Welcome to BrainPOP! Here are some quick guides and tutorials for you.

BrainPOP is a great educational tool to help engage & motivate student learning independently, in small groups, and within the direct instruction. Investigate the multitude of topics/units in Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Health, Arts & Music, and Engineering/Tech. Students learn through video lessons and take quizzes to capture their learning.  There are games as well as teacher resources to access.   The next slide will give you an overview of what BrainPOP is capable of doing within the classroom. There is no need to use the BrainPOP app because BrainPop Jr and BrainPop are both mobile friendly. BrainPOP ESL is coming next to Mobile!  Click on the above Going Mobile link in order to see which features are enabled in the mobile environment.


For 2017-18:

New for 2017-2018! BrainPOP is now connected to Google Drive. All teachers and students must access BrainPOP through Google Drive.  This info was provided to you on the Elementary Instructional Tech Info 17-18 document in Sept. 2017. You need to be logged into your Elanco Google Apps to access.

More info here:

Getting started with My BrainPOP:

BrainPOP tutorial screencasts and My BrainPOP FAQ

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