Other Collaborative Tools

Tools for student Feedback and Formative Assessment

List of formative assessment tools, features, and “see it” in action

Click here to access formative assessment tools resources from our June 13, 2014 inservice day

Socrative – Socrative is “a smart student response system that empowers teachers by engaging their classrooms with a series of educational exercises and games. Our apps are super simple and take seconds to login. Socrative runs on tablets, smartphones, and laptops.” And, it’s FREE! And easy to use! Check it out:

Socrative Tutorial – getting started

Socrative Users Guide v5

Padlet (formerly known as Wallwisher) – Padlet is an online “sticky note wall.” Create a blank wall, and have students post their ideas and feedback to the wall. No account needed, however if you wish to save the space, you should create an account.

Resources for Padlet use here and here

InfuseLearning – This is an interactive platform that allows teachers to create rooms to formatively assess students in a variety of ways, including through drawing student responses! A great tool for our youngest learners! Here is a blog post that describes more about what InfuseLearning can do and watch the video tutorial below to learn more.


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