Elanco YouTube Restrictions

As was previously announced for Elanco, YouTube is now restricted for students to only those videos that have been previously approved by Elanco Teachers and Administrators. Teachers continue to have unrestricted access to YouTube and can approve videos and channels for everyone signed in to our Elanco organizational account. YouTube Channels are for individuals or business to post large number of videos for their organization. As a teacher, you can also create your own channel for videos that you create or those that you want to bookmark.  Therefore, you can create and approve your own teacher channel so those videos are available to your students under the new restrictions.

Directions on how to approve YouTube videos for students to watch: (from GSuite Support)

  1. Sign in to YouTube with your Elanco Google account.
  2. Enter what you’re searching for and then filter the results by videos or channels.
  3. Click the video or channel that you want to approve. See images below.
  4. Choose one or both of these options:
    • Below the video player, click Approve to approve the video for everyone.
    • At the top of the channel page, click Approve to approve the channel for everyone.
  5. Note: Approving videos and channels does not affect what videos are found in YouTube searches or recommendations (for example, the home page or related videos).

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