October 9

Luke Parker

Luke Parker



Luke woke up at five in the morning on a Saturday. Because his sister,Abby, was having a sleepover with her best friend Jessie. There are both thirteen and are louder than a stampede of angry bulls with big bells dangling from their horns. Luke was so mad because he had stayed up late being Abby and Jessie’s servant because they had promised to clean his room. It wasn’t too messy but they still would’ve cleaned it but the worst part was they messed it up even more and made it look like a mini tornado was unleashed in his room. And they covered it in toilet paper.

Fortunately tomorrow he can wreck her room as much as he wants. And his mom secretly said he could spray them with whipped cream in their sleep. Who plays Yahtzee at sleepover at five in the morning anyway. Luke didn’t care anymore so he secretly crept downstairs and grabbed the whipped cream from the fridge and quickly ran into the girls room, and turned off the lights he then sprayed them in the dark with the whipped cream. But by the time the lights got back on Luke was gone. He ran to his room and locked the door. Then he turned on his TV and PS3. As usual he zoned out, soon after he found himself as a human controller. Ducking left and right pretending to be a soldier. Then he decided to go back to sleep. He woke again at ten in the morning.


When his father woke he said to Luke “Ready for our day of fishing, Sport.” “Wait that’s today.” “Yup,” “But I thought it was tomorrow.” “Well it’s today, so eat breakfast, get your gear and hop in the car.” “Ok, but what’s for breakfast,Mom,? “ Well your father made breakfast today and it is such a surprise your father made his favorite breakfast bacon and eggs,” She stated sarcastically. “Well it’s ready bud so go get Abby and Jessi. “Ok.” After breakfast Luke grabbed his gear for fishing and on his way to the car he was struck in the stomach by his sister “That was for last night,” Luke then stumbled out the door to meet his dad. “Let’s move  Sport.” About a half hour later they were at the stream ready to go in 5 minutes. “Hey Can you help me with canoes bud.” “Oh, yay sher.” Soon after they were in the water going downstream. All of the sudden the water started to rapidly swirl and it seemed they were sucked into a water tornado! Luke was terrified. He had herd of water tornadoes but had never saw one. Luke was gasping for air and then flash a bright light was there and then gone in a matter a of seconds and look was laying on a sandy beach with his dad crouched beside him. ” Oh thank goodness your alive!” Said Luke’s dad in relief

To be continued…….

In the comments tell me if you want me to continue the Luke Parker series.



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7 thoughts on “Luke Parker

  1. groff67c

    Please keep making this series. I really liked it and thought it could be a good series. I wish that you would add more about the fishing trip before the problem. I wonder if the water whirlpool thing is real probably not tho. Come comment on my blog and keep writing this series. Should I start a cool series or not what do or think?

    1. bryanbbz1 (Post author)

      That would be great if you created your own series! I think it would be fun if you we wrote the second part of Luke Parker together. Maybe I could share it with you on google docs. Let me know if you want to write it together.

  2. keeport016

    Hi Connor I have finally read Luke Parker like you asked me to do and if I were you I would check your other story on Luke Parker cause’ I just commented. I like that kids name by the way I think it is awesome I wonder where you got it from? I do wish it was “Luke Bryan . I wonder where he is.

  3. stern338

    Hi Connor! I really liked how you wrote about the “stampede of angry bulls” to describe the girls. But I wish that you would fix some of your punctuation and spacing in the first paragraph though. Also, I think that you accidentally wrote “look” instead of “Luke”. I wonder what’s going to happen in part two. 🙂
    I think that you should continue this series of Luke Parker. Please come to visit my blog and leave a comment on a post or page that you think is interesting.
    Please visit http://blog.elanco.org/stern338/


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