to cry so his mom said she would talk to the old guy.   Then Steve’s mom remembered  that the reason the guy is mean is because his wife died in a plane accident and he never got to see her again. So Steve went over and said sorry and handed him a cherry pie his mom made while Bob was playing with Steve`s little sister.   Then Steve asked if he wanted to come over for supper. Then they had a nice supper together.   The next morning they invited him over for Christmas  presents and breakfast. So when they were all done they went over to the old guy`s house to clean up and sing Christmas carols.  When they were done cleaning up and singing it started to snow so Steve got his ball and they had hot chocolate at Steve’s house. When it was done snowing they all went to Steve’s baseball game.   Then Steve won his game and also had a happy Christmas.

September 16

All about me.

My hobbies are playing legos,spending time with my family and friends,playing baseball, drawing,and video games. My favorite food is pizza. I am exited to have my own blog. I like to go to church and see my friends at school.  My favorite baseball team are the Philadelphia Phillies. My favorite football team is the Buffalo Bills.        My favorite song is Gods not dead.  My favorite  movie is Minions.  My  favorite tv show is Penn and Teller fool us. Like I said  I am excited to have my own blog.