How To Comment (Blog Challenge #2)

When you are commenting on other people’s blogs you want them to think you like their story right ? Correct. Here are some tips. When you are commenting the first thing you want to do is compliment the blogger. When I say compliment I mean saying nice things about their story. For example, “I really like the part where Jack got to the alien spaceship and defeated Bob the head leader alien.” You will want to specifically comment the blogger. Next, you will want to give new information, but only if it is an informational passage. For example, ” Did you know that the Statue of Liberty is 151 ft. tall ?” Also when you are commenting you want to make sure that people haven’t already commented what you want to say. If they have then you probably will want to think of something else to say.

Another thing you will want to do in your comments is to end your comment with a question. When you end your comment with a question it leaves the blogger to say something else to you. Or in other words it starts a conversation. For example, “I really like the way you…… What is your favorite animal ?” Those dots represent all of the good things you are going to say about their story. The final thing to do when you comment is to proofread you comment. So when you finish you will want to ask yourself, “Is it kind ? Did I give a specific comment about the    post ? Did I end with a question ? Did somebody comment what I did ? How good is my comment ? Can I make it better ?”

Well I hope that you can use theses tips on commenting, and I hope that you share them with other bloggers. I think that it would be a HUGE help for other people. Bye !

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