BrainPOP updates, Nearpod interest?, and Formative assessment tools


BrainPOP is getting a makeover… if you and your students log into BrainPOP and things look “different,” that is why! Here’s a screencast from BrainPOP highlighting some of the changes, and more details about the updates are on the BrainPOP blog.


We are still looking for elementary teachers interested in piloting the use of Nearpod during the second semester! An email about this opportunity was sent to elementary staff last week. Please email Lyn if you’re interested!

Image via Graphite
Image via Graphite

At last week’s Wired Wednesday we explored formative assessment made fun (with convenient  access to student data!) and this resource was shared. Feel free to access it to get some ideas for use in your classroom. It outlines tools, links, key elements of the tool, and includes videos to see it “in action!” Let me know if you need any support or would like assistance trying out any of these tools in your class!

WiredWednesdaysLogo.001Looking for ideas for Wired Wednesday workshop topics on December 9 and December 16. What are you interested in learning more about? Email Lyn with ideas and your input!


Formatively assess with Flippity! offers ways for you to design interactive assessments in the form of a Jeopardy-style review game and also with flashcards. It works directly with Google Sheets to bring an engaging way to review content to your classroom!

Click here to learn more about how to create a Flippity Quiz Show.

Click here to learn more about how to create Flippity flashcards.

Enjoy! Let me know if you need any assistance setting up your Google Sheets or Flippity activities!

This tool was shared by the one, the only, Rich Kiker, Google edustar! Follow him on Twitter and check out his Symbaloo mix of Google tools – you’ll love it! 

“Just one new thing” in 2015!

Created by mrsdkrebs
Created by mrsdkrebs

It’s a new year, and we’re settling back into the swing of things, so why not try just one new thing, one new way to incorporate instructional technology into teaching and learning in your classroom? Challenge yourself!

Think about your professional growth goals, and how your goal statements are incorporating the district’s Spartan Digital Competencies. Which areas are you most in need? How can we support you in your professional learning?

Want some ideas? Read the ideas shared below, then contact me to set up a time to meet and discuss and/or for me to assist you and your students in your classrooms!

Help students share what they’ve learned!

Edublogs can be used not only as a blog space for writing, but as a digital portfolio space. Students can share projects they’ve completed, can summarize key ideas and main takeaways from content area lessons, and more. With the ability to embed multimedia into posts, the possibilities are limitless! Students can then view peers’ projects, and you can even connect with other classrooms to promote cross-school collaboration. Your students will be thrilled with the feedback received by an authentic audience!

Write inspiring digital stories!

Using digital storytelling tools, students can share their writing using both their own illustrations (Little Bird Tales) or with gorgeous artwork in the Storybird galleries. I can help you set up accounts for students and intro you and your students to the applications. They’re both easy to use, perfect for even our youngest writers!

Make formative assessment fun!

Kahoot is a very exciting response application that allows students to engage in “game” modes to answer questions with their devices. Play as individuals, or as teams. Create your own Kahoot quizzes, or use those found in the public gallery. Learn more about Kahoot and other formative assessment tools such as Socrative on this resources page from our tech inservice day!

Explore all Discovery Education has to offer!

Teachers can create classes in Discovery Education and assign students Discovery Education content and assignments. One of students’ favorite creation tools is BoardBuilder – where they can combine multimedia and text to share what they’ve learned about topics. Students can search through the quality videos, images, and articles in Discovery Education and add that content to their boards. Here is our Discovery Education resources page to help you learn more.

Earn and claim your badges!

Elanco is using Credly to acknowledge the efforts of our staff members who challenge themselves to incorporate instructional technology into teaching and learning practices. Be sure to read more about Credly and how you can earn and proudly display your badges! Grab some today!

Looking forward to working with you all in 2015!

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