May 28

Move the Pride Day

In two days my school has move the pride day where we go to our next years class and take a look. I’m just very excited to see my next years class. Let me know if your school has anything like this.

August 27

I Moved!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, but the reason for that is that I moved. 1 hour away from blue ball and 6th grade starts in 5 days. We have ball fields and walking trails on either side of our house. In the comments below leave what your favorite place around your house is.

I will be working a story about a donkey who finds himself in another universe with Luke and Jackson who’s blogs are linked on the side bar if you want to check those out. It will include humor and action so look out for that in the future.

November 1

Is There Hope In Venice After All

Sean’s alarm clock blared at 6:30 a.m. He hopped out of bed and shut off his alarm clock, got dressed into skinny jeans and a black and white t-shirt. As he opened his bedroom door he walked down his carpeted stairs, he was surprised to see his roommate Mark making bacon and eggs. “Thanks for the breakfast,” said Sean gleefully. “No problem, After all we are going to need it for this week,” replied Mark. It was the year 2028, and the human race had failed to stop global warming. Sean and his friend/roommate were going on a 3-hour and 15 minute flight to venice. They hoped to help people whose houses had been completely submerged in water. They did have to get a private plane flight.( The plane was a seaplane, so they could land next to venice and get in a lifeboat.) They needed to pack a LOT of food, water and blankets. They also needed to rent a moving truck to pack all of those supplies.


Once Sean had finished with his breakfast and packed his clothes. He started to load the moving truck full of canned soup,water bottles and fleece blankets. The day seemed to never end, at 6:57pm Sean and Mark hoped in Mark’s truck and began their long journey to the airport. 2 1/2 hours later they reached the plane and unloaded the moving truck. As the plane was zooming down the runway Sean got the feeling that his life would never be the same. He was filled with joy and excitement and assumed the same for Mark. After a half hour of sitting there Mark closed his eyes and fell asleep. But all Sean could think about was helping those people.

The flight seemed to drag on forever and when it finally ended, Sean sat there for a good 5 minutes, knowing that these people are depending on him. As Sean and Mark emerged from the plane they almost fell into the Adriatic Sea. They went back inside and grabbed the inflatable raft,blew it up and sat it down into the water. (PLOP) They got to a dock and stood up onto the well crafted wooden structure. They looked around and saw houses that had water up to the top of the window sill. They grabbed the inflatable raft and dropped it down once again onto the water roads.(PLOP) They looked up the flooded streets and saw a big wigwam looking thing on stilts. They rowed over to the big structure and tied down the raft. As they walked up the ramp they saw the most peculiar thing, it appeared that the plane had vanished as it flew towards the horizon. “The ocean must be playing a trick on us,” said Mark. “Probably,” said Sean. Mark gave a swift little knock on the big wooden door. And a wooden slot slid open, a man’s face was peering through it. “ Are you here to deliver the supplies,” he said with a deep booming voice. “Yes,” replied Sean. they were happy to hear the cheering coming from inside the makeshift house. You could tell they had to build it quick. Mark went back to get a crate of food,water and blankets while Sean stayed and talked with the residents. One of them named Polly said that they had made this in about 5 weeks. She said everyone had a job because they knew that in time they would all have to move there. She said it started out with walking in ½ an inch of water and became wading through knee deep water. That’s when they decided to move to the structure.


Mark got back and handed out supplies while Sean went to get some, and they continued like that for a long time. It was 1:00 in the morning till everyone got food, water and a blanket. Sean and Mark got some shut eye and when they woke Polly offered to show them the structure. As they opened the door, they absorbed the morning breeze and saw that the structure was made with stone pillars.

Five Days Later


Sean and Mark had examined it well because they would be leaving soon. They had just handed out the rest of the supplies and had radioed the plane to come and pick them up. It was only a matter of hours before they were out of there. But Sean and Mark wanted to help even more. He wanted to bring these people back to start a new life. They went back inside and as they went in they saw two boys and two girls playing tag, it brought a smile to their faces knowing that they had made a pretty bad situation into a good one. All of a sudden they heard a crack and everyone froze. A floor board across the room had cracked and everyone had jerked their heads in that direction. “Everyone stay calm, I’m going to need some people to come with us outside to take some of the pressure off of this floor.” yelled Mark. As Mark lead the people off the wooden floor it collapsed, there was 50 people stranded in the water and the people who knew how to swim helped the ones who were incapable of swimming. All of a sudden a piece of plywood fell off and knocked Mark out. Without thinking Sean dove into the water and pushed Mark out from under the wood, sand got him to the ramp. There was hundreds of people on the ramp when the plane came and Sean and Mark flew away into the sunset with one promise, ‘Send food,water and help.’ As soon as they got back they went straight to the mayor of the town and said, “We need your help getting an airline or the president to help us, We need to send help to the people in venice!” urged Sean, while Mark nodded. “Don’t worry, I paid a lot of money to get united airlines to send planes over and over again until they are all safe. They are sending about 50 planes that could carry 75 people each and every single one of them will be safe in about 12 hours.” “Thank you,” said Mark. And with that they walked down the marble staircase and round a corner with the best feeling ever, Triumph.


October 21

The Unlucky Fortune Part 6

The Unlucky Fortune Part 6

If you haven’t read part 1,2,3,4 or 5 please do so first, or you will be confused


“Because we don’t need them anymore. Let them go NOW.” said Connor trying to sound as much like Izabella as he could. “You sound different, and why are you so intuitive about letting them go? How about this. If I see that you have Jackson than I will let them go.” replied Olivia. “Can’t you trust me?” said Connor. Here I will put him on facetime so you can see him. “Jackson come here.”  So when she saw me she was convinced. We hung-up after that. As we celebrated Izabella got back up. She took the phone right out of Connor’s hand and and dialed up Olivia again.


She yelled at the top of her lungs and said “ DON’T LET THEM GO!!”   Olivia replied and said “ I already let them go. It’s too late. But why did you why did you tell me to let me go just a second earlier.”  “Can’t you tell my british accent from Connor’s accent? That was Connor who called you!”  


Later that day we were on a quest to join Ashton and Owen as they raced down the street and found them running towards us. We knew that they were getting closer to figuring out the number one secret of my fortune. The secret is that I only get my fortune when I get to a certain age. We caught up with Owen and Ashton and as we were running away from Izabella. Owen said “Where should we go?” I replied “Away from Izabella.” As we were running Izabella was catching up with us because she could run faster than us. Then as we were running Connor suggested “Should we split up and meet somewhere?”


Ashton replied “Yea, at the park.” “Ok.” yelled everybody. As we split Izabella stopped. She didn’t know who to follow. Then I looked back and saw Izabella on my tail. I was soon at the park so I picked up a rock and threw it at her. I hit her right in the stomach. She dropped to the ground as I kept running. As we got to the park we decided to go to my house. On the train ride home we fell asleep. As soon as I got home I told my Dad we needed him to help us get away from Izabella. Then he took us to his car and we drove far far away from Izabella. We didn’t have much time because we knew Izabella would find us. So we had to stop for gas on the way their and I was hungry so I went inside to grab a snack but I swear the cashier looked familiar. But Connor and Owen said she didn’t so I just let it go. We were back on the road and a car was following us the whole time. That’s when I started getting suspicious.


I thought for a while and I still could not think who this person would be until Ashton yells “ GUY’S IT’S OLIVIA AND IZABELLA!” “We have to loose them” I replied.  We made a sharp turn as we were flying down the highway. But then all the sudden we hear cop sirens and tells us to pull over. When we did, the police officer looked familiar but I didn’t recognize her at all. Owen whispered something in my ear and he said  “The police officer is Izabella and Olivia, think” I replied “ Yeah it is, Uh oh. Step on it.” “Oh no you don’t.” Yelled Olivia


To Be Continued….       

July 19

Summer Fun

So far summer has been awesome. But I do miss my friends and teachers. I went to Yorktown and Jamestown. Ocean city and lots of hours were spent in the pool. I’m fixing a mower with my step dad and I will get 50% of the money if it sells. My birthday is in 12 days and I’ll be twelve.


What have you done lately. Tell me in the comments below.

June 6

TenderHill Wizarding School For The Gifted Year 1 Part 2

     “This spell is very basic. It is used to levitate items or for some odd reason if you needed to, float a human or animal.” Say it with me,Levitotion.” “Levitotion!” the class echoed back at him.“So , what’s you’re name Megan?” questioned Connor  “Really you just said it.”She replied  “Oh ya I di- “PAY ATTENTION, THIS SPELL MIGHT JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE SOME DAY!” Screamed prof. Terraced  “So anyway do you wanna sit next to me at lunch today?” questioned Connor “Not a chance creep.” replied Megan  “Then I’ll just sit by you.”  Connor thought. Luke and Ashton giggled.  Lunch time finally came.  Luke and Ashton sat together like always, and waited for Connor.   But then they found out that Connor wasn’t kidding, they looked down the table and saw Connor sitting next to Megan. And to there surprise she was laughing hysterically. But then all of the sudden people in black robes came swooping in on flying donkeys


Connor, Ashton and Luke all stood up and yelled  “Levitotion.” they took out all three men by making them fly from the car into a wall. The headmaster, which was a tall man with a stubby nose. He  had spectacles with a tall jet black hat.  “Luke, I would like to see you in my office.” “But Connor, and Ashton also helped use the spell outside of class.” mumbled Luke.” “Then I would like to see you all in my office.” As the three of them trotted down the long hall beside the headmaster, they horrible thoughts, such as “Will we be expelled or suspended.”  All of the sudden, a huge fire starts, and the fire alarms go off everyone left the school.  And the whole school was destroyed.  You say what happens next. 

May 25

Week 10 Blog Challenge

                    Blog Challenge Q&A


Q=How many posts did you write?

A=I have written 77 posts in all.  


Q=How many school based,own interest based or blog posts do you have?

A= 38 School posts and 23 own interest.


Q= How many comments have you gotten?

A= I have gotten 78 comments.


Q= What post had the most comments and why do you think it got that many comment?  

A= My Japan infographic got the most comments because it was the one me and my mentor talked back and forth on.


Q= Which post do you enjoy writing the most and why?

A= I like The Unlucky Fortune and Luke Parker stories best. I like them best because I get to talk and hang out with friends while getting work done.


Q=Did you change blog themes and why did you if you did?

A= I changed my blog them because I couldn’t put widgets on the side bar with that theme.


Q= Do you have too many or too little widgets?

A= I have 13 widgets. I think I have just the right amount because people won’t come if you have nothing interesting on your sidebar but you also don’t want them to pay all their attention to the sidebar and not your stories.


Q=How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

A= I have 4 students on my blogroll.


Q= What types of web tools do you use?

A= My web tools include videos,images and a class pet.