My Death

Prompt :What will your obituary say about you? Include a description of you, so that we can picture you in our mind.  Use sensory language: see, taste, touch, smell, hear.

In my obituary I would obviously describe my death, I would also give a description of myself. It would say ” On 3-5-2100 Abby F. died. She was 95 years old. Abby was a positive and sweet woman. Abby had sky blue eyes, and chocolate and golden brown and blonde hair. Living in Orlando, Florida she had a wonderful and successful life as a computer engineer at Google. She had 4 children, Mason F., Mia F., Ethan F. and  Sophia F.  Abby died of natural causes. ” To start I wanted to say that all of this information is made up as of now. I do not want to list my full name just because of safety precautions for myself. To start off  I listed my age that I died as 95 because I wanted to live to at least 90 years old. I do think that I am positive and sweet and I have blue eyes and brownish-blondish hair. When I grow up I would like to live in Florida, and have worked as a Computer Engineer at Google. I would also like to have had 4 kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. Hopefully I die of old age, or just natural causes. Comment down below what you thought of this post. Happy Blogging !

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