IXL, ST Math, Achieve, Compass

Here are the resources to support your work with IXL, ST Math, and Achieve in the classroom.

Setting up and activating your Elanco IXL account

How to setup your IXL Math roster

IXL Teacher User Guide

Other user guides from IXL



Achieve/Kid Biz 3000 Quick Reference Guide

Achieve 3000 Intro Tutorial  


Teacher usernames for ST Math include the first three characters of your building name, followed by first initial, last name such as:

brelhilt if I was a Brecknock teacher, blulhilt if I was a Blue Ball teacher

Regular district password (If you have never logged into ST Math as a teacher before, you’ll need to first use the generic password 4cpupp and then reset it when you successfully log in.)

ST Math Training Manual

ST Math Online User Guides


ST Math Intro Videos for Kids

Compass Learning

  • The website link is https://www.thelearningodyssey.com/  The link has been added to the student 3-6 Symbaloo page.
  • Your teacher log in credentials are your district username and your district password with 11 added to the end of the password.
  • Students will use their district username and password to log in. (They do not need put a 11 at the end)
  • You should choose the school name in the school field.
  • Log in credentials are synced with PowerSchool. Please do not change usernames or passwords
  • If you have any issues please submit a help ticket at http://helpdesk.elanco.org/
  • Here’s the Student Portfolio Log shared at 12/15 training  Student Portfolio Log
  • How to run Student Progress Reports: Creating a Report Short version-1
  • Previewing curriculum and assigning content on the “fly” -> Previewing _Curriculum-assign activity on the fly

How to Create an Assessment that Builds a Learning Path

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