March 31

Week 4 Blog Challenge. 3 Tourist Attractions. ?

Hi,I am here to tell you 3 tourist attractions in the United states. Number 1 is New York City. It is a very big city in the state of  New York. It is a huge city. It is an attraction because it has very many people and a lot of people and if you are a people person you will like New York.  New York also has the Statue of Liberty which is a big statue of a lady holding a book and a torch.  New York also has the Empire State Building. It is one of the tallest building in the world. NYC also has central park. It is the center of the huge city. It has been featured many TV shows in Movies.   NYC also has the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It has Metropolitan art,and focuses on the art and architecture of Medieval Europe. There are many other attractions in NYC that I do not know of,and didn’t mention. Attraction number 2 is Hershey Park. It is the factory and you can go on this ride that shows you how they make Hershey’s  chocolate. Then you get free chocolate at the end,and go into a store where they sell the products.  And right outside  the factory there’s and amusement park. It has a LOT of cool rides. The park has an amazing roller coaster the goes really high,but  you have to be old enough to ride it. It is called Skyrush. Some other rides are the Comet,SooperDooperLooper,Great Bear,Storm Runner,and lots of others.  The last attraction is Knobels. It is a very fun amusement park. It has a lot of fun rides. Here are some of the rides.  Log Flume,Black Diamond,Kozmoz’s Kurves,Flying turns,and Phoenix. There are many more I don’t know.   My favorite place would be Knobels. It is awesome there. You can also can out at a campsite only like a mile or 2 away from the park. If you go to one of these places have fun! ?

March 31

Week 4 Blog Challenge. Festivals.

Hi,today I’m going to tell you about some festivals in my town. One is Terre Hill Days. It is a really fun festival held at the Terre Hill Park. I love going to it. There are small rides like the  small rides a amusement parks,games,prizes,and food. They have a hay ride. They also have this place where you can watch people run remote control cars on a  mini freestyle course. You can get Ice cream there and it is really fun. You can play on the park and do games,eat and much more. It is held around the middle of the summer.  ? I don’t know what day it happens or what month.  It’s in June,July,or August.  You will have fun if you like that kind of stuff.

The second and last one I will mention and remember the name of is the New Holland Fair. It closes the main road,and is really fun. It happens in August or September.  It has a lot of food and games. It  also has like a contest where you can enter foods,vegetables,pumpkins,plants and all kind of stuff into certain contests. I did one before. It’s where you have to build a something Lego and you might win an award. The fist time I did it I got 3rd place and the second time I got first place. They separate you by age groups. It was fun. The one time I got a waffle ice cream.    sandwich for my dessert.  It was delicious.  ? It is really hard to decide,but my favorite of the 2 is Terre Hill Days. It is just a little more fun. If you go to one of them have fun. I know I do.

March 31

Why I Wanted the Flag Counter for my Blog.

Hi,today I’m going to tell you why I wanted the flag counter for my blog.  I got the flag counter so I could see how many visitors I have from around the world. I actually have pretty many. I have 47 total.  36 from the United States,3 from Australia,and 8 from Canada.  I got it in the middle of February.  If you don’t have one yet you can get one at   They are very cool to see. I really like mine. You can make it any color you want.     Here is my flag counter.       download    (If you get on my blog and it has different numbers that’s because this is just a picture of it,and it won’t change.)


March 29

My New Receiver Gloves.

Part 1.  Tonight I am going to get new receiver gloves at Walmart with my mom. I have $29.60. That should be enough for a really cool pair.  I would want the brand to be Nike,Under Armour,or Wilson. I would want Nike the most.  I want the colors to be red,white,blue,yellow,orange,green,black,gray,or lime. When I get them I will be able to pull in passes way more easily because my old gloves a worn out. I am definitely going to get one with ultimate grip. Let me just say if the have Bills gloves like the picture below,I have enough  money,and they are my size I will definitely get them.  image Be ready for part 2.

March 23

Sammy Watkins Vs. Odell Beckham Jr.

Dane: My purpose is to convince Dimitriy that Sammy Watkins is better the Odell Beckham Jr. 

Dimitriy: My purpose is to persuade Dane that Odell Beckham Jr. is better than Sammy Watkins.


Dimitriy: I think Odell is better because he made that awesome one-handed catch in 2014.

Dane: Well Sammy can catch one handed too. image

Dimitriy: Yeah, I know, it’s just that Odell’s one-handed catch was over the limit. And he still made a touchdown! image

Dane: Odell Beckham gets angry when he doesn’t catch the ball and Sammy doesn’t. Odell was fighting Josh Norman because he was breaking up the passes thrown to him, and he got suspended.

Dimitriy: Well….. you got a point. But, the New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills in 2015 season. Also, Odell Beckham is on the cover of 2015 Madden NFL. And 2016 Madden!

Dane: Big Deal. Odell can’t catch two handed. Against the Panthers he was wide open and nobody was even close enough to touch him and he dropped a pass that couldn’t be more perfect.

Dimitriy: Man, you got me there. But, Sammy Watkins has 75 catches. Odell has 91 catches. Also, he has 12 touchdowns. Sammy has 9 touchdowns.image

Dane: Sammy Watkins has caught a lot of long passes from 30 to 60 yards in 2015. Also,I watched this video and it said Sammy Watkins is one of the most explosive wide receivers to enter to the NFL in years.  imageimageimage

Dane: Did I convince you that Sammy Watkins is better?

Dimitriy: No, you sadly did not. Did I convince you that Odell is better? image

Dane: Obviously not!

Who Do You Think Is Better?

March 22

How to be a Wide Receiver.

When playing wide receiver you have to be ready for the ball to come  your way. You need to know how to catch and get open. First,you get in  a stance. If you are right handed put your right leg forward,and your left leg back. Bend your right knee and put your hands over your knees.  If you are left handed do the opposite. When the QB says hike run as fast as you can juke (Juke means Fake out.) the defender (Do only up to 2 juke moves.) and run your route. The route could be Hail Mary,Slant,Curl,Screen,Flat,Flag,Comeback,Post,Fish Hook,Cut across,and many other routes I don’t know.  If the QB throws the ball to you put your hands up and grab it after you catch it keep running and try to score. .   To be a good wide receiver you have to be fast. You will need receiver gloves also.

March 17

Week 2 Blog Challenge Special.

When we turn the lights of we will play board games. Then we will watch movie. I also drew pictures and went to bed during Earth Hour. It was fun. I am going to do it again. The place I want to protect is the ocean. People throw trash in the ocean and it collects into a big pile of trash. If it is plastic it will take a lot of time to break down. I want everybody to recycle what is recyclable. I want people to not cut down as many trees,and stop putting garbage in the oceans.  I hope people will stop filling in wetlands and building on them. I hope it will all stop.  So when I’m 50 I will check. So please make it stop.  10/52 - We Love Trees Neeku via Compfight

March 16

Sammy Watkins Inspires Me.

Sammy Watkins is a Bills receiver. He inspires me because he is very good,and he is fast. He is my favorite NFL receiver. This season his top speed was 21.7 miles per hour. He can catch very well including some cool ones shown below.image       image image   Aren’t those catches cool?! I think they are.  He caught them all. Even the one handed catch. His college was Clemson.  I think his best game was against the Texans because he caught a lot of 30 to 50 yards passes and he had 1 touchdown,but I’m not sure if that is the game he did the best though.   image   Do you like Sammy Watkins?  



March 16

My Football Receiver Gloves.

I have  an edge over my brothers when we play football because I have receiver gloves. I got them for Christmas. They are getting a little worn out on the fingers,but the palms are fine. The fingers work fine though. They still work fine though. I was going to get new ones until I watched this video on how to keep your receiver gloves sticky. Here is what you can do. You can hand wash them and then hang them up to dry,you could spit on them,and then rub the gloves together until all the spit goes away, or you could wipe them with a  wet rag,and then rub them on a dry towel. You can also put tape on the sticky side, 

These are my receiver gloves.

These are my receiver gloves.

and then rip the tape of and keep doing it and all the dirt will come off.  I  hope when the ones I have wear out completely I can get these ones.     image    They are awesome.