February 22

Luke Parker School Adventures Part 3



Luke went back inside with Jack and Emma. Let Frank and Shurley down, they scrambled back.  “Uh what do we have next?”, Luke asked Jack and Emma.  “We have math now.”, Emma replied.”I hate math.”, Jack said in a angry and disappointed tone.  “Oh it’ll be fine”, Luke said trying to make him feel better.  “Anyways it’s only decimals and fractions easy!”, Emma replied to him trying to make him feel better as well. But that made Jack groan even louder. “Come on Jack we’ve done it before.” said Luke “You’re right” replied Jack. “I know” said Luke, laughing.  So they went to math together.


“So glad math is over”, groaned Jack once again.  “Oh come on you new most of the problems anyways”, replied Emma.  “True”, Luke said mad because he’s the smart one.  “Uh I lost the paper with the schedule”, Jack said very forgetful.  “Of course you did I have it we have reading now.”, Emma replied.  “Great I love reading!”, Luke said very grateful.  “Really? You said that you hate reading?”, Emma said very surprised.  “ I used to hate it, but now I love reading!”, Luke said again very grateful.


Then reading was over and they had lunch.  Luke had a chicken roll.  Emma had a cheeseburger, and Jack had chicken nuggets.  They all sat next to each other.  Then Weird Wally sat across from them.  He got the name Weird Wally because he always is weird.  He would follow people, mess around, and eat glue.  “Oh hi weird Wally.”, Luke said worried.  “Oh hi Luke, do you still want me to come over.”, Wally replied.  Luke asked Weird Wally 3 years ago to come over and he still remembers it. Everyone laughed that was around Luke.  “I asked you that 3 years ago.  How do you still remember that!”, Luke said VERY confused.  “Let’s go. Now!”, Jack said urgently. “Yeah let’s get out of here”, Emma agreed. So they told Weird Wally they wanted to get an early start on homework. It’s the first day of school and they wanted the least amount of HOMEwork as possible. So they weren’t lying.


“Algebra!” screeched Jack. “What do you mean?”, asked Emma. “I HATE algebra!!!”, Jack said angrily. “Well it is part of math.” said Luke with a giggle. “Guys I don’t feel too great.”, Luke said. I know that I was faking it because I didn’t feel bad at all. All of the sudden the loudspeaker started to blare words and finally Luke was called to the office. “Hey buddy! I’m picking you up early!” said Luke’s uncle, Monnie JR. “What, What are you doing here?”, Luke asked very confused once more. “Well maybe I just wanted to visit my nephew every once and awhile.” he said.  “Come on let’s go catch a movie.” “ I am sick so, let’s go.” said Luke relieved that he got the day off school. “I heard the new Alien space of Time. movie had come out yesterday.”, Luke said excited.  So they went to the movies and saw Alien Space Of Time. Afterwards Monnie asked Luke a question “You were quite energetic in there. Are you truly sick?” he asked. “I felt fine all along,” Luke mumbled. “Well back to school.” said Monnie


Will Luke get in huge trouble? To Be Continued………

February 14

My Biography On My Step Dad

     My step dad/Kevin lived in Florida for part of his childhood and his parents were rich. He has a brother/Kyle and a sister/Katie, his parents names are Sherry and Robert. He has 23 relatives still alive and he is a professor at many colleges. Kevin is also 29 and married, with three kids.

January 30

Luke Parker :Part 2 School Adventures

Luke woke with excitement. As you know today was the first day of school and Luke hadn’t gotten any mail saying who his teachers were going to be. Luke emerged from his bedroom a bit drowsy but still excited. He sped down the carpeted steps and sat down at the table immediately. He saw homemade tea being boiled on the stove. It was frothing and bubbling. A bit odd for tea but Luke didn’t care. He could hear the bacon sizzle and the eggs fry. Rebecca (Luke’s mom) was humming happily when she returned from inside the fridge with a lunch bag grasped in her hand. With a flick of her wrist she flipped a egg and stirred the tea. They had 20 minutes till the bus would arrive at the front door. Luke was looking great. He did look like he was a Nike model though. Not that he cared, he was wearing a grey shirt with a white Nike symbol spread across it and green shorts with a black Nike symbol woven into the fabric. Grey Nike shoes with red Nike socks. None of the colors matched and he didn’t care one bit. His hair was almost touching his nose so he flicked it to the side.


His mom then laid a plate that was covered in bacon,eggs and mini pancakes. He shoveled it down and grabbed his backpack. His mom did the annual picture on the first day of school. Abby (Luke’s sister) was complaining about the pictures because Lukes mom took it when she wasn’t ready. She was in second grade. And complained a lot.


“Hey!,” said Jack the same way.


The bus got there 5 minutes later and they plopped down in the same seat to talk. They updated each other on what had happened and Luke told him about his crazy dream. Soon after a girl about the size of Luke, with long blond hair sat down next to them. “All the other seats are filled up, I hope you don’t mind me barging in so suddenly,” she said, “My name is Emma. What’s yours?,” asked Emma. “ Mines Luke and this is Jack,” said Luke a bit annoyed because they were perfectly comfortable when Emma wasn’t there. But it wasn’t that bad. She seems nice. The bus came to a halt in front of the school and they emerged from the black doors of the bus and headed toward the front double doors of the huge brick school. Luke found a big board and started to search for his name in the L section. He was in Mr.Greyjoy’s class.


As he strode down the hall to his classroom he saw many familiar faces from previous years at the school.  Maggie, Sam, Summer, Mae, everyone was here!  He found his class and entered. Things did seem a bit odd because for a second out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw a pen,eraser and a pack of sticky notes move. He thought it was because he was nervous and paranoid. He thought he saw a ruler turned over onto a table. He told Jack and he said that he did too. Mr.Greyjoy was soon in the classroom giving a speech on what the school year will be like in his class.  He started talking about recess times, math class, reading class, and then that’s when Luke stopped listening and focused his very small attention span on the moving supplies.  “That is just crazy,” thought Luke. But, he was sure he saw a pen shoot across the counter. He then heard a soft murmur coming from the sticky notes.  Then Mr. Greyjoy perked up his ears and tried to focus on his speech.  Was he trying to hide something? Or was he trying to hear too? Luke’s hand shot up and asked to go to the bathroom.    


On his way out the door, he swiped the pen and the eraser. He needed to find out if he was going insane or if he saw what he saw. He them on the sink and sure enough they hopped off and sped to the other side of the bathroom.  “Hey come back here”, Luke yelled from the other side of the bathroom.  He knew he saw what he saw. He snatched them up and they said “Take us back! We’re losing a deal right now.”  Luke ran back to the classroom.  “Luke why were you in the bathroom for 5 minutes.”, said Mr.Greyjoy.  “ A sink over flowed and I cleaned it up.”said Luke. “Someone must have forgot to turn it off.” Luke had second thoughts about exposing Frank. He also had questions, like what deal? And whose the other school supplies that were moving?


The rest of the day was boring. Just a bunch of stuff about the rules that have been around for 20 years and every student has heard each one about 50 times. Finally recess came and Luke brought Frank and his friends out with him. He hid behind a brick wall around the side of the school. Emma and Jack followed. “Alright, what bet?” Said Luke. Frank explained the pencil war and how he knew their scheme. “ We must get inside” he said, “Shurley and her family are hold down camp!”  

Will Luke listen?

      To Be Continued………

January 26

Brazil’s Culture

Have you ever wondered what Brazil’s culture is like?


Portuguese is the official language. However some Brazilians study English. Many can’t speak English fluently. In some parts of Brazil, Spanish is spoken.The religion most Brazilians have is Roman Catholic. Brazil is mostly made up of catholic churches. In P.A. the religion is mostly Christianity, however, Christianity is growing in Brazil. Their gestures are different, for example if you put your index finger to your thumb with the other three fingers sticking up, in Brazil that is hilley rude and is frowned upon. However here that is just a okay sign in America. They usually are touching or close when communicating to one another. Horizontally tapping your fingers on your chin in Brazil means that someone is exaggerating or it means disbelief.  


Brazil and U.S have flags that are different and similar flags in many ways. They are the same because they both have stars but the stars stand for different things. The placing of the stars on the Brazilian flag represent the placing of the stars in the sky on the day that Brazil’s independence was established.In America there are 50 stars for the 50 states and in Brazil there are 27 states or the stars on the Brazilian flag are also called federal districts.


We got our info from CultureGrams



January 26

Brazil’s Culture

By:Connor B.




A Average Brazilian

Most Brazilians get 15,600 dollars a year and only get 8 years of school. They are expected to not live much farther than 74 and speak mostly Portuguese. And 86% of the population lives in cites and 65% of the population is Roman Catholic. Also 48% of the population is white.


In Brazil they stand close or even touching when they speak to one another. Pulling down the bottom of your I lid with your index finger is a sign of disbelief or a sign of being confused. The OK sign in the United States where you put your index finger to your thumb and have the other three fingers sticking up is offensive.

January 26

The Missing Sword


             The Missing Sword


Back then it was a idle. Today, just history. The sword had been stolen to most. But just a few believed that it may still be out there and just a replica was stolen. Wait, you don’t know the story.

A long time ago the sword was the thing that saved us all. We were being raided by unfriendly tribes and that sword was thrown 3 miles by a catapult that a guard had set off when resting the sword down on a table and it slipped off and the guard knocked over the table trying to reach the sword and BOOM! The sword was gone. The sword sliced through the air and cut the rope that held the tribe from the other side of the monument of a dragon and it fell. The tribe from the other side was known as the Redbors tribe and they were fierce as the mightiest dragon, Locktool, who roamed the Himalayan mountains looking for adventurous climbers to devour. The Redbor tribe was an enemy to everyone. The people of Corus were happy, even if the sword of Instapol was gone because to conquer a land you must strap your monument to a great big plank and place in enemy territory. And destroy the enemy’s monument which they would place on your land. But if your monument was struck down the whole army would retreat and never return. If you did, a most unpleasant thing would be unleashed on your tribe. Unspeakable. But since Redbor’s monument was struck down they couldn’t continue onto battle. They knew the consequences and backed off.   


A few days later the sword of Instapol was discovered and placed into a museum under top security vault. The sword was stolen 2 weeks later and the only thing that was left behind was old rag pouch with pure gold tucked inside. As my shift ended I emerged from the museum and saw a man with a similar pouch, strapped to his belt buckle. I knew I couldn’t jump to conclusions but I snapped a picture of him anyway and made sure that the pouch and his face were visible.


Tommorow I’d search for a smaller clue, not easily visible to the human eye such as fingerprints. The next day I went to the museum and showed the guard my I.D. He let me pass. I got out my fingerprint finding kit and off I went with a magnifying glass, exploring the case where the sword was held and areas around that. I found a few so I got a copy of them and sent them to the lab for analyzing. I searched for more clues but found nothing. The next day, results came back from the lab. The fingerprints were owned by someone named Eduardo Rivera the name of the person who put the sword in the case! This was going to need some investigating. Did Eduardo get fingerprints on the case by putting the sword in it and the culprit didn’t leave any marks? Or did he steal the sword? It occurred to me that Eduardo had the key to the case. This was going to be tough. Time to talk to Eduardo Rivera.


“Where were you the night of the breakage into the museum.” I asked Eduardo. “I was walking around town after going shopping.” he replied. “Where did you go?” I quizzed. “Why are you asking, Charles.” Eduardo said. “Just wondering.” I replied. “I’m not so sure.” said Eduardo. “If you don’t answer my questions then I have to believe you as a liar.” I said. “I’m no liar!” he replied angrily. “Then answer my questions.” I said, “If you are truly innocent of crime then you have nothing to hide.” “Fine, fine.” Eduardo said, giving up, “I’ll tell you the truth. (Or was it?) I went to an appliance store but I forget what it was called.” “Where was it located?” I asked. “Right next to the museum.” Eduardo replied. “What time did you get home that night?” I asked. “10:00.” replied Eduardo. “Eduardo, you are free to go.” I said. I was going to ask Eduardo’s wife, Donna, what time Eduardo got home that night. I found Eduardo’s address which was 324 Holter Rd. and drove there wondering if Eduardo’s story would confirmed or denied.


“Hello, Mrs. Rivera.” I said as she let me in, m“I would like to ask a few questions.” “About what?” said Donna shakily. “Just a time.” I said, “On the 13th of March, what time did your husband get home at?” “That was the night that he stole the sword.” said Donna, staring into space and saying whatever popped into her head. “Where’s the sword Mrs. Rivera?” I asked forcefully. “I swear I don’t know. The night he came home with the sword he told be to keep my lips zipped or he would post a really inappropriate picture in FaceBook and say that I was using his phone and put it up.” “So it sounds like you were forced to do something to keep something ‘safe’.” I said. “Yes.” she replied. “Ok. Now we know the real story. Sadly Donna you’ll have to go to prison due to never telling anyone BUT you only have to serve 1 day due to the fact that you were forced not to tell and technically is you told someone that couldn’t help you at the moment and you’re husband found out and posted the picture you would probably go to jail and you were innocent.


“Ok, I’ll go.” said Donna,“But we need to find the sword A.S.A.P because Eduardo is coming home soon and any day now he said that he was gonna flee to China where there are 1,385,566,567 inhabitants.” she said, “Now where is that sword?” She thought about it for a minute. “He probably put it in the safe!” she said finally. “Where is the safe?” I asked. “Behind the picture.” she replied. “Can I take the picture off or do you want to?” I asked. “You can.” she said, “The code is 2609.” I took the picture off the wall and put in 2609. Nothing happened. “Do you think that Eduardo changed the number?” I asked Donna. “Probably. If he did he most likely wrote it down in his notebook because when it comes to pins and passwords he’ll forget them so he writes them down. We’re going to be trying a lot of numbers though because he doesn’t label any of the numbers he puts in the book.” she told me.


We went through the book and found the pins 1046, 3374, 8582, 1949, 1707, 3358 and 3658 on the first 20 pages of the book. None of the numbers worked. Then on the last page we found the pin 3905. “I hope this is it.” I said. I then put in 3905 and it worked! The safe opened and inside there was the sword of Instapol! The mystery was solved, the sword was returned to the museum and Donna and Eduardo Rivera were put in jail, Donna for a day and Eduardo for 5 years.
Case Closed

January 26

Why Did Martin Luther King JR. Present I Have A Dream In Front Of The Lincoln Memorial

Why Did Martin Luther King JR. Give The Speech I Have A Dream In Front Of the Lincoln Memorial?     

I think that King presented the speech in front of the memorial because King’s speech (I Have A Dream) was about equality. The Lincoln Memorial is for Abe Lincoln. Lincoln gave a speech called the emancipation proclamation. It too was about equality. King’s speech was about African American rights, and Lincoln’s speech was about freeing the slaves which the majority of was African American. King thought similar things to what Lincoln thought. The speech was given at the end of the Washington D.C. march.   

January 24

Luke Parker: School Adventures: Part 1

Luke was so nervous because his dad had made him go on the fishing trip. But happy Luke returned with a smile on his face and caught a fish! And this time Abby didn’t punch him in the stomach and Jessie wasn’t around.  Luke loves his breakfast usually but at the time he felt like anything going in would just come up. Luke remembered from the beginning of his terrifying yet thrilling dream that it was Saturday and that although he didn’t think that it was mentioned but it was the second to last day of summer vacation.


By the time they had arrived back home they had already eaten dinner and a bowl of ice cream that they bought on the way back.  The sun was very faint in the summer sky and Luke felt like jelly from the long day of hard work, but happy because he caught a 3 foot long fish! They threw it in the freezer and the whole family decide to split ways and go on their electronic devices. Luke once more decide to play on his play station. The same game as his dream was the game that he was going to play.  


He was very nervous for school to start.  School started tomorrow!  His teachers last year were so CRUEL.  He hated them they wouldn’t let him talk, play games on the computer,  and they had homework every night EVEN on the weekends!  They were so strict!  Hopefully I would have a new teacher this year.  Now that I’m 10 years old I’ll be going to the 4th grade.  I haven’t seen my friends all summer.  


The only thing I don’t like about school is my enemy.   Frank Bender. Dun Dun Dun!!  I wish he would just leave me alone.  He always gets me in trouble.  Even though I didn’t do anything.  Like last year he framed me for the food fight in the lunchroom, and another time there were so many spitballs in the air and the teacher came in and Frank Bender blamed me for it.  I got suspended for a week!  I just hope that over the summer he learned that it is not nice to blame people.  


That’s the only thing I dislike about school.  Well except for the homework, but that’s a given.  Hey maybe Frank Bender might have changed over the summer break.  “Luke come down for dinner!”, mom yelled from downstairs.  “Coming”, Luke replied.  He was hoping his mother wouldn’t ask about school tomorrow, but knowing her she will.  


Luke went downstairs and everyone was already sitting at the table waiting for him.  His sister Abby was very hungry so she was mad at him for taking so long to come downstairs.  “SO Abby are you excited to start 2nd grade tomorrow?”, Mom said being nosey.  “Yeah I guess I mean I nailed 1st grade hoping that I was done. Nope!”, Abby said angrily.  “Luke are YOU excited for the 4th grade to start.”, Mom said again.  “I guess but well never mind.”, Luke said then stopped himself. Mom doesn’t know about Frank Bender no one does.


Mom sad to Abby and Luke, “Time for bed go brush teeth, brush hair and get PJ’s on.”  Luke didn’t want to go to bed because that means school tomorrow.

That’s the first part of the new series Luke Parker School Adventures!