My Story From Reading Class

A Man’s Best Friend

By Abby Forrester

“YOU’RE FIRED!!” said Peter’s boss. It had been two  days without Bailey. It was on that tragic day in Peter’s office when his boss said the sentence that he thought would ruin his life. Peter was so mad… no not mad he was furious! Peter thought to himself, “Doesn’t he know about Bailey? Wait… I never told him!”

Two days before, Peter, a young man who had aqua blue eyes and chocolate brown hair, got fired. He was playing with Bailey, a husky with blue eyes, her fur was as soft as silk and was as white as snow, but was also as grey as rain clouds. The day before Peter got fired Bailey and Peter were playing in their vast, flat, green grass yard. After Peter was tired of throwing the neon yellow tennis ball back and forth as they do every day, he called Bailey over to him. Bailey still had too much energy and decided to beg to play more. Peter was still refusing and started to bubble up with anger. Bailey thought Peter was getting excited. So she ran up to him with a tennis ball, and wagged her tail so hard it looked like a flag flapping in the wind. Finally Peter lost it and slammed the door yelling at Bailey, “ What is wrong with you! Why don’t you ever listen to me! Why can’t you be like a normal dog, and just listen! If you’re not going to listen to me then you can sleep outside tonight!” This situation has happened many time before and you would think Bailey learned her lesson, because Peter always cared for her and loved her with all of his huge heart. Well she didn’t. Unfortunately Peter didn’t know that there was a terrible storm brewing that night. Later in the foggy, and midnight dark he saw the lightning and heard the thunder from outside. Then he realized that he still had Bailey outside. So he brought Bailey in, but was still mad at her, and made her sleep on the couch. The next day wasn’t very good for Bailey or Peter. Around noon Bailey had ran away. Peter was so mad and frustrated at her. So he went looking for her. He ended up finding her at the store with white and red stripes all over it. The shop also had a smell that ran 4 blocks, it was a smell that everybody knew. The butcher shop. In all of the commotion Pete decided that he was going to give her away. The next day he sold her to a pet shelter. What Peter didn’t know was that this action would affect his whole life.

After the day he had sold Bailey Peter went to work. Peter worked as a lawyer. Peter had been one of the best lawyers you could ever want. When you wanted something done he was the first to get it done. That was until he got fired, but anyways before Peter got fired he was feeling “lost” you could say. People at his work had heard about his terrible and unforgiving actions, but his boss is never caught up with anything in his own town, and is always worried about other states and the cases he has to assign to his employees. When Peter went to his office he just sat there in his cloud-like chair that he had ever since Bailey was just a puppy. During his hours at work he didn’t know what to do with himself. It was like there was nowhere else to go, but back in time. So that’s what he did, at least in his mind. He was thinking about all of the good, and bad, memories he had with Bailey. Once he realized it was almost six o’clock at night he tried to make those memories disappear. He started to pack his things up and lock his office. Then he saw his boss. His boss had asked what he was doing there. Peter didn’t respond. His boss kept asking his question over and over again. In Peter’s mind he was thinking about how he knew that deep down in his heart he wanted to keep the memories with Bailey. It didn’t matter if they were bad or good he just wanted to keep them. The Peter’s boss lost it. He yelled at the top of his very powerful lungs, “YOU’RE FIRED!! IF YOU WON’T LISTEN TO ME THEN YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE IN THIS OFFICE !” Peter’s boss stormed out of there as fast as you can say fired. Peter had finally come out of his daze. He was so stunned he didn’t know what to do. So he just dragged his feet as he left the building , drove back home to his house, and laid on his couch.  As he started to realize what happened, and thought about everything that had happened in the past two days, he slowly fell asleep. He slowly nuzzled up to his favorite pillow, his eyes started to feel like cement blocks, his arms crept over his head, and his brian dozed off dreaming about Bailey and what she is going through without the owner she has had for 4 years.

The next morning when he woke up to his first instinct being  to get Bailey back to him. After what had had happened to him the night before, he wasn’t feeling like himself. He was feeling very different without Bailey. So he drove to where he pet shelter was. The head director  lived in a building with many other dogs, doctors, and vets. There were German Shepherds, Corgis, Huskies, Pugs, you name it. So Peter lightly knocked on the door. “KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK !” After the blink of an eye the man cracked the door open just the tiniest bit.

“Yes.” the man said.

“Hi, I’m Peter. I had sold my Husky to you, and I would like her back… please.” Peter said in a shy, but nice voice.

“One second just let me open the door.”

“CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK.” Peter thought to himself that this door could probably set a Guinness World Record for the door with the most locks. His thoughts quickly faded away as the man walked out.

“Sure, you can have your dog back. Just let me get your money for the dog.” Peter was so relieved that this man was extremely nice. When Bailey came out she jumped up to Peter almost knocking him off his feet . Right after Peter picked Bailey up, they drove right back to his work. As soon as he got there he ran in telling his boss everything that had happened. After his boss heard about everything with Bailey he immediately gave Peter back his job. He did this because Peter’s boss had a dog of his own, and he said he couldn’t imagine what Peter was going through. I mean you know what they say, a dog is a man’s best friend.  

DIY Steel Slime

Today I will be telling you how to make some DIY steel slime. For this DIY you will need 3 bowls, one bottle of clear glue, black food coloring, 2 Popsicle sticks or a spoon for mixing, silver dust powder, some borax, and hot water. You will also need some parent supervision for pouring the hot water.

The first step is to take one of you bowls and put about one teaspoon of borax in the bowl, and then pour about 1 1/2 cups of water into the same bowl. Then take a spoon or Popsicle stick and mix the borax and the water together until the borax has dissolved. Then let the mix cool.

Once the mix has cooled take your glue and your other 2 bowls and split the glue evenly between the 2 bowls. Next you need to take your black food coloring and squeeze about 4-8 drops of food coloring in one of the bowls of glue. Then take your Popsicle stick or spoon and mix them together.  Then, take your silver dust powder and add about 1/2  teaspoon – 1 teaspoon into each bowl of glue. Next, you need to mix the glue and dust powder together in each bowl. The mixing step will take a little longer because it is a dust.

The next step is to take your borax and water mix, and pour about 1 teaspoon- 1 1/2 teaspoon into each bowl. The borax will make it stick together. Once you have poured the mixture into both bowls. You can take it out and squeeze out the access mixture that was in the slime. The last and final step is to mix both of the slimes together so that they are fully combined. Now you have your own awesome steel slime to play with.

Pennsylvania Attractions

In my reading class we did an essay on 3 amazing attractions in Pennsylvania. We were allowed to chose whatever attractions we wanted to. So I thought that I could share my essay with you, have fun !

Pennsylvania Attractions

So you moved to Pennsylvania? Well lucky you! In Pennsylvania there is so much to do. Some examples are the Turkey Hill Experience, the Philadelphia Zoo, and Kitchen Kettle Village. Let me tell you about these places.

First up is the Turkey Hill Experience. The Turkey Hill Experience is basically just a building filled with ice cream, and no when you walk in ice cream doesn’t come flowing out. What I mean is that there are a bunch of ice cream related activities to do for all ages, including parents. You could make your own ice cream, star in your own TV commercial (it isn’t actually on TV), travel the world of tea, and so much more. The Turkey Hill Experience is in Columbia Pennsylvania. It is also open all year round except Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day. If someday you end up going to the the Turkey Hill Experience there will be plenty of educational and fun things to do.

While you are in Pennsylvania you could also go to the Philadelphia Zoo. The Philadelphia Zoo is a 143 year old zoo. It has over 1,300 animals! That is a lot of animals. The Philadelphia Zoo is also open the whole entire year except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. The Philadelphia Zoo is good for all ages, including boys and girls. It is in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. While you are in Pennsylvania, and if you go here, your reason to visit this place could be to learn more about a bunch of different animals.

As a result of being in Pennsylvania you might also go to Kitchen Kettle Village. Kitchen Kettle Village is a small village with over 40 different shops. Some examples are the Kettle Cafe, the Lancaster Yarn Shop, Ten Thousand Villages, the Garnett Pottery Shop, and so much more. Kitchen Kettle Village is in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is a good place to go on a sunny day for families of all ages, because it is outside.  Kitchen Kettle Village is open from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m from Monday to Friday, and on on Saturdays they are open from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m, although on Sundays they are closed. The only day of the week they are closed that is not a Sunday in 2017 is Christmas Day. Why might you go to Kitchen Kettle Village ? Well that is a great question. You could go, because it is free to get in. Plus like I said earlier there are over 40 shops with food, gifts, clothes, and more.

What might you do in Pennsylvania ? Go to the Turkey Hill Experience, go to the Philadelphia Zoo, or maybe go to Kitchen Kettle Village. Well I hope you have fun getting to know your new state, Pennsylvania.

So how was it ? Did you like everything I said ? Please leave a comment on what you thought. Happy Blogging !😃

How-To Make A Notebook (For Boys and Girls)

If you want to make an awesome and totally cute notebook then you have come to the right place. This how-to is definitely not just for girls. There are so many options on how to customize this notebook. To make this notebook you will obviously need a notebook. Now I know there are so many notebooks in this world, so any notebook will do. But you will also need some duct tape, any color is fine, and some letter stickers and some pretty big stickers. When I say “some pretty big stickers” I mean just some big stickers that you would want to put on a daily notebook.

The first step is to take your duct tape and place it over the cover horizontally so that it will cover about 2 inches in width of the notebook. When you are doing this if you have some extra tape you can either cut it off or just fold one end under the cover. With the extra tape on the other end you could just fold it around the fold of the book. Also when you are doing this it might not turn out completely straight so to fix this you could just take a ruler and measure out where the tape should go.

The second step is to take your customized stickers, not your letter stickers, and put them however you would like onto your notebook. Then with your letter stickers you could stick on your name, or write a little message along the side of the book. Once you have done all of this you are finished and now have an awesome notebook.


How-to Make A Geometric Mirror

Geometric Mirror: Inspired by LaurDIY

Today I will be telling you how to make a cool, awesome, and totally cute geometric mirror. To make this geometric mirror you will need a double sided mirror, ruler, some kind of decorative tape, and you will also need a utility knife. When making this geometric mirror you will need some parent supervision when using the utility knife.

First, you will need to take some of your decorative tape, and only cut about two and a half inches for the width, and about  5-7 inches for the length of the tape. The length and width all depend on how big your mirror is. Then place your tape onto a flat, smooth surface. Take your ruler and make a strip of tape about one fourth of an inch wide and 5-7 inches long. Please have parent supervision while doing this ! Then take that piece of tape and place in a straight, diagonal, vertical, or however you want to place it on the mirror. Obviously there will be an inch or so of tape left. Using the utility knife, carefully cut that piece of tape off.  Once you do this a few times you will get the hang of it. You can repeat this process however much you want to.  Once you are happy with how it looks, you now have your own geometric mirror.


Week 7 Blog Challenge: What I Will Do Once Leave School

          Have you ever wondered what your future will be like ? Well I don’t know about you, but I certainly have. During these times I have thought through about what I want to do when I get out of school. Have you ever had the same thoughts ? Well once I get out of school I have decided to start my own bakery. I am imagining that it will be called “Abby’s Breakfast Bakery”. If you are wondering, ” Why would it be a breakfast bakery ?”. Well if you thought that then you are a very good questioner. What I imagine is that my ” breakfast bakery” is a place where no matter what time if the day it is you can always get breakfast. There will be eggs, omelets, pancakes, waffles, bacon, and so much more. But the catch is that after you finish the best breakfast you’ve ever had. You can get some pastries. For example, macaroons, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc.

           Although I have learned that when I grow up I can’t just buy an empty shop and start there. I have made up my own process on what to do as I get older. First I will have to develop the bakery. By ” develop the bakery” I  mean that I need to figure out what will be on the menu, and think of what the bakery will look like. Next, I need to start making simple recipes in my house. For me I have already started to make some breakfast items, and some pastries. After that, I will have to start saving up lots of money, because I will need to buy a shop. Then hire people to start helping me in the bakery. When you hire people to help you with a professional job you need to pay them a reasonable amount of money for what they are doing. Although I will need to work super hard to get through this process Well, this is what I am planning to do when I get older.

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Passion Post: DIY Halloween

Today I am writing about one of my passions…  DIY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES ! I chose to write about this topic, because I love to do DIY projects. For Halloween I was going to be the unicorn in the video, but my mom said that I wasn’t allowed. Last year for Halloween I was a witch. It was kind of a DIY, but we got some face paint from Party City. Although my whole dress and hat were from my closet. I also like DIY projects, because you can look projects up on the internet, or even just think of your own and share them with other people. You can do whatever you want with these projects.

A final reason why I love doing DIY projects is, because there are so many things to do. You could make a costume, bird feeder, different foods, painted jars, stepping stones, lip balm, laundry detergent, garden stones, string lanterns, fairy gardens, bath salts, etc. There is so much to do with DIY projects.

Blog Challenge #3, Activity #5

        letter-1057951_640 puppy-1207816_1280 hello-1502386_640       cupcakes-925826_640

when you look at these pictures what sentence do you think it stands for ? If you want to take a guess comment down below on what you think it means. Although remember that it is only one sentence.

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