TDA #3 Because of Winne-Dixie

What caused Miss. Franny to look sad and old and wrinkled is maybe she misses some of her friends that died. Miss. Franny said that she got picked on because she said to her friends that there was a bear in her Library. Miss. Franny was sad that her friends picked on her. I bet…

Realistic Fiction: Moving to Pittsburg!

Arianna Kane was writing her essay when all of the sudden the phone rang. It was Jason Zimmerman He said “Arianna want to come and play” Arianna said “Sure let me go ask my mom or dad.”  Jason said “Okay I’ll wait on the phone.”   “Mom can I go to Jason’s house?” “Sure but be…

TDA #2 Because of Winne- Dixie

The Herman W. block Lincoln Memorial Library got it’s name because Miss. Franny’s  father was named Herman W. Block. So she named her little Library after her father because he built it for Miss. Franny. So Miss. Franny named the Library, Herman W. Block Memorial Library.

TDA #1 Because Of Winne Dixie

Miss. Franny was so scared of Winne-Dixie because when Winne-Dixie was standing up on his hind legs Miss. Franny thought that he was a BEAR !!!!! Miss. Franny was very scared because when she was little she was in her Library and a BEAR came in. I would be very scared too. Miss. Franny was…

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