February 26

The Kingdom in the Sky.

One day in Super Duper High Sky Zone (the name of Valentina and Bill’s  giant floating village) Valentina and Bill were exploring, and all of the sudden they were somewhere they didn’t recognize. The place that they were at was very cool and then they saw a pegasus fly by.  Since Valentina was good at talking to animals, she asked “ can you give us a ride to candyland?” Then the pegasus snorted “what do you think I am?! A taxi?! Well news flash, I’m not so find another pegasus”. Then Valentina exclaimed “ okay, geez, take a chill pill”. “Fine” snorted the pegasus and Valentina thought, “ wow, she’s sassy.”

20 long boring minutes later…… “I wish we could just get going already” complained super bored Bill.  “Well I agree”  agreed Valentina. “Let’s go.” “Goodbye pegasus.” 5 long  boring hours later when they finally arrived at candyland they were tired.  Then they ate tons and ton of candy. They felt sick for a little bit. Then they saw this castle up ahead. It was huge!! When they went inside they found little girl’s singing “ring around the rosie., pockets full of posies, husha,husha we all fall down!!” “giggle, giggle, giggle” then when they saw Valentina and Bill they ran over to them and grabbed their hand and pulled them to a big room and locked them up and said “you will never escape this prison” then they started giggling like crazy and skipped away. The next day Valentina decided she had enough in the prison and all of a sudden she felt as light as a feather and looked down and she was flying!! She flew up to the window and flew out into the open then she flew over to sleeping beauty (Bill) and screamed in his ear “ WAKE UP SLEEPING BEAUTY!!!!!!!!” and when he woke up she exclaimed “ I CAN FLY” so she grabbed his hand and flew back to Sky Zone.    Back at Sky Zone they had a party because they got out of prison and Bill started dancing like a crazy person. Those girls started crying like little babies and they were thrown into prison instead of Valentina and Bill. Wa wa!!! When the party was over they  went back to sleep.  When they woke up they went to can and built a candyland and built a candy castle. Then they  went back to their house and got into a fight. Then Valentina flew away. Valentina flew to a place that her mom always visited when she was still alive. And went to the fountain that her mom would always go to and when she looked in the water, she saw her mother’s reflection and her mother’s reflection said “ don’t worry about me, I am still alive”. When Valentina heard that she started crying and sat down on a bench her mother would sit on, still crying and then she heard her mother’s voice say look behind you.  When she looked behind her, her mother was staring at her and then her mother hugged her and now they were both crying. She flew home and when she got in the door she screamed at her dad “I FOUND MOM!!!” and her dad said “ wow, slow down and I thought that your mother was dead”.  Then her mom walked in and ran to Valentina’s father and hugged him and cried. The next day Valentina glanced at Bill’s house and saw him sitting on his porch and she flew over to him and apologized. “I’m sorry I was so mean and all that jazz,  and I was wondering if you would like to go down to the world on the ground with me and visit Paris,France?”. And Bill answered “ I’m sorry too, and I would love to go to Paris, France, but how would we get down there?”. Valentina answered “Remember,I can fly.” “Oh yeah!” yelled Bill,”how could I forget”. Then Valentina said “get on my back”  “Okay” answered Bill a little scared. “Oh it will be fine” Valentina assured. Then Bills hopped on her back and Valentina started flying down towards earth. When they got to earth Valentina flew to Paris. They started walking around oohing and aahing a lot. Then they saw the Eiffel tower. “Cool” they both said at the same time. “Jinx, you owe me a soda” Bill exclaimed. They both laughed. Then they started leaving Paris.  When they got back to Sky Zone went to sleep. The next morning Valentina asked Bill if he wanted to go to New York. “Yes!” he exclaimed. Valentina tried to fly into the air to let Bill get on her back,but she couldn’t fly. “Oh no” she shouted, “my flying power is gone!” They both quickly ran back to the castle where she got her flying power. Valentina concentrated really hard to get her flying power back,and Bill wanted flying power too so he concentrated also. All of the sudden they both flew out of the castle. “I can fly!” shouted Bill. “So can I exclaimed Valentina. They both flew to New York and had a fun  time and then flew back home and lived happily ever after!

February 25


A smoke jumpers job is to keep  parachute out of and airplane down towards a forest. When they land they get their tools and run into the burning forest. The cut down trees,turn over soil,chop away the underbrush,and create a firebreak.

To smoke jumper.

Hi smoke jumper. How are you today. I just wanted to thank you for saving all of the forests while risking your life. Have you ever got hurt while parachuting or putting out the fire? How does it feel to parachute out of the plane? How does it feel to put out the fire and get the job done? Is your job fun and exciting? I think it would be.  My favorite part of the job would probably be the firefighting.  I wonder how it feels to get the job done. What kind of tools do you use. Axes? Saws? It is cool that you help save forests. I hope you stay dedicated to your awesome job. How many fires have you helped put out? 6? 7? Are your jumpsuits comfortable? Does the face mask protect your eyes or is it just on there to be there? Does your jumpsuit keep you cool or does it make you hot? Do you wear googles under your helmets.  Have a good day.

From, Dane.


February 24

Tyrod Taylor Inspires Me.

Tyrod Taylor is my favorite NFL player ever. He also inspires me. His nickname is T-Mobile. He is second in QB sneaking yards behind Cam Newton. He was in the 2016 Pro Bowl.  I thought that was pretty cool. He will be the starter in  the upcoming season.    He should have a good season.  


Tyrod Taylor throwing a pass

Tyrod Taylor throwing a pass


                                                                        Quarterback Micheal Vick played at the same college (Virginia Tech) as Tyrod Taylor,and held all the records there that is until Tyrod Taylor came along and broke all his records. Tyrod was drafted in 2011 by the Baltimore Ravens. In the 2012-13 season he won the Super Bowl with the Ravens.  During the off season after the 2014 season he came to the Buffalo Bills. During the 2015 season he did pretty well. He threw 20 TDs and ran for a couple more. He only threw 6 interceptions. He inspires me because I really like him. Since he’s so good I want to play like him. I think he will have a really good season next year. He will be playing his old team. The Ravens. That should be a good game.  The game I bet he will do the best in will be against the Miami Dolphins or the New York Jets.  He should help lead them to the playoffs next season along with Sammy Watkins,Robert Woods,Percy Harven,Marcell Dareus,Mario Williams,Karlos Williams, LeSean McCoy,and others. Lets Go Buffalo!!!!!      

Touchdown T-Mobile




February 11

Giant Pandas are Endangered.

Why Giant Pandas are  Endangered.

Giant pandas are endangered because their habitats are being destroyed by people who want to build. There are about 1,000 to 2,000 giant pandas left in the world. (Rude!). When the habitat is destroyed  they have barely anywhere to live,and their food (Bamboo.) is getting scarce. (That means there is not much left.) The pandas start to starve and some die. Poaching is also a problem because who would want to kill a cute,big, fuzzy teddy bear(panda) just for their fur ( Poachers, if you’re reading this KNOCK IT OFF!!!)


What You Can Do To Help.  

We can help by putting up signs and posters that say “Do not ruin giant panda’s habitats.” or  say “no poaching pandas”. Or if one of the habitats are destroyed call a zoo to get the pandas. If you see someone poaching a panda call the cops on them. Pandas are precious. Don’t let them die.  Breeding programs are trying to increase the giant panda population. Lets save Pandas!!

February 10

Super Bowl 50!!!!!!!!

        Part 4.       The Super Bowl champions are the DENVER BRONCOS!!!!!! Oh yeah!!!  The MVP was Von Miller. He is one of the best players on defense on the Broncos. The final score was 24 -10 Denver. Von Miller forced 3 fumbles, sacked Cam Newton 3 times,and many other thing to help Denver win.  Cam Newton got sacked a  LOT.   There were also many turnovers in that game. It was AMAZING!! I can’t believe how fun it was to watch! It was really cool. With our dad we did a bracket and whoever  got the most games right and the most points for getting games right wins.  Well I won that so I am going to do something special with my dad this weekend. It should be fun. Are you happy Denver won or sad because you wanted Carolina?  I’m super happy. I’m ready for next season. Let’s Go BUFFALO!!!!!



February 5

Super Bowl 50!!!!!!

  Part ³.        The Pro Bowl champions are team Irvin!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well the Pro Bowl did not go the way I expected. Team Irvin won over team Rice 49 to 27. But the thing I’m not happy about is that Tyrod Taylor threw 3 interceptions,and only 1 touchdown. He was on team Rice. I’m thinking he threw 3 int because he’s used to throwing to Bill’s receivers and the Bills did not have any receivers,and he wasn’t used to throwing to other guys and team Irvin had a good defense. Well the Super Bowl is soon to come. Lets go Denver!! Who do you want to be the Super Bowl MVP of the team you think is going to win? Who do you think will be the MVP? I want Peyton Manning to be the MVP.  (Do my Survey to answer the questions.)  If Peyton Manning wins he will probably retire. If he loses he  MIGHT  keep playing. I hope Manning will keep playing,but I hope he doesn’t lose.  Do you think he will keep playing? Cam Newton is playing and I’m pretty sure he won’t retire. The Super Bowl is February 7th 2016 this coming Sunday!!! Are you going to watch the Super Bowl? Who do you want to win? I want Denver.   Who do you think will win? I seriously think Panthers,but hey anything can happen.  Lets go Denver!!!   2010 Denver Broncos Schedule Wallpaper Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight

Panthers 2007 Schedule Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight   Super Bowl MetroCardsCreative Commons License Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York via Compfight

February 1

Super Bowl 50!

Part 2  And the NFC championship champions are the Carolina Panthers!!!!!!  The AFC championship champions are the Denver Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers are playing in the Super Bowl in San Francisco!!  The Pro Bowl is this coming  weekend. I know some Bills players that are in the Pro Bowl. Tyrod Taylor,Eric Wood,Richie Incognito,and 1 other guy ,but I forget his name. At our Super Bowl party we’re going to have the Orange Crush Soda because Denver’s Defense is nicknamed the Orange Crush.   We are planning to have our Nana and Papa over for the Super Bowl because that is what we usually do. I never used to watch the Super Bowl,but now I like football so I AM going to watch it.  We might  have our Nana and Pop and  our cousins Evan,Cole,Ella,and Drew over. ♠  No, Not Drew Brees.  Well Who are  the Pro Bowl winners? Look at my next Super Bowl 50 post part 3.


Super Bowl MetroCardsCreative Commons License Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York via Compfight


Winners:Denver BroncosCreative Commons License .sanden. via Compfight and    2012 Carolina Panthers Schedule Wallpaper Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight.