March 10

The State of Pennsylvania.

   I live in the state of Pennsylvania. I think it is a really good state. The state’s football teams are the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers. (I like neither. The Bills are my favorite.)   Pennsylvania’s state bird is the Ruffed Grouse. Pennsylvania’s state animal is the White-tailed Deer. It’s state tree is the Eastern Hemlock. The states state flower is the Mountain-Laurel.  The state dog is a Great Dane. The state song is “Pennsylvania.”.  Pennsylvania has a really good doughnut.  It is called the LONG JOHN!!!!!!!!!!   It is a long doughnut with cream in the middle. The icing can be chocolate or white icing. THEY ARE GOOD!!!! The only way to describe them is GOOD!!!!!!      You should come to Pennsylvania sometime. It is awesome!!  The state capital is Harrisburg.