May 5

NBA playoffs.

The NBA playoffs have now started, and of course the Warriors are in them. The Warriors final regular season leaders are: Points-Stephen Curry 25.4 points per game, Rebounds-Kevin Durant 8.3 rebounds per game, and assists-Draymond Green 7 assist per game. Also the Warriors free throw percentage leader was Stephen Curry with 89.8 free throw percentage. Some of the Warriors best games were Stephen Curry’s 46 point night when he broke his own record of twelve three-pointers in a game by making 13 three-pointers. Also when the Warrior beat the Clippers 144-98, Curry scored 42 points and splashed a half court shop. Or when Klay Thompson scored 60 points. Also, all three times Durant played his old team,the Oklahoma City Thunder, and beat them all four times and Durant scored 30 to 40 points all three games. (He missed the fourth game against them with injury,but the Warriors still won.) The Warriors just swept the Trailblazers 4-0 in the playoff series. They are now up 1-0 on the Jazz and play tonight. Go Warriors!!!!!!!!!