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Elanco students in grades 2-6 have Qwertytown accounts. Qwertytown is a program designed to help students learn keyboarding basics and become proficient keyboarders, but it offers so much more. From the Qwertytown website:

QwertyTown is a modern keyboarding web app. It provides a safe, teacher-controlled environment where students can communicate with their classmates, teachers, and friends. While becoming fluent with a keyboard, students are learning how to interact in a digital environment. This environment prepares them with a fundamental skill set essential for academic and professional success in the 21st century.

We’re excited to offer our students the opportunity to enhance these skills in school. Qwertytown exercises are expected to be completed at least twice per cycle in the regular classroom for 10-15 minute sessions. Think about the time typically underutilized in the school day: as soon as students check in during the morning routine, and before they pack up in the afternoon. It is not the expectation that they always use independent time during rotational learning for Qwertytown, but it would be acceptable for them to do so if time is needed every now and then.

The Qwertytown informational parent letter will be sent home with second graders this year who are new to the program. Students can log in from home and access anytime.

Here is the link to the Qwertytown YouTube channel with more information and tutorials.

As the classroom teacher, you have Qwertytown accounts so you can stay informed about your students’ progress. Consult the Teacher Guide below to read about the features of the program and other important information for teachers.

Qwertytown Parent Letter

Qwertytown Teacher Guide 1-2

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