How-to Make A Geometric Mirror

Geometric Mirror: Inspired by LaurDIY

Today I will be telling you how to make a cool, awesome, and totally cute geometric mirror. To make this geometric mirror you will need a double sided mirror, ruler, some kind of decorative tape, and you will also need a utility knife. When making this geometric mirror you will need some parent supervision when using the utility knife.

First, you will need to take some of your decorative tape, and only cut about two and a half inches for the width, and about  5-7 inches for the length of the tape. The length and width all depend on how big your mirror is. Then place your tape onto a flat, smooth surface. Take your ruler and make a strip of tape about one fourth of an inch wide and 5-7 inches long. Please have parent supervision while doing this ! Then take that piece of tape and place in a straight, diagonal, vertical, or however you want to place it on the mirror. Obviously there will be an inch or so of tape left. Using the utility knife, carefully cut that piece of tape off.  Once you do this a few times you will get the hang of it. You can repeat this process however much you want to.  Once you are happy with how it looks, you now have your own geometric mirror.


Week 7 Blog Challenge: What I Will Do Once Leave School

          Have you ever wondered what your future will be like ? Well I don’t know about you, but I certainly have. During these times I have thought through about what I want to do when I get out of school. Have you ever had the same thoughts ? Well once I get out of school I have decided to start my own bakery. I am imagining that it will be called “Abby’s Breakfast Bakery”. If you are wondering, ” Why would it be a breakfast bakery ?”. Well if you thought that then you are a very good questioner. What I imagine is that my ” breakfast bakery” is a place where no matter what time if the day it is you can always get breakfast. There will be eggs, omelets, pancakes, waffles, bacon, and so much more. But the catch is that after you finish the best breakfast you’ve ever had. You can get some pastries. For example, macaroons, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc.

           Although I have learned that when I grow up I can’t just buy an empty shop and start there. I have made up my own process on what to do as I get older. First I will have to develop the bakery. By ” develop the bakery” I  mean that I need to figure out what will be on the menu, and think of what the bakery will look like. Next, I need to start making simple recipes in my house. For me I have already started to make some breakfast items, and some pastries. After that, I will have to start saving up lots of money, because I will need to buy a shop. Then hire people to start helping me in the bakery. When you hire people to help you with a professional job you need to pay them a reasonable amount of money for what they are doing. Although I will need to work super hard to get through this process Well, this is what I am planning to do when I get older.

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Passion Post: DIY Halloween

Today I am writing about one of my passions…  DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES ! I chose to write about this topic, because I love to do DIY projects. For Halloween I was going to be the unicorn in the video, but my mom said that I wasn’t allowed. Last year for Halloween I was a witch. It was kind of a DIY, but we got some face paint from Party City. Although my whole dress and hat were from my closet. I also like DIY projects, because you can look projects up on the internet, or even just think of your own and share them with other people. You can do whatever you want with these projects.

A final reason why I love doing DIY projects is, because there are so many things to do. You could make a costume, bird feeder, different foods, painted jars, stepping stones, lip balm, laundry detergent, garden stones, string lanterns, fairy gardens, bath salts, etc. There is so much to do with DIY projects.

Blog Challenge #3, Activity #5

        letter-1057951_640 puppy-1207816_1280 hello-1502386_640       cupcakes-925826_640

when you look at these pictures what sentence do you think it stands for ? If you want to take a guess comment down below on what you think it means. Although remember that it is only one sentence.

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My Avatar


This is my new and improved avatar. I bet you are wondering why I have a tail and ears. Well I have those , because I LOVE animals !!  Especially foxes ! I bet you are also wondering why I have so much black and white. Well that is, because my two favorite colors are black and white. It is that simple. I am also holding a coffee cup, because whenever I wake up in the morning I am SUPER tired ! Although I don’t drink coffee. I have jeans on, because I love the cold, and love to play in the snow during the winter season. That is also why I am wearing a sweatshirt.

My Favorite Quote



This is another of my favorite quotes, because it inspires me to help other people and to not out myself down. It inspires me to do this, because no matter how many times I may fail I will always try to get back up again. Also this quote helps me get through very tough times. Like when I lose someone in my family or someone is hurt or has a broken bone. It tells me to keep on trying, and to not count how many times I fall.

If you are reading this please remember that it doesn’t matter about how many times you fall… matters how many times you get up. I hope that you will always remember this quote to help others. To get through tough times, and to even just say it to inspire someone else. Thanks for reading, bye !

Current Events Post: Storks the Movie


Storks deliver babies… at least they used to. Now they deliver all sorts of packages. When one stork Junior, activates the baby making lever. The machine makes one adorable baby that they can’t refuse to deliver. On this crazy, exciting, funny, and family-loving adventure. The storks are back.

I chose to write about this new movie, because I love to watch movies that aren’t like a remake of some original movie. For example remakes of Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, etc. To be honest I have never heard, or seen a movie that is about something from the past that is and looks entertaining. Another reason why I chose to write about this movie is , because I like to learn about how directors make animated movies. I also love how animated movies are made. Drawing all the pictures by hand ! WOW !

So I hope that I get to see this movie very soon. It looks like a great family movie. I can’t wait to see it !

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My Important Quote


                                        (Why fit in when you were born to stand out ?)

          This is my favorite quote of all times, because it means a lot to me. Sometimes when I am sad I try to think of this quote by Dr. Seuss. It reminds me that I am not always going to be the same as everybody else. I am going to look different, act different, smile different, and mostly feel different. It also reminds me to just let go, and be myself as often as I can. This quote also inspires me to do more in my life.

          This quote is also very meaningful to me, because before my grandma died. She would always tell me to just believe in myself, others, family, and friends. She also told me to always be myself no matter the circumstances. Another reason why this is very meaningful to me is, because my mom is always telling me not to try and be perfect. Sometimes it is hard to understand, and try to do this. While other times it is as easy as a piece of cake. So this is one of the most important and meaningful quotes to me.

Ideas for Free Write

Hey guys ! I need your help writing. Right now I have writer’s block. If you don’t know what writer’s block is, it is when you can’t think of anything. It could be fiction, nonfiction, a book report, a play, etc. Please leave a comment !! I need help ! So if you do have any ideas PLEASE leave a comment below !


Shout Out to Sue Waters

Hey guys, I just wanted to give a shout out to Sue Waters. She has been so AMAZING this year ! If you don’t know who Sue Waters is she is the greatest blog challenge maker EVER ! I want to give her a shout out because she has been really, really helpful. So far I have liked most of her challenges. Except the fortnight (2 week) challenge. That challenge was VERY hard. If you want to do some of her challenges click on the link below.⬇