Summer Memories

Write about a memorable summer camp or summer experience.


Summer. What a great word to hear, especially when you are in between the ages of  7-17. For us it means summer break. Swimming in the pool, laying in the hot sun, making sand castles, going to the park, a lot of fun stuff like that. Whereas for adults it means some vacations at the beach, or going on a cruise,etc. But it might also means going to work almost everyday while we have off. For adults it could also mean that they have to wear khakis, long sleeve shirts, and boots when it’s 80 degrees outside. I know my mom still has to wear pants, but she can wear sleeveless shirts, t-shirts, and flip-flops if she wants.

For kids it also means summer camp. Summer camp is a place where you can go to have fun with other kids and make new friends. It’s also a place where you can make crafts, go on hikes, swim in the local pool, and relax. I go to a summer camp almost every year. I go to Woodcrest Retreat Bible Camp. This camp is so awesome! At the camp they go on hikes a lot, swim in the pool they have, go on the waterslide they own, play on their playground, and so much more. This camp also focuses on building a stronger relationship with God. You also get to go to a little tiny church, and pray with your friends and leaders. You also get to go to these boulders that you climb and sit on with your fellow campers, and your leaders read some bible verses. In the summer of 2017 I had a very strong connection with my leader, her name was Mikayla. Mikayla was such a bright and bubbly person, she was so kind, patient, funny, good at singing and very passionate about being a child of God. She would always sound so dedicated to speaking about Him… which she was. On the last day of camp right after they announced it was time for lunch I asked Mikayla if I could talk to her, of course she said yes. So everybody went inside and I sat down on a big boulder out by the playground with her, and talked to her about a lot of the hard times I have had in my life. Then I started to cry. They were tears of sadness, but also tears of relief. I felt like finally, I found another person I can really talk to. I felt very connected to her in that moment. The sun was shining down on us, the wind was blowing making soothing and calming sounds. I felt like God wanted this to happen, like it needed to happen. That was also one of the moments where I realized that it’s okay to be sad about things, and that it’s okay to be open to other people about my experiences in life. Then she hugged me, and we went inside. Now I am pretty good friends with Mikayla, even though she is quite older than me. This camp is so awesome, including all of the fun activities but it is also a place where you can be honest with other people and talk to them about your feelings and hardships. Comment some good memories you’ve had over the summers. Happy Blogging !

4 thoughts on “Summer Memories

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog Mrs. Carl. I didn’t think that the word “Summer” was a great word to hear for people who like summer, no matter what age, you learn something new everyday. Happy Blogging !

  1. Abby it’s so important to make honest and pure connections with people around us. I’m so happy you found Mikayla last summer and hope that you see her again this summer. Always proud of you and encouraging your feelings to find His word all around us

    1. Thanks for commenting mom. I’m just as happy as you are, if not more, that I met Mikayla. I also hope that I see her again this summer as well. See you soon ! Happy Blogging !

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