November 19

Volcanoes/ Week 7 Blog Challenge

Volcanoes are holes in the ground that go down very far into the earth’s surface. When pressure builds up volcanoes erupt lava come out of the top. Lava is very hot and can burn through just about anything. Lava is just melted rock. When volcanoes erupt ash clouds come out of the top and can travel 1,000 miles per hour  and it is very hot.  In can turn trees the size of a classroom into strips of wood almost as thin as paper. It can wipe out forests thousands and maybe millions of acres long.   Volcanoes have magma inside and it shoots out when it erupts. The magma/lava shoots out the top. Lava is hot  enough to burn rock. Lava can start a huge fire and  destroy cities  with ease.  Many people can die when volcanoes erupt because they can suffocate  in the ash cloud or get burned by lava.                                                                                                                                                    When Mt. Saint Hellens  erupted someone had a camper at the bottom for scientific research and his camper exploded and he died. Someone else was more than 20 miles way camping in the woods and he barely survived.  He had tons of 3rd degree burns the worst burns you can get and stay alive. Hawaii is made up of volcanoes erupting.  The volcanoes erupted and the lava turned to rock when it hit the water and it started expanding all over the water and hardened.                                                                                                                 Volcanoes have been around for millions maybe billions of years. They were around when dinosaurs were living. It can be scary when you are around an erupting volcano. The lava can burn you and you can suffocate because of the volcanic ash.  But I like volcanoes because I think it is cool that they have so much power and that is why I am passionate about volcanoes. I am very interested about volcanoes. Although they can kill people I like them. Please watch my video and look at the picture.


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9 thoughts on “Volcanoes/ Week 7 Blog Challenge

  1. umblepz4

    Great job. I wish you put more than 1 link to websites to show information. I wonder when mount Saint Helens irrupted.

  2. dubskiyeo1

    Hi, Dane!
    I really like your video. I think that you are passionate about volcanoes. Please tell me why you chose volcanoes at my blog. By the way, this is Dimitriy.

  3. brammkr9

    Hi Dane,
    I really like the information that you put in your post. I wish you would have described how many different kinds of volcanoes there are. I wonder why you did not add how they are made.

  4. Lucas

    Dear Dane,
    I liked your post about volcanoes. I didn’t know that a guy was on Mount St. Hellens and the mountain blow up. Did he try to run away when it started to blow up? And my brothers name is Dane too!


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