December 21

At My Cousin’s Party.

On Sunday December 20 2015 We went to my cousin Drew’s birthday party. When we got there we watched the Giants vs. Panthers game. When the game was over me and my cousin Cole played football on the Wii. Me and him were the Bills and we were playing the Eagles. During the game Cole sacked the QB  19 times and got a punt return touchdown and threw 3 more touchdowns. He also completed a pass for a two point conversion. I was running back and receiver. I ran for 90 yards and rushed for 2 touchdowns I also had two rushing 2 point conversions. We also kicked a field goal. We also got 29 first downs. 18 rushing and 11 passing. I rushed for 16 and caught 1. Cole QB sneaked for 1 and ran for another one when he was running back once. He also threw 10 more.  The Eagles only had TWO first downs!!!! The Eagles only had 11 rushing yards and 13 passing yards and only completed 3 out of 5 passes.  The Final score was Bills 46 Eagles 0.  Then we went downstairs and played a football game on the play station. It was Bills vs. Broncos. It was a funny game. There was 2 seconds until halftime and me and Cole were the Bills. The score was 3 to 3. The Broncos lined up to kick a 60 yard field goal. Me and Cole started goofing around we went off sides and stood in front of the ball holder and kicker. When the snapped the ball we would tackle the kicker and the ball holder. before they could kick the field goal. Then every time it said we were off sides and were roughing the kicker we challenged it that we were off sides until we did not have anymore challenges. Every time we went off sides the  moved up 5 yards and it became 1st down and they reset the game clock to 2 seconds It was so funny. One time when we did it the kicker broke his leg and the ball holders helmet got kicked instead of the ball.  Then it was first down for them at the one yard line and they were still going for the field goal. We ran off sides and got ready to tackle the ball holder. When they snapped it we tackled the ball holder and the ball went in front of the kicker and he kicked it before we tackled him and it was good. Then we kicked off to them because we received the first quarter kickoff. Then  we brought him down. When they got ready for the play me and Cole tackled the running back before the QB could hand it off to him. Then we went upstairs and watched Drew open his presents. Then me and Cole had dessert The I went into their living room and watched my cousin Evan and Cole play golf on the Wii. Then we watched the Steelers vs.  Broncos game on TV. Then we left.

December 21

My Ipod.

For my birthday I got a gold apple iPod from my Nana. It is really cool. I like arguing with Siri on it and downloading apps. The apps I downloaded are  Buffalo Bills Mobile,NFL Madden,Minecraft PE,NFL Mobile,ESPN,Crossy Creeper,Minecraft skins,and Holy Bible. I like to play Minecraft and NFL Madden. I used my iTunes gift card and bought The Buffalo Bills Shout song,Jingle Bells,and Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul. I really like using it and I use it every day.  

December 18


      When I was young I celebrated Christmas by opening my presents on Christmas morning. I also used to believe in Santa. Every Christmas Eve we would watch the Polar Express with my cousins and have milk shakes. It was very fun!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                         Yes I spent time with my family. We open the presents from our family on Christmas morning. Then we went to our Nana and Papa’s house for lunch and we get to see our cousins Matty and Cody. We eat lunch open presents and then play with our new toys. Then we go home and go to our Nana and Pop’s house and have lunch. Then we eat dinner and open presents and play with our new toys.                                                                                                                                  My favorite toys to get are Football things,legos,and Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. MERRY  CHRISTMAS!!!!


December 15

Lets Go Buffalo!!

Hi,I like the Buffalo Bills. I like them because my dad does too. I know a LOT of their players that play right now. Offense. QB: Tyrod Taylor. RB: LeSean McCoy,Karlos Williams,and Fred Jackson. C: Eric Wood. WR: Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods. TE: Charles Clay. Defense. S:  Aaron Williams. DT: Marcel Dareus. CB: Stephon Gilmore and Ronald Darby. Those are the Bills players I know. 2012 Buffalo Bills Schedule Wallpaper Charlie Lyons-Pardue via Compfight


December 11

Week 10 Blog Challenge/Go Visiting.

On my blog I have 28  posts in all.  22 are school based.  2 of them are my own interests and 4 of them were set by the blog challenge including this one. I received 36 comments in all. 30 of the comments were from classmates and 4 from teachers. I also got 2 comments by overseas students.  The post that received the most comments was Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers.  I think it received the most comments because a lot of people like football. The post I liked writing the most was Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers because the Buffalo Bills are my favorite football team and oops. I don’t want to tell you who won,so if you want to know you going to have to read it. I changed my back round theme because I wanted it to be a football,and because I needed to add links. I also have 2 widgets. One is a flag counter and one is a globe that tells me where I get visits from. I think the amount of widgets I have is just right. I have 5 overseas students on my blogroll. The web tools I use to show creativity on my blog is pixaby and compfight. Well there were no more questions to answer so ….I guess this is farewell….

December 10

Athena and Dane’s Narrative Poem! Humor!

  Luke Howard, The man who named the clouds. Luke Howard liked to study clouds when he was little.

He liked to study a lot

To him his life was a riddle

The cloud’s names will never be forgot,                                            After he named them cirrus,cumulus, and stratus and other names too.  

He described many different kinds of clouds,

like cirro-stratus,cumulo-stratus,cirro-cumulus,and don’t forget about cumulo-cirro-stratus.

Luke wrote an sa (essay,

about the cloud’s names.

It was put into a magazine called the philosophical magazine.

Luke’s sa (essay) was sold in bookstores.

That is a big achievement!!

Luke Howard’s achievements were awesome!!!

 They are also important to us because…….

moving onto the point, cause they help us know the weather

So that’s why his achievements were important.

P.S. This is supposed to have some humor….so….whatever,you know what I mean.  So Yeah Please Laugh out loud.

December 4

The Best Nation Ever!!!!!

        There is a new nation being built. It is called The Best Nation Ever . You are going to want to come.  All the teachers in the schools help their students learn,and do anything they can to make the kids happy. Also every school gets the exact same amount of money every year. All the money they get will be enough to start the school year. All the money they get will come from super sales.  In the sales there will be  things like electronics,sports clothing,toys,food,and regular clothing. All the money the cashiers get half of it will go to charity and schools. There are not many laws,But the ones we have are really good ones.A couple of laws are vehicles are not allowed to idle for more than 2 minutes,and another law is If you shoplift or steal you automatically get a huge fine and go straight to jail,but if you’re not caught the police will look everywhere and find you at some point,cause you can’t run forever.Here’s some more laws. You’re not allowed to pollute,your only allowed to have one weapon if you have a licence for hunting and just to have in emergencies, you’re also not allowed to be violent.Another law is no alcoholic drinks or drugs.The last law is that you need to have a license to fish or hunt. The business is very good in our country. You do not have to pay a lot of money in our stores. The produce is very cheap and delicious. The frozen foods are a dollar each. Also all of the electronics work very well and the lowest price you have to pay for an electronic is $29.99. The most you have to pay for a really really good working electronic like Apple electronics is $109.99.  The lowest paying job is a gas station worker,but they still get ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS a WEEK!!! The highest paying job is an athlete or actor. The highest paid actor is  $9,000,000  a month.  A professional NFL player gets paid NINE MILLION DOLLARS a GAME!!! Please come and visit our Nation because it is awesome!    Maybe you might even come to live in our Nation.  Peace Out!!