May 26

Minecraft story # 1.



   Minecraft story # 1.


Superminer: Color:Green. Minecraft Name: SuperMiner Blog Link:    

Dane: Color Brown Blog link.   Minecraft name: Steve.

Dimitriy: Color:Red. Blog Link:      Dim Dim.

Jacob : Color: Blue. Blog Link:      Jake.

Tate: Color: black. Blog link.  Minecraft name: Tate

         Once there were 5 minecrafters one named Steve the other named Super Miner the other named Jake and one named Dim Dim. And the last was Tate.

They had built a beautiful house. But then they walked up to their watchtower and saw an abandoned village. They looked at it and    

Super Miner said,”It maybe has diamond in it we should go check.” So they went to it they checked in the chest and it had 1 diamond. They walked away from the house but all of a sudden a creeper came up to them, and they ran and fell into a hole. “Ouch!” Yelled Steve when they hit the bottom.

    It was dark,but they had torches. They only had 128 though. They added some to the  smooth stone walls.  As they ventured farther into the cave they needed to use more and more torches. Then Dim Dim yelled,

“creeper!”.“Hisssssssss!”.BOOM!  The creeper exploded. Nobody was injured. Very lucky.Then they started going in farther.  They saw an Endermen.  He kept hitting them over and over. Then they destroyed it. Whew. They came to a pit of fiery lava. They made a bridge across with cobblestone. They kept going.  Then gravel fell from the ceiling when Tate tried to mine some for flint and steel. They ran away. They only had 63 torches left.

But they kept on venturing on further and further, until they finally ran out of torches. They just stood there, in the dark, until they saw a shadowy creature come out of the darkness. SPIDER JOCKEY!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! “Run for your lives!” Dim Dim screamed.They just kept running and running until they found their old torches and started sprinting back to the hole. Finally, they found it, and climbed out. But right when they climbed out they stumbled into a creeper. It exploded, knocked them back into the hole, and, worst of all, they only had half a heart left.

Then everybody started walking back and picking up their torches. Once they had them all they started putting them down to go further. They had gone about 30 meters and they saw some random animals there. They destroyed them and started eating the meat from them. Once they were finished they started walking again. Then they saw a shadowy creature. It came around the corner. Standing there were 3 little kid zombies that are super fast. They started running, but they couldn’t run fast enough. Then the zombies caught them and then they only had three and a half  hearts left.

         They had to get away. Luckily Steve had a bucket of lava on him and he set it down on the midget zombie. The zombie was gone but they were still stuck in the cave. The had to get out of the cave so they went exploring down different cave systems. And they all looked pretty dangerous so they got out their swords and bows. Dim Dim went far down in the cave and found a mob spawner. The mob spawner was for a bunch of creepers. Then 2 creepers spawned and chased Dim Dim. And everybody experienced a mob spawner and they were all different. Each of them ran out of the caves and met. Then they got their swords out.

Then they all kept on walking then found a skeleton they destroyed it  and luckily the skeleton dropped a bow and arrows. And luckily they found the world’s best ravine! And amazingly when they mine one block into the ravine they found diamonds! One for everybody to have an extra in case they run out eventually. And they walked out of the ravine and bumped into obsidian luckily they had diamonds to get out of there. And when they guessed that obsidian they found a midget zombie riding on a chicken! And they tried to capture the zombie not destroy it, but failed. `   

Then they kept on walking. Then out of nowhere 5 cave spiders attacked them. Then they started to attack. They each had their own cave spider. Tate got bit by a cave spider and was poisoned. He lived,but  he still had poison in his body. Jake gave him some food and milk and he was healed and had 4 hearts left.  Then they ate food until they had full hunger and health8 bars.  

Then they started to walk some more until they ran out breath and finally needed a break.Dim Dim was so tired he fell asleep. Soon enough, everyone else did, too. They left all their food, torches, and water on the floor next to the place that they were sleeping. But while they were sleeping, someone in a dark cloak came and stole all their stuff and ran away.

Too be continued….     Attribution: Bago Games via Flickr

May 24

Reflecting On My Blog.

Today I will reflect on my blog.  I learned this school year that blogging helps me write well-detailed stories, and  be able to write evaluative comments and connect globally.   I grew in adding capital letters, writing full sentences, and writing longer stories. I need to grow in not  making sentences run on sentences.  My strengths are capital letters, punctuation, writing stories, and getting visitors.  My weaknesses are responding to comments and always writing about the same thing.  My favorite class is reading class because we get to blog for hours, and Mr. Geiman is hilarious. (no lie)  At the beginning of the year blogging wasn’t much fun, but now it is super duper fun.  I want to be better at writing about not just football.  I feel like  my  best story was The Gummy Bear Legend Story.  It is my best one because it has many details and is very well written. Keep commenting over the summer,and I’ll keep posting.


May 20

Football Plays.

koThere are many plays in football. There are passes,runs and many other plays.  Here s a photo I created with google draw to show some of the pass routes I know.  Attribution: via Wikimedia






May 19

Week 10 Blog Challenge. C Yah. #16STUBC

Hey,I have 89 total posts. (1 is a draft.)   30 are school based,25 are the blog challenge,and 34 are free write/own interests. I have 111 total comments. 64 are from classmates,39 are from overseas students,and 8 are from teachers/mentors. The post with the most comments was Volcanoes/Week 9 Blog Challenge and it won with 9 total comments. I think this happened because a lot of people like volcanoes. Yes I changed my theme because I didn’t like what it looked like. I have 6 widgets,and I don’t think that is enough. I have 7 overseas students on my blogroll. The web tools I used for creativity are surveys,widgets,and media.   hand-997395_640Geralt via Pixabay

May 17

Do Kids watch too much TV.

 I think that today’s kids watch too much TV.  Some kids watch TV almost all day instead of going outside. They also don’t want to do anything else. That’s a problem. I don’t think parents should let kids watch TV as much as they do.

        One reason I think parents I think kids watch too much TV is because people play video games all the time on things like Wiis which are connected to the TV then they just sit there staring at the TV using the controls to move whatever is on the screen. Another reason I think kids watch too much TV is because there are a lot of shows and movies kids like to watch and they watch them and start to like them and them want to watch them all the time and not do anything else.  The third reason I think kid watch too much TV is because some moms and dads let their kids watch as much TV as the want. So the kids then watch it all the time.

         That is why I think kids watch too much TV. Hopefully kids will cut down on TV soon. Give me your opinion. 
                                                      By: Dane.

May 13

How To Play Quarterback.

Hey today I’m here to tell you how to play the quarterback position. Step 1. First you call the play.  Then you tell the offense the snap count. (if you say on 3 you will say hike 3 times then the ball will be snapped back to you).   Step 2. Then you say hike and take the snap. Step 3.  (Running play.)To by land you need to hand the ball perfectly in the running back’s arms so he can hold it well. Step 4 By air. (pass play) First you get a grip on the football  then drop back. After you have dropped back you scan the field very quickly then throw the ball to an open receiver.  You have about 3 seconds to throw the ball because defensive lineman will run at you and try to sack you after they get away from the offensive lineman that is blocking from  getting to you. Against bad defensive lines  you might have about 5 seconds,and  if you are playing good defensive lines you might have 2 or 3 seconds to get the ball out.  Step 5 sack avoidance.  If you are under a lot of pressure you need to run as fast as you can to escape the defensive lineman or a quick juke move to escape them. If you have open space and almost have to take off quarterback sneaking. Watch this video to  get some more information.  The video was created by the Inglewood black hawks high school  team.  Oh,and don’t have the we are not going to win this game attitude when playing QB. 

May 13

Tyrod Taylor.

Tyrod Taylor is the Buffalo Bills QB. He is pretty good for being backup for 4 years. He was drafted in 2011 by the Baltimore Ravens. He was backup for the Ravens for four seasons.  Then when the 2014 season was over he was acquired by the Bills. He needed to work hard for the starting job because the Bills had 2 other quarterbacks competing for the starting job. Those were E.J. Manual and Matt Cassel. Each of them started a game in the preseason and Tyrod started in the last preseason game  for doing well in the week before. Then from the first regular season game on he was starter except for when he was injured for 2 games. his first touchdown was a 61 yard pass to Percy Harvin. It was 2 yards away from  being tied for the longest pass. His longest pass was 63 yards and was caught by Sammy Watkins.   He will be starter in the coming season so that’s a good thing.  So be ready for the Bills to rock this season.  Attribution for Tyrod Taylor photo. None needed for the jersey picture because I took it:




Here is my Tyrod Taylor jersey.

Here is my Tyrod Taylor jersey.

May 12

Week 9 Blog Challenge. My Awesome Future.

When I grow up I want to be an NFL coach,  hopefully for the Buffalo Bills.    I want to be a quarterbacks coach which means I help them. The reason I want to do that is because I know a lot of plays that the NFL players use and I know how to play the quarterback position well.  (I can’t play football because of a health issue) I will have the quarterback run drills like,throwing the ball to a wide receiver,have them try to hit targets,and   have linemen run at them and they have to escape the pressure and get the ball down the field to the receiver. I would have them try their hardest to be the starter. I would help them to know what play to call  in every situation. Some examples are last play you are losing throw a hail mary. You are winning and there is around 2 minutes left run the ball with the running back. 1st and goal on the on yard line QB sneak,run,or short pass. Under a lot of pressure with open space,QB sneak. I will have them practice the plays they have trouble on and the plays the are good at so they don’t become bad at them over time. That is what I will do when I grow up.  Attribution for photo:      Drew Kaplan 

Attribution.  Drew Kaplan

Attribution. Drew Kaplan

May 12

A Gummy Bear Legend.

A Gummy Bear Legend.


There was once a gummy bear named Dave.  He was going to do a very scary thing. He was going to go into the jungle called   Apersal. He was on a quest to find the color tree and pick as many leaves of the tree as possible. The leaves would make his entire Gummybear village be colorful because every gummybear was gray and dull,and so was everything else.  If he put the color leaves in water got a bucket and scooped up the water and splashed it on himself everything in his village he touched would be colorful. But the jungle was full of dangers. Gummy Bear eating alligators and rats,huge holes in the ground that if you fell in you would be digested with water,quicksand,fire,and dissolving water. And so he almost got bit by a (very poisonous!) gummy Bear eating snake. Then he met an explorer named Brandon. Ooh! And they boxed over and over until they got to  round 78! Then the hungry Gummy bear ate Brandon before Brandon ate him!!! Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! And Brandon decided to plan revenge while he ate the Gummy bear inside out!!  But he quit doing it because it tasted so bad because Dave was gray and black. Dave’s flavor was dirty tee-shirts!

So, the full Gummy bear decided to set up a camp made of wide leaves and logs.  He created a hut with a bed made of leaves,and the actual walls were made of logs. Then he fell asleep. The next morning he woke up and started his journey again. This time he finally made it to the tree after he timbered down a lot of trees yellin’ timber. (Plus some wrong turns) He did what he needed to do. Then after 3 days of wrong turns and house building and finding food, he finally came to his dull Gummy Bear village. He made every one drink the colorful rainbow water. Then all of them made the village colorful once again.


May 11

The Big Read. The Book: THE LEMONADE WAR! Author: Jacqueline Davies!

We are doing a big read throughout my school.  We read 1 chapter of  the book The Lemonade War every night. Then the next morning at school someone reads a question over the loudspeaker and we answer it. There are prizes for the people that get the most questions right.  The top prize is  a nook.  I would love to get that. ?   Would you?   The 5th and 6th graders set up lemonade stands at lunch at  we can buy some. The grade between 5th grade and 6th grade with the most money wins.  We donate all the money to Alex’s lemonade stand which they use to help kids with cancer. I think that is a very good idea.   Which grade do you think will win.   I want 6th grade to win.   The book is about a brother and sister  that are in a fight and they both set up a lemonade stand with a friend. They make a bet. The bet is whoever makes $100 by the Sunday before school starts wins and the loser ha to give all their money to the winner.  If neither of them make $100 the one money with the most wins.   If they both make over $100 the person with the most money wins. All the money must come from their lemonade stand.  I wonder who will win because we have only read to chapter 5 so far.   Who do you think will win. I think it will be a tie between them. Well that’s all. Start drinking some lemonade.   (No attribution required for this image)juice-35236_1280