June 27

Reading Phillies.

We went to a Reading Phillies game and it was really fun. ? When we got there we found our seats. Then my dad took my younger brother to throw out the first pitch. He got an autographed baseball. It was auto graphed by the pitcher. ⚾️

20160614-094527.jpg Use the link for a picture of the ball. Then the game started. The Phils scored first. And then they scored again. 2-0 Phillies winning. Then the other team got a home run with nobody on base. 2-1 Phils. We got dipping dots a little later. When the game was over the score was 2-1 Phils Win! ?


June 4

School’s Out

Hey everybody school is over. Hope you all have fun plans for the summer. I know I do.  Some of my plans are playing football, going to the pool, we are going to the beach, going to a Reading Phillies game, going to the park. We are also going to Hershey Park, and Knobels. I am also going to have friends over. Enjoy your summer.