Make those memories last!

The first day of school is almost upon us… for those of you who love capturing photos of the students’ first days in the classroom, check out one of these fun, free services for sharing your photos with the school community! Consider creating a digital slideshow or movie and hosting on your school blog or website to share with parents and families!

Animoto – This site will use your photos, videos, and text, combined with a great selection of available audio, to create stunning videos to share with your audience. It’s user friendly and anyone can create a polished looking show in minutes! Here’s an example! ¬†Be sure to apply for an educator account for enhanced features!¬†

PhotoPeach – While this website suffered a data loss earlier in the year, it’s still one of my go-to sites for quick and easy slideshows. Check out an example here.

Smilebox –¬†Smilebox is a very versatile and fun tool! It requires a download, but there are a variety of fun projects you can make and share with Smilebox! An app is also available!

What are your favorite ways to highlight school happenings on your blog or website? Share your ideas in the comments here!


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