Hour of Code is almost here!


Starting in the next two weeks, students in grades 1-6 will participate in the Hour of Code activities offered through code.org and Tynker. Students will be introduced to the tutorials during their computer lab special times and complete activities throughout the remainder of the year. You can try out the activities yourself by visiting learn.code.org! The Frozen-inspired activity is especially engaging! There are natural connections to mathematics and science curricular concepts throughout all of the Hour of Code activities.

Students will be eager to continue working on their programming activities and many are really motivated by the challenges of creating with computer programming languages. Please encourage your students to continue working on coding activities during their free choice time in the classroom if possible. You can also emphasize the importance of computer science skills and the reasons why we’re working to develop even our youngest students as critical, computational thinkers. Here are other resources from Code.org to use to inspire your students.

Please email Lyn ASAP with the names of any students in your homeroom that did not return the parent permission form to have an Hour of Code account created for them. They will simply engage with the activities without logging in or saving their progress.  

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