Blog Challenge Week 4: Activity 2 – Be Prepared


hi Activity #2 – Write a list post of items that a student can put in an emergency bedside kit. If you had to leave in a hurry, what could have ready to grab-and-go? (Come back when you are done and leave your URL so we can read your post). (By Mr. Smith)

  1. Food/Water
  2. Band-aids
  3. Cut/Scrape Cleaners (Neosporin)
  4. Back-Up Clothes
  5. Radio                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        hi The most important thing to have in an emergency kit for a grab-and-go situation is food and water.This is top on the list because without food or water you wouldn’t be able to make it. You need these two things because they give you energy and for water you wouldn’t be dehydrated. Next, you would need band-aids or some type of wrap to cover a scrape. This is necessary because it helps put pressure on cuts and scrapes so that they can heal. Then, you’ll need cut and scrape cleaners like neosporin to also help your cuts. Sure a band-aid helps a cut already, but a cut cleaner will make sure that the cut won’t get infected.                                                                                                                                                                                                  hi Also you will need some back-up clothes. You need this because it will help keep you clean. Some people might think that clothes isn’t that important, but this goes along with health since it’s treating yourself properly. Last, on my list is a radio for contacting other people for help. This was going to be top three, but instead I made it fifth since like in Mr. Smith’s example it’s the zombie apocalypse then nobody would be there to help much. Still, the radio is important because if there is ever a zombie apocalypse (which I doubt) if there is someone out there then you could help each other. These are the top five things that you would need in a grab-and-go situation.                                                           

Blog Challenge 1: All About Me

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi  All About Me!!


Made by Chibi.

hi To the right is my avatar and what I look like. I have pretty long black hair with caramel highlights. (There were no highlights like my hair.) I also have tan skin with glasses that are rimless at the bottom, and they have brown and purple rims. I often like to wear sweaters and I don’t really know why. My favorite color is a teal blue and purple. My favorite sport to play it basketball because I have played it ever since I was in kindergarten. Last year, I played on a basketball team and we actually won! My team’s color was a light blue with white and dark blue. The number I wore on my jersey was a     bright white number 5. Another sport that I have tried is soccer, but I didn’t continue to play. I decided to not play because I didn’t take a lot of interest in it.

hi My favorite subject in school is Math, but it is really hard to choose between reading/writing and math. The best thing in reading/writing is that we get to blog and that we get to do really fun projects with our collaborative partner. For collaborative, we can do slideshows, posters, and sometimes a blog post. The best thing in math for me though is that I really like doing math facts (Xtramath) and I also like the projects with measuring, math facts, converting, etc. In school, my favorite lunch choice is hot ham and cheese melt. Although at home, my favorite food is mac ‘n’ cheese. To me mac ‘n’ cheese is like a creamy, warm, and cheesy deliciousness. I also love chocolate, and my mom says that I have a big sweet tooth. Those are some things about me.


How To Post: Art Box Words

jack  Jack lice  Box Words 

his In art, at my school I’m learning how to draw box words in one point perspective. Box words are words that look sort of 3-D. The materials you’ll need to make a box word is paper, pencil, eraser, and a ruler. First, you need to make your paper horizontal, and use a ruler to draw a line in the middle of the paper. Then, make a dot in the middle of the line that you drew this is. (Which is called a vanishing point.) After, draw a light box to keep it organized and write your word inside of it. (then erase the box) Next, use the ruler and line up all of the closest corners to the dot for each letter. The last part is probably the most difficult and it uses a little bit of math.

his For this part you will need to know what parallel lines are. Just in case you don’t know what they are, they’re lines that will go on and on and never touch which means they are facing the same way. For the parallel lines make sure that the line you make is down below the line that forms the corner. Do this for all of the sides and try to make each parallel line connect together. If you choose a word with a round edge make sure that you put a line, but make it round just like your letter. Last, erase the lines that are connecting the word to the vanishing point (dot) and color in your word if you want to. If you want to make your coloring fancy I have seen some people do one color and then overlap it with another. ** Down below is a video how to do this. ** (you don’t need to watch the whole thing)

Here are the main steps…

  • Draw horizontal line and vanishing point
  • Make box and word inside
  • Connect the closest corners to the vanishing point (dot)
  • Make parallel lines and/or round edges


Passion Blog: My favorite Animal

hyperbole bye My Favorite Animal


hi My favorite animal is a dolphin. Things about dolphins that make me like them is that they are normally really good at doing tricks like flips. I also have been to many of aquariums ever since I was four, so I have seen many dolphin shows. At the aquariums I remember that they were always my favorite and they still are now. These creatures are also very intelligent. I believe that they are intelligent because I have read that people have seen dolphins teaching kids how to use tools. Another thing that makes them smart is that they have developed lots of different types of communication like their whistle noise they make. Not only have I read this I have experienced them do many smart things at the aquarium. For example, their timing is super good when they do tricks. They also know when it’s showtime and when they’re going to get fed.

hi Not only are they intelligent they are actually very social. I know you’re probably thinking then why don’t they always come up to us at the beach well that’s because those dolphins aren’t as comfortable with humans. Dolphins can be social with humans, but not only humans they are social with other dolphins and sometimes even other animals like dogs. They do this thing that some people call play-fight which shows that they are very social and playful. They also like playing in the seaweed. Dolphins are also very beautiful animals like they (end sentence erase)I think that everyone should love these creatures because they are very playful, curious, intelligent. They are also so much like us. They are mammals, eat meat and vegetation, and are curious about the world just like us. This is why I love dolphins and why you should too.

Creative Commons License Brandon Trentler via CompfightAtlantic Bottlenose Dolphins




Journal Entry: Atlantic City, NJ

happy happy mounth  September, 9th-11th

hit  Dear Diary,


hi Currently I just went to Atlantic City (AC), New Jersey. I went with my dad, mom, and brother. We only stayed for basically two days, but I still had a blast. First, at Atlantic City we had to check in at the hotel, and the hotel we stayed in was called “Bally’s”. This is my favorite hotel to stay at because it’s on the boardwalk so we can just walk outside the hotel to get to the beach. After, we went up to our hotel room and turned our phones on immediately because we play the game “Pokemon Go”. (It’s a game that you walk around and catch animal-like figures) I was also so excited for this trip because we were going to watch a parade. For this parade it was extra special because we got to see the contestants for “Miss America 2017”. When we turned on the game four pokemon (creature-like-animals) spawned right away. And since we arrived pretty late all we did was walk the boardwalk for a little bit and relax in our room.


hi At the boardwalk we saw a couple Miss America contestants, and I also found out that there was a Miss America for teens. We walked to the right of the boardwalk that day, and we got funnel cake then sunglasses for a dollar. Those sunglasses are really cheap as usual so dad got some more. Each time we go there we normally get at least two, so we probably have like twenty or less around our house and if you count the ones we brake and throw away. By the time we start to walk back of course my legs are start to burn. when we get back into our room I take off my shoes and relax on a very comfy, soft, and toasty bed. Since it was so toasty under the blanket I only used one set of blankets. We all relaxed until my mom asked my brother and I….


hi“Who’s taking their shower first?” my mom asked.

hi“Not me!!” my brother and I both shout.

hi“Do rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first.” my dad suggested.

hi“Fine.” I mumbled.


hi For rock-paper-scissors I lost because I did scissors and my brother did rock, so that meant I had to go first as always. Then, when I was done I brushed my teeth, brushed my very knotty shower hair, and finally got to sleep. The next morning, I woke up bright and early for the parade. Well not really. It was actually around ten to eleven o’clock. Since it wasn’t time for the parade yet we went to play the arcade. At the arcade we didn’t really play much because we needed to get a seat for the parade. The three things we tried for were a mini basketball and a toy like sphere where it expands then goes back to it’s normal size. (It’s called a magic ball) So after walking and walking and walking, we finally found a bench. And because our phones were dead my dad and brother went to the room to charge our phones while my mom and I saved our seats.


hi A bunch of people asked to sit down on the same bench and we had to keep saying that my dad and brother were coming back. One person even almost sat on me! About two hours worth of waiting the parade started. We stayed for a pretty long time, but we didn’t stay for the whole time because there were a bunch of marching bands and stuff like that. We were also very hungry, so we ate at a buffet at another hotel called “Cesars”. For food there they had prime rib, macaroni, mashed potatoes, etc. I ate like two plates and one dish of dessert. My dessert was one brownie with creamy vanilla ice cream. The following day when we headed home I was knocked out because I was so tired. Going to Atlantic City was so fun!







Week 10 Blog Challenge: My Blog Evaluation

 I have 31 posts in all starting in March. I had 23 posts from the challenge, 2 of my interests, and 6 for school. Counting overall I had 74 posts and 2 are drafts. 3. I have 54 comments total 27 from all around the world and 27 replies I made. For my comments 16 were overseas, 7 were from classmates, and 4 were from teachers. The post that received the most comments was ❄ 2016 Blizzard ⛄. I think that this post received the most comments because in the title I put emoticons the ❄ and the ⛄. This post also had I cool snowflake picture in the post. Not only did it have visuals, but since we were blogging with Mrs. Fordyce’s class they wanted to read a blizzard post because they don’t have snow there and probably would like to know what we do. I enjoyed writing “My Future” the most because  when I did this I actually started thinking about my future job and college. And because of this post I looked up how many years it’d be for college if you’re a doctor, and I learned that I would at least go through 11 years of college! This wasn’t even the top doctor this was the lowest one. I did change my blog theme because for my other theme to go to the next page I’d have to go all the way the the bottom to click the arrow, but my new blog theme let’s me change the page anywhere on the page. For widgets I have 14 widgets, and I think that it’s not enough widgets because I don’t have games, live streams, etc. On my blogroll I have 7 overseas students. And to show creativity on my blog I have used scratch, Google Draw, Google Slides, etc. That’s it for my blog evaluation. 😄 #16STUBC


Looking Back: Mr. Geiman Challenge

My teacher made a few questions for this post to reflect our year. Questions: What did you learn about yourself this year? What areas did you grow in this year? What areas do you need to continue to grow in? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What your favorite class and why? Explain how you felt about blogging in the beginning and how you feel about it now. What do you want to do better for next year? Which post/ story do you feel is your best? Explain why.

.. This year has been a great year, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I learned that I am a horsedolphin. To explain what a horsedolphin is my friends and I are making a story (it’s not finished). This year I grew in writing, and I have compared my first few posts to my posts now. Areas I need to improve on is in blogging is finishing challenges quicker. I also need to improve on organization not only for my blog, but in real life too. My strength is that whenever we need to get to work I normally get to work right away because I take pretty long to get things done. (like I mentioned before). My weakness is that I’m terrible at science and social studies. Another weakness of mine is that I can get off task easily with my friends. For example, when we talk we always make each other laugh that’s how I normally get off task. My favorite class is Reading class. I like reading class the most because in reading we get to blog. Also in reading my teacher is really funny. In the beginning when my teacher said that we were blogging I was actually unsure of doing it, but now I love blogging and now my class has really improved in it. Next year I hope to be able to finish challenges quicker. The post that I think is the best is “❄2016 Blizzard⛄”. I think this because that post was the one with the most comments. Also because for this post I got to explain my experience, and when I do posts like these, these are easier to do than researching.

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