Blue Light: How does it Affect Us?

Blue light is constantly aroud you. It can come off of computers, cell phones, televisions, and so much more. Blue light is light that is emitted from natural and artificial places. Blue light isn’t the only kind of light on earth. Light can come off as yellow, orange, green, and violet. Yes, screens give off a lot of blue light, but the sun is the main way that we encounter blue light. Blue light can actually be helpful sometimes. For some people it can be helpful to highten your mood.  It can also help to make you more alert and can assist with your memmory and cognitive functions. Even though there are so many positives to blue light, there is still some negatives. The overuse of blue light can change a ersons cercadium rhythm (sleep schedule). Many scientists have done tests to see if being on screens for too long or being too close to screens can cause long term eye damage. So far there is still no concrete evidence of this though. Blue light still not be as harmful as some people think but it still can cause some short term eye issues. Digital Eye Strain (DES) can cause sore or dry eyes, headaches, and blurry vision. To prevent DES from occuring try to take breaks for at least 20 minutes; this way you will give your eyes a break from the light. You can also make sure that you dont get to close to the screen: stay an armlength distance away from the screen. Lastly, you can buy some blu light glasses. These glasses help to deflect blue light and help you to be able to go to bed on time.

A teenage girl is looking at a smartphone in the dark

How many hours a day are you on technology?

Why do you think schools have computers even though tey give off a lot of blue light?

Why do you think scientist haven’t looked more into how blue light affects us?

The Escape Room: My Initial Thoughts

For my independent book project, I chose the book The Escape Room. I chose this book because I like mystery type stories. Stories like the one I’m reading always keep more entertained, and I can never put down the book. My book is about a group of colleagues who get brought up to a mystery escape room. They all need to get over their differences, and try to get out of the escape room alive. I haven’t read enough for anything to heat up yet, but it is getting there. There is some inappropriate language in it, but not enough to really bother me at all. The book is set up in a very weird way. It switches from the main plot to a random person (who I think they will meet up with in the future). It kind of gets confusing because it is constantly switching times from past to present. Although it is a little confusing, it is a very interesting book. I still think I will definitely enjoy reading this book, and I am very excited to see what happens next!

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CDC Study Shows Low COVID Spread in School

A new study from the CDC has shown that the spread of COVID in schools seems to be very low! The study was performed in Wisconsin in the grades K-12, and it lasted about 13 weeks. While the study was being conducted, teachers noted that 92% of students wore their masks and social distanced. Additionally, teachers and students quarintined after they had been exposed. During the 13 weeks of the study, only 7 covid cases had been confirmed out of the 4,876 students in the school. Although this study has taken place, many teachers unions still refuse to go back to in-person learning unless they get the COVID vaccine. Even though schools may have less COVID cases, this isn’t the same for sports. A different CDC study showed that some sports can be high risk for possible COVID. This study was with two high school wrestling teams in Florida. Including all of the coaches, wrestlers, and referees present, there were 130 people at the event. A total of 38 of them had contracted COVID by the end of the event. The CDC believes that high contact sports where mask wearing and social distancing are not possible should be put off if there is high levels of COVID in their area.

Do you think schools should stay in school or go online?

Why do you think COVID in schools spread slower?

Should school sports be postponed until COVID has slowed down/completely ended?

3 Truths and a Lie


Effective is an adjective

Writing things down is an effective studying method

Procrastinating is an effective way to do well on tests

Effective immediately means to start something right away


A synonym to prioritize is schedule

Prioritize is a verb

People who prioritize are normally more organized

If you prioritize, you do the important things last


Habit is a noun

A habit is when you do something one time

A synonym to habit is routine

A habit of yours could be brushing your teeth every morning


Synergy is an adjective

Synergy is about working together in groups

A synonym to snergy is cooperation

If you synergize with others, you listen to their opinion or ideas


A synonym to mutual is unshared

Mutual is an adjective

An example of a mutual relationship is a bee and a flower

If you and a friend have the same interest, then you have a mutual interest


Initiate means to begin

Initiate is a verb

If you want to initiate a conversation, be the one to speak first

A synonym to initiate is complete



My Best Friend

My first best friend was my brother. Since he is no longer living he has taught me that I am a very strong individual and can get through the obstacles in my life. He is a very sweet kind person and loved to play Mario. He also had strawberry colored hair if you see it in the sun like mine. He had the brightest smile you would ever see. He taught me a lot. My mom thinks he is the reason why I started talking so early because I would hear him talking. Or just because I love to talk. He also loved sports. He would play them all the time. He played basketball for Upward. That is who my first best friend is.

What do I want to do

A thing I would like to do that I ahve never done before is…………. BECOME A MILLIONARE! CHA-CHING! I want to be a millionare because…..

  • I can live a life where I have no worries
  • I can pay my bills off in good time
  • I can help my family with things like injuries and other things
  • Plus I would love to live in a mansion

And what do you want to do that you have never done before?


Be Your Own Hero

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” –  Christopher Reeve

  • What does this quote mean to you?
  • Going back to what we discussed at the beginning of this unit, name two traits a hero should have and why they need those traits.
  • Who in your own life do you consider a hero?  Why?
  • Name one person from history that has the qualities of a hero?  Why would you pick that person?


To me the quote means do whatever you can for someone else even if the obstacles are overwhelming. I think that a hero has to have special traits. They need to be brave, strong with obstacles, and needs to have perseverance through the hard times . I know they should have those traits because then they couldn’t get through the hard things you will  face. I consider my mom a hero because even when she messes up she perseveres through it all. And when my brother passed away she stayed strong and got through it. I think that Rosa Parks is a hero because when she got on that bus and sat down and wouldn’t move she persevered even when someone said to not do it. When she was showing what was right. Thanks everyone! I have a question for you now, do you think that you are a hero for yourself?


Be Brave, Be Strong, Be You

“It is much easier to be brave if you do not know everything.”

The quote means if you don’t know something and your are trying to be brave then go through with it. Don’t be scared no one will laugh because they may not know the answer either. A time in you life when you might know everything, but you are still brave is when one of your family members may be in the hospital and was just brought there that day you just have to be brave and if you don’t know what will happen just keep going don’t let that get you down. I think it is a good quote to live by because you can think of that quote when you are going through hard times and know you will get through it.