BrainPOP Summer Learning Packets

Did you know that your students and their families have full access to BrainPOP while away from school—from any device, wherever they go!?

To keep kids engaged and help ward off summer learning loss, families can sign up to receive a series of summer learning packets — staggered throughout the break — with reading, math, writing, and physical fitness activities that are perfect for the season. Let your students’ families know before you say goodbye for the summer!

PowerTeacher Pro

For the 2018-2019 school year, All Elanco Teachers will be switching to the newest version PowerSchool gradebook called PowerTeacher Pro. in August during Spartan Learning Day there will be serveral trainings for you to attend. Teachers will also have access to a test server to work with the new gradebook over the summer.

More information about the Power Teacher Pro Gradebook to COMING SOON!!!

What is great about this new update?

  1. Teachers now have web-based mobile access to the HTML 5 Grade book with full functionality, including touchscreen, on any device.
  2. The same great user experience and full functionality is maintained from any computer or tablet.
  3. Built to save time, enter scores vertically and horizontally using our quick-fill scoresheet.
  4. PowerTeacher Pro is designed for K-12 teachers to minimize time on administrative activities through technology and intuitive navigation.” — From

Compare PowerTeacher Gradebook vs. PowerTeacher Pro 

Training Videos for Teachers

Welcome to PowerTeacher Pro


Creating and Duplicating Assignments 


Scoring Assignments 


Using the Scoresheet 



How to use PowerTeacher Pro


What is new with Discovery Education?

Discovery Education Quarterly Spring Update for 2018!

Discovery Education Studio Boards is now available for all IU13 teachers and students! When teachers/students log in to Discovery Education starting today, they will see Studio has been added to the left side panel. Studio is collaborative so multiple students can work on the same Studio board at the same time.

Click on the link to learn more about what new features are coming to Discovery Education this fall.

Team Drive has Arrived!!!!!

You may have noticed that a new folder has shown up in your Google Drive called Team Drive.

What is Team Drive?   

Google Team Drives are shared spaces where teams can easily store, search, and access their files anywhere, from any device. Unlike files in My Drive, files in Team Drive belong to your team instead of an individual. Even if a staff or faculty member leaves, the files stay exactly where they are so your team can continue to share information and get work done.

Team Drive is not meant for all of your documents. Team Drive is for those documents that you as a team regularly use such as your weekly team meeting agenda etc.

How it Works!


I have also attached a Getting Started with Team Drive document for you to read with step by step instructions.


If you have any questions at all about Team Drive please feel free to contact me.


Welcome!  Real World Math is a collection of free math activities for Google Earth designed for students and educators.


Mathematics is much more than a set of problems in a textbook.  In the virtual world of Google Earth, concepts and challenges can be presented in a meaningful way that portray the usefulness of the ideas. –RealWorldMath. org


Take 2 minutes and learn how to use Real World Math in your classroom for free!

Mr. Lewis’s EdCamp Student Edition

Read below to find out the awesome things that are happening in Mr. Lewis’s 6th Grade math class!


Ed Camp Student Edition

By: Mr. Lewis

Last Friday I had the opportunity to try out an idea in my math class that I have never done before.  As with anything new, there was a sense of excitement, anticipation, and anxiety.  I had decided to turn my math class into a variation of an “Ed Camp.” An “Ed Camp” is an “Un-Conference” in which the attendees select the topics learned.

On Wednesday I had my students fill the whiteboard with ideas they wanted to learn.  They picked from three categories. The first category was “Review Material” which included anything from the past that may be a struggle. The second category was “Current” which included anything dealing with algebra, expressions, and equations, which is our current unit.  The third category was the “Wild Card” in which students could put anything involving math. This included problem-solving activities like chess and math concepts that we have not learned yet but are found on the math screener.

Once the students came up with the list of ideas, I took the ideas and created a menu of options and guidelines for the day (Pictured Below). Since I had so many suggestions I relied on two students lead an extra session. They did great!

The day was a success! Students filled out a brief survey at the end left some awesome feedback! Not a single student rated the day less than a 7 out of 10. Students left comments such as… “Yes, I liked that there was a variety of things to learn.” “Yes, Because it gave us a chance to learn about new things.” “Yes, because we got to choose what we needed and wanted to learn.”

It seems that my students want this to happen on a regular basis, if not every week! I cannot wait to try it again and continue to grow this activity in my room!

Google Visits Blue Ball Elementary!!!

Learners at Blue Ball Elementary in Eastern Lancaster County School District were recently given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a Google pilot program for new technology. Mr. Adam Geiman, former Blue Ball Elementary teacher and current ELANCO elementary technology coach, applied to the Google Expeditions Augmented Reality Pioneer Program, which allows Google to visit a school and present new technology to the students. Out of thousands of applications, Blue Ball Elementary was selected as a participant.

VR in the ClassroomGoogle visited Blue Ball Elementary on January 31, 2018. Students and teachers in grades 2 through 6 experienced Google Expeditions, which transported them from the limits of the solar system to the depths of the Caribbean through virtual reality field trips. Teachers led the field trips, created by Google, through the use of a guided lesson plan and content-related notes on a tablet. Students used virtual reality goggles and monopod to travel to places they may never have experienced in their lifetime. The teachers, who had volunteered for this opportunity, were excited at the potential applications for their classrooms through this new technology. Mr. Arena a 4th grade teacher at Blue Ball says, “This new technology is a fantastic educational tool which helps create excitement and engagement for a vast amount of topics.”  The district welcomed technology coaches from other area school districts to observe this pilot program. Many left with new ideas to bring back to their schools. “I loved seeing the excitement in each student and hearing the wows over and over again from class after class.  Students were wowed by what they saw and experienced! Talk about bringing the real world into today’s classrooms. These expeditions provide students with virtual opportunities to travel to places they might never have the experience to see in reality” says Ken Zimmerman, Instructional Technology Specialist at Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13.

Unbounded Classroom VR

The learners were thrilled at the chance to travel into the solar system, go under the blue waters of the Caribbean, observe volcanoes, visit historical monuments as they learned about the American Revolution, watch dinosaurs in their natural habitat, and fly through the clouds. “My experience using virtual reality was breathtaking. When I was standing on hot lava looking at an erupting volcano, I knew that I was part of something special! This revolutionary technology has enhanced my learning beyond extent. Being able to explore where George Washington once stood without getting out of my seat is unimaginable. With virtual reality my learning has become more fun and impactful” says Jackson Custer, a 5th grader at Blue Ball Elementary.  The visit from Google enhanced and contributed to the district’s global initiative.

Google is not yet done at Blue Ball Elementary. The innovative tech company plans to revisit Blue Ball Elementary later in the school year to pilot yet another new technology program – augmented reality. Stay tuned for another update!

VR Classroom

NEW!!! Research Database: Kids InfoBits

Kids InfoBits

We have a NEW research database available on the Elanco Gateway page for students and teachers called Kids InfoBits. Kids InfoBits is a “content-rich, easy-to-use digital resource featuring age-appropriate, reliable, curriculum-related content covering a broad range of educational topics. It is continuously updated and provides interesting and important facts with connections to current and past events. Indexed, searchable content along with more than 13,000 images, over 1,700 kid-friendly charts, graphs, and nearly 600 high-quality educational videos are provided from resources including books, magazines, and news periodicals.”

  • Great resource for K-5
  • Leveled Reference Content
  • Images
  • Book, Magazine, News Articles
  • Read Aloud
  • Sources are Cited for you!
  • Translates articles to other languages
  • Integrates with Google Classroom
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Annotate features within the articles.

Watch the video below to learn more about the basics of Kids InfoBits.

Kids InfoBits Tutorial


Kid InfoBits- How to use the Tools

If you have any questions about Kids InfoBits you may contact your building librarians, or myself.

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