October 27

The NBA Regular Season

The NBA regular season has started, and the defending NBA champions are back.  The Warriors have a record of 3-2. In their season opener they lost to the Houston Rockets 122-121. Kevin Durant made a buzzer beater to win the game, but the officials reviewed it and his last two fingers were barely on the ball when the buzzer went off so that meant he did not shoot it in time so the Warriors lost. The highest scorer was their new backup Nick Young with 23 points and he also made 6 three pointers In their second game they won 128-120 over the Pelicans. Klay Thompson scored the highest amount of points on the Warriors with 33, Steph Curry had the second most with 28, and Durant had the third most with 22 which means three Warriors players had over twenty points. In the Golden State’s third game of the season they lost to the Memphis Grizzlies 111-101. Curry scored 37 points and had a very good game. In their 4th game against the Dallas Mavericks they won by 30 by a score of 133-103 and once again Curry was the highest scorer with 29 points. The Warriors 5th game was a 117-112 win over the Toronto Raptors. Curry was again the highest scorer with 30 points. The Warriors play tonight vs the John Wall led Wizards. Go Warriors!!!!

October 24

Warriors are NBA Finals Champions!!!!

The Warriors are the NBA Finals champion for the second time in three years!!! (Sorry I didn’t post this sooner I  just didn’t have time.) The Warriors ended up winning the series 4-1. The only game they lost was game 4 which I have to admit was one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen from the Cleveland Cavaliers. They made more than 20 three point shots and score 80 points in the first half. Game 5 was the game Golden State won the series. Since game 5 was in Golden State it was mostly Warriors fan at the arena.  When Curry hit a three with 43 seconds left in the game the crowd went crazy and started celebrating and you could see Cleveland fans leaving the arena. (I watched the entire game 5 with my cousin Cole who is also a Warriors fan.) In game three the Warriors won all because of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Steph Curry hit 2 clutch free throws to decrease Cleveland’s lead to two points. Then Golden State got the ball back and Kevin Durant drilled a three pointer right over Lebron James to give the Warriors a one point lead with around 2 minutes remaining. Game 2 was when Stephen Curry had a triple double his first of his postseason career. He had 32 points. Lebron also had a triple double but it proved not to be enough for Curry’s 32 points and Durant’s 33 points. In Game 1 the Warriors dominated the Cavs all game especially in the 3rd quarter. Well the Warriors proved that they are better then the Cleveland Cavaliers for the second time in three years.


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October 16

My Perfect Day.

My perfect day would be awesome. It would be one of the first days of summer vacation. When I wake up I would eat breakfast and go outside and play basketball. Then a little later I would go to a basketball camp that I had went to the year before. My friend Elijah and cousin Evan would go too because they both like basketball as well. Then at basketball camp we would do the most fun stuff then watch the tournaments at the end. Then when it is over we would leave and Elijah would come to my house as well as my cousin Evan and my friend Dimitriy. We would play a bunch of basketball and football. Then that night my cousin Evan and his brother Cole would sleepover and we would watch the Warriors win game 4 of the NBA finals to sweep the Cavaliers 4-0 in the series and become the champs for the second straight year.  My favorite play ,Steph Curry, would score over 45 points in the game and become the NBA finals MVP. Then we would go to bed with my cousins and remember that the next day and actually the next three months are summer vacation.

October 5

Should Weapons Be Banned?

I think automatic weapons should be banned because the worst mass shooting in U.S. history happened this week in California. I also think they should be banned because while some people can handle weapons others can’t. If somebody can’t handle having a weapon and someone hits them or makes them angry in any other way they might use the weapon. I think the only time weapons shouldn’t be banned is when you are hunting or if somebody breaks into your house and threatens you. People should not be allowed to use guns as they want because you never know they may use the in a harmful or fatal way.

October 5

A Dollar or a Difference

  • “It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.” – Tom Brokaw, NBC News
  • What does the quote mean to you? To me it means that since it is so easy to make a dollar you should make a difference instead.
  • Do you think that it’s more important to make money or make a difference in the world? I think it is more important to make a difference because you can help end poverty, hunger, or  health issues.
  • Who cares more about money, rich people or poor people? I think rich people because they just want more money. I could name a few rich sports players that I have heard of sharing there money with poor people or people hit by hurricanes and other natural disasters.
  • What are some easy ways to make money?  What are some of the problems with easy ways to make money? Well one easy way to make money is to help do chores or mow somebodies lawn. The problems with those ideas are your parents might not give you money for doing chores.  Or if you mow somebodies lawn they may pay you but not pay you a lot of money.

I think the quote is very smart. If you want to answer the questions in a comment go to this link http://blog.elanco.org/bcarl/2017/09/22/its-easy-to-make-a-buck-its-a-lot-tougher-to-make-a-difference-tom-brokaw-nbc-news/

Then copy and paste the questions into your comment and answer  in the comment.


October 5

Five Years From Now

In five years from now I will be in high school and 11th grade. I will probably be very athletic because I am very athletic now and I don’t see that changing. Actually I will probably have the same personality I have now. I will be a lot taller because I am only  4 foot 7 right now. It will not be my first year of college because I will be in 11th grade. I will most likely be working. My best choice of a place to work would be town hall because you can start working there at age 13, and my mom and my cousins’ mom works there as well so the boss would know me. High school will probably be a little stressful in the first few years but I will get used to it.