Remind Text Messages

remind logo This communication tool provides a safe way for you to text message students and stay in contact with parents. The tool is simple to use and 1 in 5 teachers in the United States are already using it.  So, if you’re not one of them, please join me to see how easy it is to get started.

What is it?  Remind is a tool to help educators communicate with students and parents

How to get started? Get started and learn about teacher-tested resources and best classroom practices

Get Help: Remind help and faq’s

LineWize: Learner Device Management Tool

NEW FOR 2020!!!!

LineWize will be used to help manage student use of devices in the classroom. Teachers in all grades K-6 can begin using LineWiz as soon as school begins. 

In order to use LineWize:

  • Click on the LineWize gateway tile 
  • Teachers will log in using the Google Sign On Button using district username and password.
  • Once teachers have their learners join their Google Classrooms LineWize will automatically sync their Google Classrooms rosters.

Click Here to learn how to use LineWize 

PlayPosit Academy

PlayPosit Academy

New for this year, PlayPosit announced their brand new, self-paced PlayPosit training course, PlayPosit Academy.

It’s finally here and ready for Eastern Lancaster County School District instructors and staff to use! PlayPosit Academy will teach instructors the basics of Playposit in PlayPosit. Click on the link above to learn more.

Defined Learning

Listed below are new “Getting Started” tutorial videos that guide teachers through effectively implementing and assessing an e-learning project.

Tutorial videos to help you implement e-learning projects with ease:

Module 1: Find Your Project (1 min)


Module 2: Customize Your Project (3 min)


Module 3: Assign and Share (2 min)


Module 4: Evaluating & Assessing Student Work (5 min)


To simplify the process and help students work through the performance tasks at home, here is a step-by-step guide you can share with them.

Elanco YouTube Restrictions

As was previously announced for Elanco, YouTube is now restricted for students to only those videos that have been previously approved by Elanco Teachers and Administrators. Teachers continue to have unrestricted access to YouTube and can approve videos and channels for everyone signed in to our Elanco organizational account. YouTube Channels are for individuals or business to post large number of videos for their organization. As a teacher, you can also create your own channel for videos that you create or those that you want to bookmark.  Therefore, you can create and approve your own teacher channel so those videos are available to your students under the new restrictions.

Directions on how to approve YouTube videos for students to watch: (from GSuite Support)

  1. Sign in to YouTube with your Elanco Google account.
  2. Enter what you’re searching for and then filter the results by videos or channels.
  3. Click the video or channel that you want to approve. See images below.
  4. Choose one or both of these options:
    • Below the video player, click Approve to approve the video for everyone.
    • At the top of the channel page, click Approve to approve the channel for everyone.
  5. Note: Approving videos and channels does not affect what videos are found in YouTube searches or recommendations (for example, the home page or related videos).

WeVideo: Video Editing Made Easy

For the rest of the school year, our district will be piloting an online video editor called WeVideo. WeVideo comes with many of the same tools as Windows MovieMaker but with more features and capabilities. WeVideo is completely web-based and allows users to collaboratively work on a video project. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting features is the ability to have learners green screening using their Chromebooks right in the classroom using WeVideo’s “Color Keying” feature.

Make sure you check out the videos below to learn more about WeVideo and what it has to offer.

What is WeVideo?

How to Edit your Timeline:

How to use the Storyboard Editing Mode:

How to green/blue screen in your classroom with WeVideo:


Getting Started

We are very interested in teacher and student feedback of the program. If the feedback of the pilot is positive, there is a good possibility of purchasing a subscription to the program for our district for the next school year and beyond.

If you are interested in setting up a teacher and/or student accounts for your classroom, please contact Tim Leister at the secondary campus or Adam Geiman at the Elementary schools. Either of us can quickly create a project group for your class and send you a custom join link to be sent to all of your students to set up their accounts.


Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark Is a free web-based tool where learners are able to create visual content such as posts for social media, web stories, webpages, and animated videos. All learners K-6 are able to access Adobe Spark for Education by simply clicking on the Adobe Creative Cloud icon on the student gateway pages and logging in using their ELANCO email address and password.

How to Sign into Adobe Creative Cloud


Telling a Story with Adobe Spark


Adobe Posts

Allows learners to create an online graphic from text and photos.

Adobe Spark Pages

Learners can design and create single page websites using themes, text, copyright-friendly images, and embed videos from YouTube.

Adobe Spark Video

Learners can insert pictures, and record audio narration, as well as choose from a variety of background music.

Spring Updates

qimono / Pixabay


Google Earth – Carmen San Diego is Back

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? If you have this song stuck in your head now and are recalling childhood memories of solving clues, learning about geography, cultures while trying to catch the elusive globe traveling criminal then have no fear she is back. Google is launching a new caper in Google Earth called “The Crown Jewels Caper”.


Video Writing Prompts by John Spencer   

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Looking for ways to spice up writing in your classroom? Looking for resources to help your learners with writing? Make sure you check out John Spencer’s Video Writing Prompts website. Here you will find short videos giving descriptive and imaginative ready-to-go writing prompts on 9 genres as well as a link to his YouTube Channel.  






PlayPosit is an interactive video platform that easily allows teachers to transform passive video and audio into interactive experiences. Learners will experience personalized learning pathways when participating in PlayPosit bulbs. Research has shown that interactive video is three times as effective as standard video; learners explore, analyze and apply concepts at their own pace in a flipped or blended setting. Learners receive live feedback to increase long-term retention, which triples learning efficacy over standard video. Teachers gain immediate, easily-digestible data on learner performance to effectively remediate concepts and maximize instruction time. Susan Germer and Ben Levy created PlayPosit in their classrooms with their students making every aspect of this platform built to engage students and make teachers’ lives easier and more effective.

Here is a step-by-step guide for accessing PlayPosit and building fantastic bulbs:

New Year… New Seesaw Updates!!!


Viewing student progress just got simpler

Seesaw has updated the Skills section of their program! Skills help you gain a real-time understanding of how learners are moving toward their goals.

What is new:

  • Use a star rating scale of up to 6 stars
  • Tag skills to activities before sharing
  • Assign star ratings when you approve learner work.

Never used Skills before? Click on the Getting Started with Skills link to learn how to use this powerful tool.

Goal Setting:

The Seesaw library is full of activities for learners to capture, create and reflect on their goals. Make sure to check out other learner ideas in the Activity Collection

Sample Student

Finally, facilitators can now demo and respond to activities as if they were a  learner in their classroom. Just make sure you enable Sample Student in Class Settings.

VR Global Connections in 3rd Grade

Global ConnectionsMrs. Blankley’s Language Arts class participated in the 2018 Global Read Aloud. They read the book A Boy Called Bat by Elanco K. Arnold. Mrs. Blankley’s class teamed up with a third-grade classroom from Manitoba, Canada each week via Flipgrid to discuss the chapters that were read that week. Mrs. Blankley decided to use the VR Google Expedition Kit to take her students to Manitoba, Canada so her students would have a better understanding of where the class was from. It was amazing to learn about the wildlife from that area. They were shocked that polar bears and moose lived near our friends from Canada. It was a wonderful way for the students to connect in a different way to the other class.   Global Connections

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